12 days of Change Campaign: Send a holiday card! So easy!


If you caught me on Twitter a couple weeks ago, squeeing about how I got to sit about 10 feet from the back of Bono’s head at a Daily Show taping a few weeks ago (THE BACK OF BONO’S HEAD! It’s a very nice head.), then you already know I’m a fan of

For the last 11 days, they have been promoting an initiative called 12 Days of Change.  The idea is that any person can and does make a difference in their communities, and especially for those poorest in the world. So each day, a different blogger has posted about something super simple you can do to help people in need around the world, without writing a check.

I have the honor of being blogger #12.

And lucky me, I get to talk about holiday cards.

Specifically, to members of Congress.

Now I will be honest, I don’t think a lot of them deserve our good wishes right now, but some of them totally do. Like Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, and Ted Poe of Texas, who introduced the Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act of 2012.

Good stuff, Congressmen.

So here’s what I’m asking you to do, if you can find 5 minutes this weekend in between the card sending and the Amazon ordering and the tree decorating and the gingerbread baking.

Send a holiday card to your own Congressperson or Senator to thank them for keeping the world’s less fortunate in mind this year–or to uh, thank them in advance. If you get my drift.

You can send a real card, send a note via their email forms, write it on your blogs, or hey, use Paperless Post and send a pretty ecard. You could even find a cool printable and have your kids color it in for extra impact.

Here’s mine to Senator Gillibrand:

santa for gillibrand
If you do take the time (5 minutes! Really!), I’d be happy to link your blog up on this post. Just let me know in comments. And if you tweet it, you can use the hashtag #12DaysofChange.

We have a lot to be thankful for mamas. We really, really do.


5 thoughts on “ 12 days of Change Campaign: Send a holiday card! So easy!”

  1. You don’t need to link me up, but I write to my representatives once or twice a month urging them to introduce something, cast a specific vote, and express disappointment or gratitude. I swear if at least one of my senators’ aides isn’t sick of me yet, it’s a miracle. I’d be happy to do this over the weekend =)

    1. That’s awesome Sarah, thank you! I think the holiday card is such a perfect way to get this done.

      You rock.

  2. I’m sending a postcard, my favorite snail mail genre, in honor of a former student whose holiday card was perforated and stamped to become one in turn. How rad!

    We are way fortunate, Liz. Thankful!

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