Lazy: A Definition

People who are lazy:

1) Anyone who buys pre-washed salad greens*

      *That would be me

2) Able-bodied adults who take the elevator down one floor.

3) Screenwriters employing the line, “looks like we’ve got company…”

4) TV producers who run tired stories pitting working moms against stay-at-home moms to guarantee a pathetic little ratings bump.


People who are not lazy:

1) Stay at home moms.


I hope that clears things up, Anderson.

(HT to Punditmom)


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    1. You can always find one extreme person with a crazy view, and stick her on TV. It doesn’t make it news.

  1. True story: Anderson asked me to come on a few months ago to discuss my life as a former internet mean girl.

    I turned him down.

    He’s a shit-stirrer.

    Granted, a very sexy silvery fox shit-stirrer, but still.

      1. An internet mean girl?

        Sadly, yes. On message boards, I was pretty sharp with my words. Not one of my finer moments in life & one I regret horribly.

        Then I had my kid, grew up & grew a little perspective on what really matters in life. (see also: compassion) Bitching about how other people feel about their pregnancy really doesn’t top my priority list anymore.

          1. Right? It’s almost as good as Pretty Woman, minus Richard Gere & a private jet.

            & the whole hooker thing.

      2. I say he’s a shit-stirrer, though, because it was something I had already apologized publicly for & even spoken privately to many of the girls who I hurt. He wanted me to be on there & pull other people on & turn it essentially into Jerry Springer from the sounds of it.

        I’m interested in making ammends on a more personal level.

  2. Funny! One of my new years resolutions is to stop taking the elevator all the time. You are making me re-think that. Feeling pretty lazy right about now. 😉

  3. I totally take the elevator down one floor. But only because Jumbster’s wheelchair doesn’t do well with stairs. And it seems kinda wrong to send him in an elevator by himself while I go jog the stairs.

    I also buy pre bagged salads.

    But it all balances out since I never watch Anderson. I like my journalists to be less doltish.

  4. As someone who was a “guest” on Anderson’s show I can tell you either he has a) NO CLUE what the hell his producers are scheming behind the scenes in the green room or b) HE has EVERY CLUE which means he’s NOT the journalist with integrity that we’d like to believe he is but I signed an NDA which I didn’t have a real chance to read- because they shoved it in my hand seconds before I was escorted to my seat and so I am not allowed to regale you with what REALLY goes on in that green room

    1. Which is why I called the producers lazy. Clearly Anderson is a very hard-working guy, with no kids at home to ignore.

      Also, how much alcohol will it take to get you to break that NDA? (Heh)

  5. You’re spot on. Anderson giving her air time is the ultimate in laziness. So tiresome.

    Your post on what each (SAHM and WOHM) was thinking about each other’s lives maybe 18 months ago has still stayed with me. Probably one of the most exquisite takes on the so-called war I’ve ever come across.

  6. Stay at home moms lazy? Wow. I generally like Anderson Cooper so I’m sad to see him discuss this crap. I’m a stay at home/work at home mom. I do most of the housework, most of the cooking, I run 2 businesses, and I homeschool one of our kids while the other attends public school by choice.
    Now I do buy pre-washed salad greens. I think I at least deserve those 😉

  7. Ah geez. Did he really say that? I’m sort of glad I missed that. Anyone who thinks a SAHM is lazy has never taken care of a child.

    I buy prewashed salad greens AND pregrated cheese (since my 4.5 year old wants to sprinkle grated cheese on EVERYTHING). I came across someone railing away about how lazy you must be to use pregrated cheese… and I thought about how I generally only have 30 minutes between walking in the door and getting dinner on the table, and I just laughed. People judge on the craziest things.

    1. I’m sure he didn’t say it. I’m sure it’s the teaser copy for a good ol’ debate that he’s moderating on his show. I can only hope that cooler heads prevail. Even Dr. Phil took down a well-known mom blogger on his show who insisted that working moms were child abusers.

