Martha does a particularly excellent job under the couch

Next week I’m going to be on the Martha Stewart Show (!!) on behalf of Cool Mom Picks. It’s the big baby shower episode and I get to dress a bunch of adorable squidgy squeezy little babies in fabulous little clothes and talk about them without clutching my ovaries and weeping openly. Wish me luck.

Because my kids have been hearing the name Martha Stewart around the house a lot–pretty much forever, but this month more than ever–Sage has taken the liberty of naming our Neato robotic vacuum Martha Stewart.

I have told her that should Martha Stewart actually ever come to our home, she would not in fact be doing any vacuuming.

In which case we should really name the vacuum after my college boyfriend’s mother.

Last night I came home to find this note that Thalia left for our sitter.


dear monika

I am debating whether or not I should tell the actual Martha Stewart this very thing. It will either make excellent segment banter, or guarantee that I will never be asked back on television ever again. Then again, I did talk about my underwear on a National Morning show. This may be a step up.

If you want to watch it will air 2/17 and again 2/20 on the Hallmark Channel. Oh don’t worry–I’ll be tweeting links.


27 thoughts on “Martha does a particularly excellent job under the couch”

  1. Since I am not entirely sure the Real Martha doesn’t have an army of robot minions, I actually think she would appreciate the honor of your beloved vacuum being named after her.

  2. You rule. And so does your daughter…..

    Hey, Jennifer Garner told MS that her dog’s name is Martha Stewart, so I think your vacu-bot is fair game!

  3. your college boyfriend’s mother comes over and vacuums? hmm.

    martha stewart is a great name for a robot, though.

  4. Dang it, I don’t get the Hallmark Channel. Please post links if we can see it online!

  5. The fact that this note is signed “toodles” will endear your daughter forever to Madam Martha (which is how she should be addressed, just be warned). So by all means bring her that note. She’ll love it (or be forced to fake-love it for a national audience, and that’s just as good). Tell me, though, about this iRobot vacuum cleaner. Does it also do email & face time? Can you download music onto it? Because that’s truly marvelous.

  6. I kind of suspect that “new family member” or not, Martha will not be cleaning your house–but isn’t it a fabulous visual? You should totally take the note and report back what she said when the cameras weren’t on!

  7. I say go one better than telling her the story: bring the note and show it to her.

    Like you say: she’ll laugh and think it’s awesomely adorable, or she’ll ban you from the show. Either way the experience will make excellent writing material 😉

  8. I can’t stop laughing at “Toodles”. That is the most awesome way to sign a note in the history of notes.

    Love it.

    Definitely tell the real MS.

  9. Oh, I’d tell her! I think that’s far less freaky-stalker than if I told her I have every printed issue of Living. Every. Single. One.

  10. That was too cute! Kids are so innocent these days. So did you bring the note & tell her (Martha) eventually? LOL


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