It’s hard out here for a mom

Sage has informed me that Daddy is who she wants to cuddle with first thing in the morning. She climbs in in bed between us, however I am not to touch her until she gives the okay.

I, however, am the only person she wants to wipe her butt.



23 thoughts on “It’s hard out here for a mom”

  1. Too funny!

    Right now, Petunia (17 months old) will scream like she's being tortured with hot pokers if my husband tries to pick her up in the middle of the night. Your arrangement sounds delightful to me…. but I know it wouldn't after about a week of having it!

    And yes, Pumpkin (almost 4) calls for me and only me when she needs help on the potty. If my husband gets smug about that though, I just tell him that he can make it up for me by being the one who scrubs the toilet.

  2. Hahaha…that's so funny! I too was a daddy's girl but in the end, my mom ruled!!!! You will too…

    Trust me, I have 20 & 21 year old girls. Eventually, they wipe their own butt.

  3. That's exactly how it worked with my mom and dad when I was a kid apparently! I have a feeling my daughter will be the same…damn.

  4. LOL! Definitely the way it works in our house a lot of times! Isn't it wonderful to be so needed as a mom. 😉

  5. My son learned about sarcasm because I answered, “Mum, will you come wipe my bum?” with, “It's what I live for,” a few too many times.

  6. I'm the Preferred Butt Wiper too.

    I called shenanigans, tried to resign but they put it to a vote and I've been reinstated. Stupid democracy.

  7. I have the butt wiping privilege too…. kind of hoping for the first morning hug switch… my hands are peeling off from soap and hard handwashing…

  8. That's the time when they needed the most their Mom (us) to wipe their

    love your post!!

  9. I'll be happy to do all the but wiping when I have kids (being a nurse, I AM rather good at it). I just somehow have to work it so my yet unborn children only want my husband in the middle of the night.

    I'll let you know how that works out for me.

  10. I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one that gets the butt wiping duty, and little else in the lovin category.

    I'm sure the tide will turn soon…I hope!

  11. LOL. Our baby girl is only 9 months old, but I can totally see things shaking out the exact same way around here before too long. You have my sympathies 🙂

  12. That's how it is around here too. I would also like to add that MOM is the only one who is allowed to microwave the frozen peas. Seriously, what does this say about me?

  13. OMG I laughed…buuuuhcause I am the butt-wiper about these parts. 😉 Yesterday I got a really long snuggle, but afterward Squib asked me, “Where did you put my iPod?” So, I think there was an ulterior motive involved.

  14. Ha ha!! My daughter is kind of going through this phase right now too…she even passed me up to go get our nails done so she could go food shopping with my husband!

  15. I only stumbled across this blog today… Oh My I have missed out too much!! LOL Thanks for making me laugh!

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