Gives new meaning to “riding the subway”

Yesterday on the commute to work, an ad caught my eye. And that’s saying something, if you’ve ever seen the ads on the subways here.

This one happened to be a poster for a NYC subway map boxer shorts. The description reads:  these days, finding your way on the MTA can be as easy as taking a peek down under, thanks to our silk boxer shorts.

And I thought, just what we need: one more excuse for creepy guys on the subway to stick their hands in their pants.

“Hey baby, want to ride the A train?”


14 thoughts on “Gives new meaning to “riding the subway””

  1. We have the NYC subway map shower curtain. There have been many times when I’ve run to the bathroom to see if the F stopped where I wanted to go.

  2. That was my first thought when I saw the picture, and I’ve never even been on the NYC subway (yes, yes, I’m an uncultured yokel). Guys flash / put their hands down their pants on the STL Metro trains, too. It’s apparently a universal constant of train culture.

  3. Not to start a Twitter war over this important social issue, but I like them. I love the subway system and keep it close to my heart. Or wherever.

  4. Oh wow! I haven’t seen that one yet. Their tag line is even more pathetic than the actual shorts. How many tourists do you think picked up a pair before their trip home just because of that ad?

  5. This reminds me of Seattle, where we have a shiny new streetcar that the geniuses have named South Lake Union Transit. Figure out that acronym. Seattle-ites now gleefully “ride the slut”. Classic.

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