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  1. Love the post and the photos. And I also loved that as I followed the #BlogHer11 tweets from NYC, I saw how so much of it was about friendship and happiness and almost nothing about “OMG, I GOT SWAG!” LOVED that. And missed it terribly.

    1. I love that mentioned that the tweets were more about happiness and friendship. There was a TON of that! Sorry you missed it too.

  2. Related: have you ever stood in a room with a thousand women on the Monday morning after said dance floor when they can’t move and may have injured something they needed?

      1. I know!!! You got away from me on the dance floor. (Probably a wise move)

        You missed our Team Liz picture the other night. It’s cute, but obviously incomplete.

  3. Dancing is good for the soul. I like that you put that all these women weren’t dancing for men or to be sexy. It is nice to be able to let go and not worry about anything and just shake your boo-tay!

  4. Sparklecorn does make you feel free. Free to dance, laugh log and dress up in your prettiest, sparkliest creation. Also, there is cake. It all adds up to awesome. I look forward to it every year.

  5. I just hate that I missed Sparklecorn. But am so happy I was there for all the rest of it. Still floating.

  6. Oh no you d’int.
    No seriously, you didn’t. Not even me in the background? Ok, well, at least send me that cute picture of me smootching you on the cheek–no “you were tagged” required. I loved seeing you and reliving years gone by–without having to don MC Hammer pants. Mwah. B.

  7. That’s the back of my head in the bottom photo!

    I adored Sparklecorn, there is something magical about it. And meeting you there – briefly, was one of my highlights of BlogHer.

    1. Back at you, Eden. I ran through the crowd to chase you down! I think I knocked over three glittery bloggers in the process (but they were very nice about it).

  8. I didn’t go. Wanted to meet too many of the bloggers I read so I started to feel like a guy trying to hit on some chicks who were gonna be all, “I’m already dancing with her,” and I’d be too nervous to ask anyone else so I’d just kind of sip my drink but be too nervous to get drunk and would have to go back to the hotel, perfectly sober having not even brought along a vibrator or tooth floss. Maybe next year.

  9. We have to get out of our “she’ll think I’m weird.”

    Honestly, I wish I would’ve said hello to so many people.

    But, I tried to say hello to one blogger I follow, and she was very unwelcoming and didn’t smile back..so, I, uh…was too scared to do that again for the rest of the conference.

    Silly me. I should’ve just kept trying and said, so what.

  10. THANK YOU! This not only made me laugh but gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling I get when I think about my girlfriends and the freedom that comes with dancing LIKE no one is watching. Truly euphoric and completely freeing. Love the visual reminder that we can all have that moment by strapping on a pair of heels and hitting the dance floor!

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