Best Super Bowl ad commentary ever

As we settled in to watch the game last night–me for the ads, Nate for the game and the opportunity to yell at me for being on the computer during it–Thalia and Sage paid close attention to the ads that I had explained were supposedly the best ones of the year.

In the very first segment, a McDonald’s commercial came on featuring bears scaring picnicking campers out of their car, then, lifting up the car, shaking it, and getting the last french fries out.

“Those bears were so nice!” Thalia exclaimed. “They were saving the people from eating the McDonald’s!”

We’ve raised her well.


23 thoughts on “Best Super Bowl ad commentary ever”

  1. That is a wonderful interpretation of that ad.

    I hope no bears try to save me from my Thin Mints.

  2. My god, you found a way to say something uplifting and hilarious about last night's commercials. I am muy impressed!

    If only the commercials could have been uplifting or hilarious themselves. Sigh.

    What a cutie your daughter is!

  3. Brilliant! Reminds me of the period of time when my oldest had just learned to read and took to looking at every label to see if the ingredients included “high-fuctose corn syrup” (his pronunciation, not mine)

  4. Too funny. Maybe the bears could come eat our school administrators, who have decided that a Happy Meal is a good reward for reading five books.

  5. That's priceless – way to go Thalia!

    My SuperBowl giggle came as my 2 yo intently watched Christina Aguilera sing the last note of the national anthem, then solemnly turned to her grandfather and I, and commented that “she hadded a hairball”

  6. Love it! It's so easy to “brainwash” them, isn't it? When we drive past our local fast food joint, my 3 year old asks, “Can we go there?” My 5 year old, on the other hand, says, “NO! That food is gross and unhealthy and it will make you SICK.” We haven't eaten there in a couple years.

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