The encyclopaedic 3.5 year old

Where milk comes from
You put vanilla and you put it in a cow and then you milk it and then you get milk.

Where babies come from
Your tummy.  It grows inside the mommy and then it goes into the daddy.

Where rain comes from
The sky

Where electricity comes from
The computer

Where shooting stars come from
It just pass by you and you see it and it comes from the sky when it’s the nighttime

Where doggies come from
The house

Where kitties come from
The house

Where bunnies come from

Where apples come from
The bowl with holes.

Where grandmas come from
The house

Pondering life’s great mysteries and the alchemy of vanilla milk.

18 thoughts on “The encyclopaedic 3.5 year old”

  1. It's wonderful that you're writing these down. I wish I had written more of my kids' pearls of wisdom when they were smaller.

  2. How cute! I can't wait until I can ask mine all those questions. Well, she'll tell me, I won't have to ask. Well, maybe I can wait after all.

  3. My 3 year old is sitting next to me, so I ran through the same questions to see what he would say. He also said rain came from the sky, but then when I asked about shooting stars he said, “Space,” so the answer to the origin of doggies and kitties and bunnies was “Earth” every time. I got “Apple Trees” for apples, and he doesn't know where grandma comes from.

    When they aren't whining, 3 year olds are the cutest things around.

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