Sarah Palin, Gatorade, and me

Yesterday I got to be the token female on a marketing panel at Baruch College about brands and political candidates and social media. It’s particularly awesome being the token female during torrential rainstorms because I don’t have to care about whether I have the frizziest hair on the panel.

Afterward, one of the students asked me the super best question of all time. Just the kind of thing you ask when you’re trying to impress a marketing pro who might have your resume in her hand one day:

“How do you balance being a nice, sweet mom with a soulless job in advertising?”

My answer: “How do you know I’m a nice sweet mom?”

Ah, students. So cute with their tongue rings.

In any case, the panel had the provocative title, What do Sarah Palin and Gatorade have in common? So I put the question out on twitter and showed the best responses as a dandy slide show at the panel.

You’re funny, you Twitter people. Thanks for making me look smart, because the only answer I could think of was, “uh…they’ve both spent a lot of time in locker rooms?”


21 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, Gatorade, and me”

  1. I guess I don't understand your first paragraph. You didn't have the frizziest hair on the panel because Jews have frizzy hair? Or?

  2. @CrunchyNavyWife–Actually, green Gatorade and Cuervo make a very delicious and thirst-quenching Margarita. But you're right about Palin and liquor: mixing the two may cause suicidal thoughts.

  3. Damn, I missed my best opportunity to gain a mention on your blog. I should have responded to that tweet.

  4. Woo hoo! I made the list (in a list-happy world, right?)!

    The other responses were all so funny! I'm glad I could make someone chuckle, too.

  5. If people hate Sarah Palin so much why do they keep bashing on her, it's only getting her more attention. I'm sure your mother taught you that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. Leave her alone and she'll go away!!

  6. god your twitter followers are a smart bunch. and witty. and SO RIGHT. And you could make a fortune putting any of those comments on a t-shirt, a bumper sticker, or blog button.

  7. hey, back off the tongue rings. some professionals have them too! (and with any luck, it will one day win me a trip to vegas. yay!)


    (the ' being, of course, the tongue ring.)

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