Madrid Day 1 in pictures

waiting for luggageFound an octopus

waiting for luggageFound  a creepy Minnie Mouse

waiting for luggageSword fight at the castle. (Okay, the castle gift shop.)

Standing guard

waiting for luggageThalia spots Thalia

waiting for luggageFirst tapas

waiting for luggage

waiting for luggagePhysical comedy: funny in any language

waiting for luggageMariposa

waiting for luggageMariposa 2

waiting for luggageFirst Caipirinha(s)

waiting for luggage“Okay, just one…”

waiting for luggageSword fight at a street fair

waiting for luggageNightcap

waiting for luggageNight.

Not shown: Photos of toddler next to us screaming for four straight hours of the flight, Camper Shoe shopping spree, Fat Spiderman, kids squeeing over murphy bed, kids eating three straight meals of bread, square toilet, people dancing to Katy Perry in the street, mounds of Cabrales, me speaking some totally fabricated French-Italian-Spanish language blend.

All in all, I’d say a decent start to the trip.


14 thoughts on “Madrid Day 1 in pictures”

  1. Octopus!

    I’m so sorry we missed each other at BlogHer11. Hope you see you next time and have a great trip to Madrid.

  2. So effin’ fun! You gotta hit my fave museum, the Reina Sofia. It’s awesome! And a Camper shopping spree? You had me at Camper. And shopping. And spree. Happy Sangria!

  3. Love your pictures. We saw the same minnie mouse and fat spiderman a few years ago. Gotta love Madrid.

  4. Camper is a Spanish company? Oh, gosh, I pass their store on Prince every day and LOVE their shoes. Jealous of your spree! Lovely pics–looks like a lot of fun for everyone.

  5. What fun! And I too speak some random, inexplicable hybrid of French-Italian-Spanish. With a dash or two of mispronounced Portuguese for good measure. We are the world, speak it proud!

  6. You had me laughing out loud as I pictured a recent trip I took with two of my littles ones (which had many repeated meals of nothing of substance and lots of screaming babies). Thank you for the laughter – so needed that today!

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