Greetings from Aruba

Did I happen to mention I’m in Aruba?

Actual unretouched Mom101 Aruba photo.   
Headphones make me look all production-ready and official-like.

It’s true, the curse is definitely broken, as I creek into day 7 of an 11-day commercial shoot here.

I won’t protest too much; business travel always has its sweet side. Dipping my toes in the turquoise Caribbean is delightful. A boozy, frosty, pink drink at the lobby bar after a 15-hour shoot day is one of life’s great joys. Sleeping in a bed without children crawling all over me is a luxury I didn’t realize just how much I needed until I slept a whole seven hours straight without an elbow in my ear. I’ve even squeaked in a couple of decent meals and some interesting sightseeing in the course of location scouting.

Big Mama’s Cafe. Guess what they don’t actually sell there…

But the image that creeps into my consciousness and haunts me throughout the week aren’t the turquoise lizards or the sweet pineapple, but Thalia’s tear-stained face as she sobbed into the phone from Grandma’s house, I [sniff] want [sniff] to come [sniffle] hooooome. I want to see mommmmyyyyyy.

I had the opportunity to bring them here for some of the trip, but I did (what I thought was) the right thing and turned it down; I thought it would be too distracting on a very grueling project. Next time I may see things differently.

Thalia and Sage made a calendar so they could tick off the days until Monday. What they don’t realize is, I’m doing the same.


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  1. Where are you that being in Aruba means dipping your toes in the Mediterranean? An alternate universe Matrix-style? Or more along the lines of Lost? 😀

    I used to travel a lot for work and it was always a bittersweet sort of way to travel.

  2. I totally get what you mean but it IS hard to do the kind of work you do (and I did) with camera crews and runners and catering trucks and makeup and lighting issues and still be ok w/the kids at the pool. My husb would come with them for Inaugurations and that sort of thing but we didn't take them where it was going to be too intense. Not fair to them either.
    SO count the days (totally sensible) but also enjoy the WORK freedom as well as the sun! See you next week.

  3. Now why didn't I ever get sent to Aruba on business trips? I always got to go to remote places in North Dakota in the dead of winter.

    Enjoy your time away… Monday will be here before you know it.

  4. Ouch. Sigh. I get this. My mom just took mine for the next two weeks. I dread that phone call. I know they'll have an absolute blast though.

    Monday will be here before you know it. Till then? Enjoy the sleep and the beach…oh jealous on that.

  5. It can be absolutely heart-breaking when your child wails for you. There were a few times at school drop off where Fiona clung to my waist and sobbed. But once I'd left I would send another parent in to spy on her, and she was happily playing. My point is, she's probably not wailing for you all the time, just when you're on the phone, or on her mind in some significant way. And even if she is more miserable than that, feeling bad about being gone won't help her feel any better, it will just make you feel bad. Enjoy your Aruba time, you'll be home soon enough. And the memory she'll take away is that when you leave, you always come back.

    And BTW, you look fabulous.

  6. I remember being literally unable to enjoy the last day of our Mediterranean cruise – all I could think of was getting home to Tacy and that I was still half a world away from her. The six hour layover at Heathrow didn't help either.

    You're working long hours, albeit in a beautiful location. You'll be home and back to your sweet girls and your regular routine soon. Oh, and us too, at BlogHer. Whoo!

  7. Jeez, I was happy to overnight on my own in Erie PA and wake up after 9 a.m. Look at you having actual adventures! (and work.) But, yeah, walking in the door after less than 24 hours away to them leaping about (in their underwear for some reason) shouting “Mommy! Mommy!” was pretty sweet.

  8. I travel internationally for work often and struggle with the same thing. Long days in the field with no connectivity – balanced by a day in the office with access to Skype with my babies. I remind myself that I'm a better mom because I work – and am a better mom when I'm around – especially after a 2 week trip to Africa. Be present is my motto (whether work or mom-related!) Good luck. I love your blogs. Thanks.

  9. The girls are probably quite content when they're not actually on the phone with you. Enjoy the sleep! (and the sunshine, but sleep first, I think.)

  10. Ditto on what everyone else said, AND, don't feel guilty about not bringing the kids along. Just imagine Thalia wailing at you in the midst of a grueling 15 hour day when you can't stop the shoot to play in the sand… Sometimes a momma's got work to do.

  11. The best kind of business trips are the ones where you are sent to some tropical paradise destination 🙂 I won't miss this terribly cold weather anytime soon.

  12. There is nothing that ruins a big comfy bed and a pink frosty drink more than a crying child back home. The good news is, five minutes after you return, they will have forgotten that you ever left. That, or they will torture you endlessly for leaving them with evil Grandma.

  13. What I wouldn't give…and I just got back from a “family” vacation in the Outer Banks. Damn, I need a kid break.

  14. My husband always thinks I'm so lucky to travel for work and get “time off” from the kids. It's usually pretty nice for the first 24 hours and then after that, I'm homesick as much as a 5 year old. I can't say I've ever been stuck in Aruba though…

  15. Oh sweet mama– it is so hard to balance motherhood and work and personally you're kind of my heroine (no not the stuff you shoot in your arms)and gosh your kids are lucky to have such an amazing GRANDMA–

  16. Enjoy yourself. It's absolutely crucial for your kids to realize that they can be comforted by someone other than Mommy. Besides, think of the gift you've given their grandmother.

  17. Great post about your trip to Aruba. Business travel – particularly as a mom- is always a mix of, well, business and pleasure. Thanks!

  18. it may be cynical, but in a few years? you will remember this trip and they won't, other than to say “gosh remember when grandma took us for ice cream that one time and there was a thunder storm?” SLEEP. and DRINK. and SWIM. and SLEEP. The girls will twist the knife for a few days but then…it will be as if you never left. Other than that you'll be tan, well-rested, and secure in the fact that while Miss Aruba is wearing a string bikini, she ain't going to blogher. So there. Now take a nap.

  19. Awwww, there is room in our BlogHer room too for two little girls if you want to do a sleep over. Pillow fights too. Nate sleeps with you though. My hospitality only goes so far.

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