True facts from a 4 year old

1. You can be full for dinner but still not be full for dessert

2. You can tell if a cartoon character is a girl because girls have eyelashes.

3. “You Spin My Right Round Baby” was not a song made up by Leo, silly. It’s a real song. By Alvin and the Chipmunks.

4. Gordon Ramsay is probably the guy who plays Jamie Oliver on TV.

5. A good joke: Wear a wig to school and see if anyone notices that it’s not your real hair.

6. You can know you don’t like a food without ever having tried it.

7. You can fart  so loud in the doctor’s office that you rip a hole in the paper. It really happened.

8. It is possible that the real Santa is playing the guy who is Santa in that movie.

9. If you are selling artwork for 1 cent, 10 cents, 50 cents and one dollar out of your living room to raise money for Haiti, you cannot offer to pay one dollar for the 1 cent artwork. Because it costs 1 cent. See, the sign even says so.

10. But and butt are the best of all homonyms.





35 thoughts on “True facts from a 4 year old”

  1. Your four year-old is so awesome! I would pay more than a dollar to go back in time and hear my own 4 year-olds say those things again. Unfortunately, the rules are very different when you’re 14 or 16 or 20…and not nearly as funny.

  2. Glad to see my 6-year-old is not the only one who can be selectively full. Too full for her meal, in fact, so full her tummy hurts, but hungry for ice cream, or cookies, or a piece of chocolate. Funny how that works.

  3. Too cute and so wise! I have a 3 and 4 year old (about to be 4 and 5) and I love hearing their logic. Makes me giggle on a daily basis. If everything was as straightforward as they see it 🙂 And love the picture with this one. Feel like she’s saying “Duh mom”.

  4. I used to do the “not full for dessert” thing too. My argument was that my tummy had different compartments and the dinner compartment was already full but the dessert compartment was still empty. Go try defy the logic of it 🙂

    1. That seems to be the general consensus on twitter too. Who knew that our children had multiple stomachs. (well, everyone but me I guess.)

      1. As a kid I also had the stomach compartment theory. Frankly I still do. Turns out my chicken compartment is very small but my cupcake and ice cream compartments? Huge. Actually, I have seen some studies that back this up. There is a bunch of research that says you will eat more if presented with a variety of different foods than if you only have one or two foods on the table . My son also has a compartmentalized stomach it seems. And I don’t think he’ll grow out of it anytime soon.

  5. i like how this kid thinks (and farts). the ripping of the paper made me laugh out loud, just as a four year old would (and should). except i’m 33.

  6. I got tired of the dinner argument. Now its just if you don’t eat your dinner, you don’t eat and that’s fine. But no dessert.

    Although sometimes based on the way he hoovers in dessert, I wish I had made him eat more dinner.

  7. But/Butt…do you know they call them “homophones” now? At least they did when my kids were learning them. Be prepared. Sad but true. My kids didn’t know they were homonyms in the olden days. You know, before iPhones. I sense a connection, but can’t be sure.

  8. My favorite was when Thalia was four, almost five, and going to a five year old’s party. I asked her, “So, he is five now?” “No”, she said. I asked when he would be five. She said, “When he cuts the cake”. Perfect logic.

  9. My three year old makes up stuff and tells me “I told you”. He knows several types of dinosaurs but the ones he doesn’t know the names for he makes up new names and acts like I’m an idiot for not knowing his names for them. I love the logic of kids.

    1. God forbid I confuse the dolls’ names, and refer to Rose as Violet. Fortunately her horse, Pukebok, is an easy one.

  10. Wonderful list! How about this one? I can’t walk when you ask me to, but I can run as soon as I want to.

  11. I remember my daughter, at around 3, telling me her theory that ice cream is melts, so it flows into your stomach and takes up all the spaces left after chewing up your real food. I just love that age!

    1. Oops that should be “melty”! My iPhone doesn’t like that word apparently.

  12. I’m pretty sure #1 really is a true fact for everyone.

    I totally wore a wig to my son’s school on Halloween and half of the adults literally didn’t recognize me and thought I was someone else until I spoke to them, and the other half thought it was my real hair and I had just dyed it.

    However, every single kid knew it was me immediately, and most of them could tell the new hair was a wig.

    So tell Sage she could probably fool her teacher but not her kid friends, who are apparently much more astute at wig-detection (and recognizing people in disguises) than adults are. (Also if she does wear a wig to school — hey, it’s a science experiment! — I vote purple. )

  13. I remember my brother during his childhood years. Yes it’s all true, your list area very fit of what he does during his time. His very chubby during at that time because of the #1 you can be full for dinner but still not be full for dessert. Ha-ha-ha. Good to know all of this.

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