A typical start to Father’s Day

This morning, the four of us cuddled up together in a big chair and I asked the girls what made them glad that Daddy was their daddy.

Halfway through the list I thought, I’m going to put this all into a card for Nate. What a cool idea! So I grabbed a pen. At which point Nate started rolling his eyes and mumbling something about how this was just for my blog blah blah blah whine whine way to ruin a moment.

Well now it is. So there.

“The reasons we’re glad Daddy is our daddy according to Thalia and Sage, June 20, 2010”

-He cuddles with us

-He cooks food so I can eat it. 

-He lets us cook cookies and eggs with me. 

-He’s funny.

-He’s funny sometimes. 

-I can ride my bike with him.

-He tickles me too much.

-[sage whining]

-He makes me laugh. 

-He is the best Daddy in the whole world. 

At this point I had to disagree. I said that he is the second best Daddy in the whole world.

“After who?” Nate asked. I searched for a good answer.

“After the guy who’s their real daddy?” Nate suggested, always beating me to the punchline.

I agreed quickly.

And that’s how Father’s Day rolls around here.


16 thoughts on “A typical start to Father’s Day”

  1. Happy Father's Day to Nate! Your story totally hit home. Today, my husband and oldest son told me not to take pictures on the way to our Father's Day lunch. “You're just going to put it on your blog!” my 6 year old complained. Not “just” I replied…”also” (I'm keeping them for personal memories too!) They finally piped down when I said, “Hey! You all enjoy the perks of my blogging, so just deal with this, 'kay?” They obliged. I took my shot and allowed them to enjoy the rest of the day photo-free.

  2. That always happens to me! I watch something awesome unfold with my kids and silently wish I had had the foresight to videotape is and then I don't enjoy the moment because I'm frantically trying to figure out where the Flip camera might and…it's over. Hope you guys enjoyed your day. We went hiking in the White Mountains. Yeah. Hiking down a mountain for 2 hours with a 2 and 4 year old is how I wish to spend every Sunday from now on.

    I'm totally being sarcastic.

  3. Byrony, considering mine actually was a stand-up comedian and wrote sketch comedy for years, I can give you a lot of reasons he's funnier than me! I can't speak for your husband however…

  4. Yes- my 21 month old, already speaking his second language (Hawaiian) says, All pau puter, Mommee, all pau camera mommee, everytime i reach for one of these things…can't believe he's already voicing disdain for my blogging!
    PS- pau means finished in Hawaiian 🙂

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