  8. You know, normally I like Anderson Cooper. Love his international coverage and his coverage of crises like Katrina. This is why I will give him the benefit of the doubt this ONE TIME and assume some dimwitted junior producer’s idea was greenlighted because all the more experienced and creative producers were on vacation. Complete BS.

    Oh, and I used to buy bagged lettuce all the time but found that it went bad a lot faster (plus it was so much more expensive) than just buying the whole leaf stuff, spinning it in my spinner and bagging it in Zip Locs. I do it once week and it lasts all week. I do still take the floor down one level because I’m scared of office stairways. I’ve seen one too many Law and Order SVU’s, I guess.

  9. Stay at home moms are definitely not lazy. When my kids were little, everyone in the house got sick, so I stayed at home to take care of the family. Two sick small children and a wife who was too fluey to mind the children.

    Two days went by. I was exhausted. At the end of the second day, when everyone was still sick, I announced that I didn’t care how much it cost, but that we had to find someone to come in and take care of the kids.

    I never complained again. Anderson Cooper and the other idiots on the show should spend the day taking care of children; they would change their minds.

  10. Why are women always pitted against one another? Lack of imagination. Lack of education. Definite lack of intellect.
    I’m a work from home mom and sometimes I’m so lazy I don’t get to bed until 1:00 am and then wake up again at 6:00 am.
    And about those salad greens…I bought a package last night.

  11. Wait, what’s that I hear? Oh! It’s the sound of yet another nail being driven into the coffin of AC’s journalistic career. What HAPPENED to him?

    I’m a PT-WM/PTSAHM. I straddle both and have done both fully. They are both hard for different reasons. Am I lazy in some respects? Absolutely! But let’s see him have two little kids, work one 24/7 unpaid job and one 30 hour a week paid job AND grow another person at the same time.

    I can use pre-washed salad if I grew a kidney today!

    1. I’d like to think that anyone who says “ALL _______ ARE LAZY” is going to have a hard time a) defending it 2) not looking like an asshole

      Good luck with that kidney.

      1. Amen! Blanket statements are not your friend if you’re trying to NOT sound like a jerk.
        thanks! We’re on to liver today.

  12. MOM. We are all mom’s. I put my pants on just the same. We probably all put our skirts on the same too. Does it matter what we spend our days doing? Aren’t there more important things for us to be worrying about?
    This crap is insane and I don’t understand why it keeps coming up…oh wait, I do–because here we are all again talking about it.

    Ugh. Besides, don’t we all get to be lazy sometimes? I’m sure Anderson sits on the couch and watches a game every now and then. Getting to be lazy is a reward for any parent–working or staying home. It’s a perk we all deserve.

  13. I don’t even understand why people need to keep debating which is harder. I’ve done both. When I had my first, I left teaching for 6 years (& had a bunch more kids). I went back to work when my 4th child was 9 months old and managed to have one more child in the meantime. Staying at home and working both have pros and cons. Neither is easy. While I didn’t have a job during my SAHM phase, I surely didn’t find time to be lazy. In either case, I’ve yet to conquer the laundry. Maybe when the 5 kids are grown??

  14. Now I’m watching the preview… and not prepping my salads. Damn you Anderson Cooper! Though I could forgive him if he’d share one of those giant glasses of wine with me!

  15. Don’t expect him to respond. He certainly didn’t respond to me when I called him out on promoting placenta encapsulation for the treatment of postpartum depression, something which has not been proved by research, while giggling nonstop.

    On the other hand, you have more pull than I do, so maybe he’ll step up to the plate. I’m starting to see a trend on his show of very lazy, sensationalist stories about women’s issues …

  16. I’m happier!
    No I’m happier!

    Methinks that anyone who would go on a talk show to debate who’s happier isn’t actually all that, wait for it…happy.

    Silly Anderson.

    1. I think we have to draw the line between journalism and talk show hosts. When one becomes the other, the imperatives are a little different. Which leads to…well, this. Sigh is right.

