We found the dress.

She skipped down the street, between Nate and me, holding our hands. Sometimes she held tight and lifted her feet up behind her, like she was flying.

She was flying.

We entered the busy, bustling Kindergarten barely a minute before the teacher waved us out of the room. (Of course we were late. Nice to meet you. We’re Those Parents.)

Some kids stared down at their desks. Some clung to their parents. Some sobbed. Thalia was far too busy penning her name in perfect little caps on the new Polaroid of her beaming face to even notice me squeeze her goodbye.

The tears stung the back of my eyes as I moved with the crowd of parents out the doorway. It was hard not to look back.

Isn’t it always?


23 thoughts on “We found the dress.”

  1. I feel bad for not being more emotional about school. After heaving a big sigh on the first day, I'm so busy trying to keep all the papers and homework in order I don't have a lot of mental energy to get all sentimental.

  2. Fabulous first day photo!! I hope that she is always that excited about a new school year. (It could happen!) :o)

  3. I was thinking about you two yesterday. Glad it was a good day for both of you.

    The dress is cute, for sure, but the girl in it is absolutely beautiful.


  4. As another parent with a child entering kindergarten this year, why does this feel like SUCH A BIG DEAL? but it does, doesn't it?

    That is a fantastic picture.

  5. The dress is perfect. On Wonderboy's first day of kindergarten (2yrs ago!), I was the first parent to leave the room. He, like Thalia, was way more interested in what was coming to worry about me leaving. Tough one.

  6. I remember that first day of kindergarten so clearly for all my kids. It's always the kids who skip away with confidence whose parents have the hardest time dragging themselves away. It's like you think, hey wait, separating yourself from me shouldn't be this EASY!

    And then next thing you know they're in fifth grade and the minute they walk in the door they want to run right back out to the skate park or a buddy's house…

    sigh. It's such a cliche to say it goes so fast. But you know what? It goes so fast.

  7. My daughter started a new school for 1st grade this year. We recently moved to a new state and she knew no one in the neighborhood; we are a military family. The first day I dropped her off and she walked into the school with me tagging behind her. I stood at the door peering in like a lost little puppy. All while my daughter put her stuff away and went about her day. I understand. 😉

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