10 thoughts on “Peaster 2011 summed up in 3 photos”

  1. Phabulous. After my own kids just finished having chocolate Zone bars with a side of fruit… and a tiny symbolic square of matzah for breakfast (and to think they figured that they were all done with the whole matzah thing now that we're back at home and no longer in grandma's kosher house! not so!), we will color some eggs and then go out to the movies, which hopefully will not be crowded. One of the few perks of being jewish on a Christian holiday! Happy Peaster to you and yours!

  2. And yes… I did just publicly admit to giving my children Zone bars for breakfast. I can be a horrible mother. But maybe the matzah makes up for it…. a little…?

  3. A Zone bar is definitely not a crime*. I'd bet it's a big step up from what most kids eat for breakfast. Or maybe I've been watching too much Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

    *Unless you live in Santa Monica, Portland, or Park Slope.

  4. Delightful pictures! But like Marinka, I'm curious about the shank! It looks like an entire rabbit, at first (which I've eaten before)–then appears to be pork!

  5. Emma, we're big fans of the orange! Although this year we had to improvise with a lemon, right after I took this photo.

    As for the bone queries – man, I have no idea what that was. Knowing my stepfather, probably something he killed himself.

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