      1. you’re absolutely right. i remember first learning about his talk show and being excited, like this was another layer to anderson… and now… this.

        i need to draw my boundaries better.

  17. This sounds like a re-do of the Dr. Phil show a few years ago. Yawn. Wake me up when they decide to talk about meaningful ways that moms and dads can balance providing for their family and being with their family. That is the type of show I might watch or consider contributing to.

  18. I am one of those lazy, bon-bon eating SAHM’s turned WAHM’s and also buy the pre-cut carrots so I am obviously who they are targeting….
    maybe they will bring kourtney kardashian on to discuss how hard it is to be a working mom, too?

    I am pretty sick of this debate – it was featured on huff post this month, too

        1. I call that drawer in the fridge the “rotter” for that very reason.

  19. I am really disappointed by Anderson’s dirty tricks, does he think women begin watch his show by this kind of negative advertising. That is so hostile towards women, does he not know any substantial women who have a healthy message for the world. Most famous women that he interviews are ones that perform in their underwear. Now he is bringing up prostitution in a very insensitive way on twitter. We should report his tweets and inappropriate.

  20. I’m SO over this B.S.

    I believe most women work really hard outside the home or in or BOTH! I’ve done it both ways myself and raising kids is a tough job no matter how you spin it. I’m in the trenches, I know.

    I’m not an A.C. fan to begin with and this just tips the scale even farther in the “non” fan direction…

  21. Some days, I would give my left pinkie toe for the opportunity to be even a LITTLE lazy. Like, being able to take a longer-than-five-minute shower, or not scalding my damn mouth as I chug my coffee in the morning while trying to keep the kid from licking the cat.

    I do bag bagged greens though. AND, I don’t wash them. Take that, Establishment!

  22. *Yawn* *stretches*

    I’m sorry. Were you saying something about worn-out, over-used ratings ploys on daytime tv? I was too busy taking a nap while my son sat on the couch playing Plants vs Zombies all day. ‘Cause that’s what we SAHM’s do, really. Shh.

    We have them all fooled, huh, ladies?

  23. Oh for heaven’s sake, are we not past this shit yet? I’m a SAHM, and I adore my life. I’ve had to draw a paycheck working outside the house and I hated every second. As far as I am concerned, I think working moms either need the job or are overachievers. I admire those women for their sacrifice and/or drive.

    I have to believe these women have no friends. I say that because, not one of my friends does their parenting just the way I do it. But what I do realize is that they parent the kids they have and I parent the kids I have, and I bet if we swapped our parenting would change too. That these women can’t imagine other families have differing needs is just idiotic.

  24. What I really don’t get is…so, what if someone else is lazy? How does that affect some stranger’s workload or kids or marriage/family?

    What’s it to you, lady on television?! I mean, if someone at work is lazy, sure that might affect me directly in that I have to do more or resent that they make the same money and do less or the like. But generic other person with no link to me?

    Is it really just “think I work really hard, so you should too?” You know what? I think everyone has to read the same books I do, cook the same meals, do their laundry in the same way, too. Or they’re LAZY.

    Do we want people who aren’t currently in the PAID workforce coming in to take away jobs from people already there right now? (If they can find a job to take away.)

    Or do they just think that if they point out someone who they think is leading a lazier life that person will come and clean their house, cook their meals and watch their kids? If this the case, I’m on the hunt for someone lazier than I am to come and clean up this place.

    But otherwise? What’s it to you? People can choose to live however they manage to get by, eh, and if you hate how much/what you do, change YOUR life not someone else’s!

  25. Oh Anderson…I remember watching him on “Channel One” during a forced “newsbreak” aka classroom inturption in Junior High. I can see in twenty years you’ve moved up one rung on the latter of success. Congratulations.

    P.S. I have a salad spinner, but i’m way to lazy to use it.

