Six today


Last night, as I stroked your hair and gazed down at your face while you started to sleep, I was struck by this amazing recollection: a sonogram. A jagged photo of a baby’s face. The very same profile that I look down at now.

I still remember pushing my baby past the neighborhood preschool, looking at the little girls holding hands, skipping, ponytails flapping behind them, and trying to imagine you at that age. And now – here you are. With your own ponytail. And your own friends to hold hands with.

Here you are. Six, today.

(Don’t make me say it out loud. I’m already crying.)

I have learned so much from you since the day you were born. I don’t imagine that’s something that will end any time soon.

You awe me with your kindness, your empathy, your sensitivity to everyone from your grandparents and your sister, to the earthworms in the garden. I love how you approach every day as if it were an adventure, and that there is no walk around the block, no trip to the store not worthy of your enthusiasm.

I love that you’re equal parts innocent and wise.

I love that you mess up the ends of knock-knock jokes. And that you still write your Ys backwards and pretend that you meant to do it that way. (You’re your mother’s daughter.)

I love that you are at home in New York City, and at home in a cow patch, a restaurant, or a small-town parade.

That any music presents an opportunity for leaping.

And that you don’t know how to love a person less than 100%.

Something tells me that this isn’t who you are at six. This is simply who you are.

Happy birthday Thalia. You are my joy.


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  1. who you are at six is who you always are. the trick is to always remember and to have a mom who knows that the six year old version of you is essential and true.

    you’re giving her everything she needs.
    sending big love and celebrating with you…

  2. Time to go to the cake store!

    Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.

  3. Our children really are amazing. I love the idea of equal parts innocent and wise.

    Accepting and celebrating who they are is the greatest gift we give them. What a beautiful tribute to both her and you.

  4. Momsie is smiling away, remembering the 4 week old, wrapped in swaddling, and her parents who thought nothing of driving hours to share with her the sight of her first great granddaughter.

    Thalia, we all took turns walking you, walking you, walking a baby who would not sleep. Not unless you were in someone’s arms and could feel their steps beneath you. Not unless you were certain of their love. And now you have learned to give back that love tenfold. What a child. Happy birthday, dearest Thalia.

  5. Happy birthday sweet Thalia. And happy anniversary, Liz. It’s a big day the day you learn what love is *really* all about it. Celebrate it.

  6. What a beautiful way to celebrate your daughter. I’m trying to remember my six year old self – I wonder what she’d think of my life now :). Happy Birthing Day to you!

  7. Happy Birthday, Thalia! May you celebrate a hundred more, every one happy.

    Liz, I’ve watched her grow through your stories and photos as I’ve watched my own son, who is just ten months older, grow too. So when I think of that baby Thalia once was, I think of my baby, too. My baby who also now makes his own friends and pretends that letters were drawn backwards on purpose. (What can I say? He’s his mother’s son.)

    As my mother would say: How did they get so tall? Put bricks on their heads!

    1. I love how so many of our kids are growing up together, if virtually. Thanks for a lovely thought Jaelithe.

  8. thanks for making me cry! Happy birthday to Thalia and happy day to you, too!

  9. Lovely.
    I stare into the face of my 7-mo-old son and try to imagine who he will be in a year, in 5 years, in 20, while attempting to savor every second of who he is right now.
    Happy birthday, Thalia!

  10. This is so beautiful! Everything I wanted to say to my own daughter/s and more! (can I plagiarize and give to them? >:) lol. Happy 6th year (of having a beautiful daughter) to you!!

  11. Six? SIX!!! Man, how time flies. Birthday hugs and kisses from your friends out here in the boonies.

  12. Lovely! Happy birthday to your sweet girl (and to you and Nate too).

    GAH, I remember when I found your blog and she was so tiny! It’s hard to believe how much time has passed. She’s growing up beautifully =)

  13. This is my first visit to your site….I found you through the Dooce article at sheposts.

    Beautiful way to be introduced to your writing, and birthday blessings to your daughter!


  14. I just found your site and just love it! My son is only a few months older than your daughter and it’s been staggering how fast the time flies. Are you like me and just now beginning to see your child not as a little baby any more?

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