Children having children

For me?

Wait, who’s having a boy?

Sigh, the mothers are always the last to know.

Sage is doing well for 40 weeks. Still active and on her feet.

Still on her feet and…oh my gosh, it’s coming! A self-induced c-section!

Surprise, it’s a girl! Born at 10:14 AM, 4 oz,  fully clothed, and with no neck and no eyelids. Otherwise, totally healthy.

Mom and baby are doing well. They’re registered at Dylan’s Candy Bar and the bakery on the corner with the star cookies.


47 thoughts on “Children having children”

  1. Well really, if babies are being born fully clothed nowadays, what am I meant to give as a gift? What excuse will I have now for perusing all the cutesy wutesy baby clothes? Pfft, evolution is so inconsiderate.

  2. While I was pregnant, my son had a baby almost daily. He’d pull it from his shirt, wipe the body clean (“because they’re kinda mucky when they come out”) and then announce that his baby SISTER had just been born. (Yes, he wanted to give birth to his own sister. I disappointed him by giving birth to a brother.)

  3. OMG – I needed this chuckle this morning. Lucky, girl. Losing that baby weight shouldn’t be as big of a problem. Please also encourage Sage to breastfeed.

  4. There are so many little episodes in children’s play that it’s a huge gift when we catch them…of course, you were invited to be a part of this one. Too rad. And excellently chronicled.

  5. She’s so polite! My girls announced their “pregnancies” by giving “birth” loudly in my office, to much larger “babies” who were also afflicted with the lack of eyelid mutation. No cards, no notices, no showers. Just a, “Hey mom watch this!” They are very good mommies, though.

  6. Made my day. Really. 40 weeks and no bed rest. She one-uped you, my dear. You’ll soon see that it’s great to be a grandmother. Really. All play. No work. Really.

  7. I saw this earlier on Zutano’s FB page but didn’t have time to read. It is pricelessly classic.

    I remember walking in on my eldest son, age 2ish, after the second son had been born, and he was holding my hand pump up under his shirt.

    Monkey see, monkey do, I suppose.

  8. this made me laugh – such a different (sweet) perspective than I live with – my boys who are raging with hormones state ‘they are going to have several 1000 kids so they can do it several 1000 times.’ at some point, I will have to let them know ‘it’ is not just for procreation. RB

  9. Thank you for a laugh this morning and congratulations on the newest addition to your family! I hope that my little ones will have such wonderful senses of imagination and humour.

  10. Wow! you really rock as a mom. For sure your girls will grow up to be your best friends. You really got a lot of sense of humor just like your girl.

  11. I always wondered what children thought about child birth. I think they are going to be very disturbed when they figure out how it actually happens and how it actually feels. Also, so disappointed to find out you can’t pick the sex of the baby. Children are so adorable and innocent. Thanks for this post, it made my day.

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