  26. Oh, Lord, not this again. Can’t moms make a lifestyle choice that suits their own family without people discussing it over and over and over?

  27. FYI – My doctor is in a building where they HIDE THE STAIRS. Seriously. You have to know where they are in order to use them. I’ve been going to that office for … 4 years and only found them on my last checkup.

  28. My father, a physician, was recently contacted to weigh in on a talk show about the practice of “vodka tamponning.”

    My sisters and I had a good heehaw over that one.

  29. I’m too lazy to figure out where my cable provider has moved the channel on which his show is played.

  30. I like to pair a bagged, pre-washed salad with an already roasted chicken and a baguette from the bakery. But that doesn’t make you lazy. It just makes me an overachiever.


  31. There are SAHMs, WAHMs, WOHMs – all different lifestyles with different demands on Mom and I’m pretty sure each has some “laziness” in it. (Come on. I don’t think that anyone can honestly say that they are 100% productive for every minute spent in a physical office workplace.) Staying at home does not equal to being lazy.

  32. I’m a SAHM but I still consider myself lazy for microwaving chicken nuggets. I’ve decided its safer than cooking them on the stove. But the only person who can call me lazy is me. If someone thinks I’m lazy they can take my kid for a week and see how they fare.

  33. UGH! this old topic again. I’m too lazy to talk about it. What I found interesting is that one of the working moms is working as a phone sex operator…..who the hell calls a phone sex line.

      1. Ah yes we love to talk dirty…the phrase “did you go poopy in your pants” is very common at my house.

  34. You know, these endless attempts to stir the pot of divisiveness between moms (SAHM is better, no WORKING is better, no make your own babyfood and homeschool and skydive for fun is better…) they make me crazy. I mean, maybe the AC show(s) are just the brainchild of a loser junior producer, but then I get paranoid: if we keep squabbling over the crap that doesn’t matter, then we don’t have the time or energy to think about the stuff that DOES matter, like, say, universal healthcare or paid maternal/paternal leave or good public schools in EVERY neighborhood or…(it’s a very long list). Of course, changing this big issues would require a deep re-evaluation of cultural priorities, and god knows THAT isn’t good television. Better to get some parents on the show who will scream at each other. Yeah, that’ll boost the ratings.
    Sigh. I’m going to go sit on the couch and eat bonbons for the rest of the day, because god knows, as a mom, I’ve got nothing but idle time on my hands.

  35. So lame. Especially when you pick really bitchy and somewhat egocentric women to spew the accusations that start the “debate”. So lame. And I feel like Anderson Cooper is right at home when there’s a fire to be kidled.

    I will admit to having lazy days (like when I got the rest of the Hunger games trilogy and did nothing but read it cover to cover – except for doing the dishes, the school drop-off and pickup and making dinner, that is.)

  36. looks like the producers actually follow blogs and turn personal opinions and reflections into news stories — I discovered something today on this….read the post below for more

  37. #2 is my biggest pet peeve in our office building. Walk your lazy butt down a flight of stairs. You spend more time waiting for the elevator than it would take to walk down a flight!!!

  38. #2 has always gotten to me- why someone cannot walk DOWN a flight of stairs (provided, of course, that they don’t have health reasons that prevent them from doing so) is beyond me. In fact, it seems like a waste of time, since by the time the elevator arrives, you could have already walked downstairs. I hate time inefficiency.

    I have been a working mom, and a SAHM, and I believe that they are both equally difficult. I’m a teacher, so I consider myself both- during the school year, I am a Working Mom, but during the summer and other holiday breaks, I am a SAHM with my kids.

    I will tell you that before a holiday or summer starts, I am usually stressed beyond belief and cannot WAIT to have time off to spend with my kids.

    On the other side, by the time the holiday or summer is over, I am usually more than happy to go back to work!

    One is not easier or harder than the other, and they both have their highs and their lows. But the fact of the matter is that they are both JOBS and require a huge amount of work, energy and organization.

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