Can you keep a secret?

Secrets are not our forte around chez Mom-101. Nate tends to blurt out a week before Valentine’s Day, “oh okay…I got you earrings.” He just gets so excited that he can’t resist. Which is also why I tend to forgive him when he goes Christmas shopping on the 24th. Then when he tells me that night in bed what he got me, I can still count it as a surprise. Kind of.

But this time, we did it.

I can’t believe it..but we pulled it off.

By the time you read this, we’ll have woken the kids up at 5AM, and said, “guess what…? We’re going on an adventure.”

Their bags are packed, filled with sundresses and swimsuits. Our Jet Blue tickets are safely tucked away in my purse.

I figure at JFK they’ll learn that we’re going to Orlando. But not until Orlando will they realize they’re going on the launch of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship.

Ya know…some press junkets you just can’t say no to.

I’ve never been a cruise ship gal (perhaps because I’ve never been on a cruise ship), and I’ll be honest, to some degree it terrifies me. Then again, there’s still that little girl in me circa 1980, with the residual Love Boat fantasies.

I’m wearing something white and flowing, maxi-length and off the shoulder, looking wistfully off the Lido Deck at the moonlit ocean, all alone while my winged hair blows in the breeze. Isaac, Your Bartender, comes up to me placing a gentle hand on my bare shoulder to say that it’s okay, Mr. Right is out there somewhere. Maybe even…right here. Just then, a handsome guest star–perhaps Willie Aames or Patrick Duffy–appears out of the shadows. I run into his arms, passing Dr. Joyce Brothers along the way. We embrace.  Isaac, Your Bartender, nods to himself and smiles. The entire Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders squad runs past us, but we’re too lost in the moment to notice.

Or, you know. I’ll be chasing Princess Jasmine down for an autograph while my 4 year old tells me she has to pee.

I’ll let you know either way.

The Loooove Booaaaaat....



25 thoughts on “Can you keep a secret?”

  1. Have a blast! And tell me how it is – I’ve never been on a cruise either.

  2. Excellent! Surprises are the best… Cannot wait to hear how your girls reacted :). Have an amazing time.

  3. Have a lot of fun! Enjoy it! and tell us all about it!
    (Here’s more exclamation points in case you can’t find it on your keyboard!!!!)

  4. You will have a blast! I love cruises because, well, I’m lazy. I get to unpack once and still go to different places. And the food, oh the food…

  5. So. much. awesome. I cannot IMAGINE being a kid and getting this kind of amazing surprise from my mom! You are going to be Mother of the Year for the next decade at least.

  6. I had never been on a cruise ship OR to a Disney park, but my SO convinced me that a Disney cruise for her cousin’s 40th birthday would be a good time. And you know what, IT WAS. Those cruise ships have the efficiency and streamlined operations of a German watch with the warm fuzzy feelings of a five-star hotel that places a golden doodle puppy on every pillow. I am not a huge cruise ship person (turns out I like a little less scheduling), but I will do another one when we have kids, because damn, Disney knows how to make and keep them happy (and occupied).

  7. I have always said that if I ever do a cruise it will only be a Disney cruise!
    Can’t wait to hear all about it! Have fun!!!!!!!

  8. We forgive you for going on press junkets that involve Disney, Cruise Ships and small children who will think you are the most awesomest parents ever.

    As long as you promise to have a good time and not feel a shred of blogger guilt for ignoring us the entire time. And a full report when you return.

    But of course, that’s why you got the junket in the first place.

  9. Wow, you are good parents!! Smiled at the Love Boat photo! Brought back good memories. Have an awesome trip!

  10. When I saw the photo I nearly lost it. Hilarious post Tulie! Still laughing from “she recognizes me from Disney”. I really needed a good laugh about now. Thank you for your brilliant and never-ending wit and sense of humor!

  11. Wow! what a fabulous surprise for your kiddos! I’m going to have to remember to do something like that. We are horrible at keeping secrets too, but it had to be worth it to see their faces when you told them. Have fun!

  12. OMG! I love that you pulled this off as a surprise. What a great friggin’ surprise. They must have freaked out!

    You know, I think Raven Snook (Time Out Kids/Mommy Poppins) and her daughter Marlena are on that cruise. Our kids all go to the same school. If you guys are all swimming in the pool and fawning over Aurora, make sure you tell her Hi from me.

    And know that it’s freezing here in NYC and I’m seriously jealous.


  13. I went on a cruise once and, other than the sea sickness and constantly swaying, actually had a really good time. It’s like the Vegas strip on a boat! Although I’m sure (and hope!) your Disney cruise won’t be as Vegas-y lol.

  14. What a perfect time in fashion to cruise. Maxi dresses and all those fabulous Love Boat looks are so in, plus they all look great complimented by Mouse Ears.

    I’m sure you’ll let us know how it goes. We were within inches of booking a Disney Cruise, but I was afraid all I would do was cruise around eating Nachos 24/7 and i’d come back 30 pounds heavier. Let me know if theres something else to do besides eat.

    PS. I loved the LB reference I have such fond memories of watching re-runs with my brother who is 8 years older than me. It’s a bond we’ll always have.

    Have FUN!

  15. Can’t wait to see your photos on your exciting adventure! I haven’t gone to a cruise, and I can’t. Shhhh.. I’m afraid of waves!
    Have a safe trip!

  16. As much as I love cruises…they are not for everyone. My MIL went on her first this past year, and was infinitely frustrated because she kept getting lost. I’m sure New Yorkers will have no problem in this dept. 🙂

    I went on my first cruise…a Disney Cruise when I was 14. I was probably a little too old for the magic of Disney (I was soooo over it all). But the cruise part I loved. Since then, I’ve been on 7 more. We even cruised Tahiti for our honeymoon. It suits our vacation needs….I can lazy one day and climb a mountain the next. And no cooking, or even deciding where to eat. And if you want both desserts, get them. 🙂 It’s hard not to constantly eat…since food is available at almost every hour of the day.

    We’ve never taken our girls (and they are the same age as yours), but we will likely cruise Disney before we try others. The kid programs onboard Disney have got to be the best around. I hope the girls will go to the kid activities so you and Nate can have a little bit of time just the two of you.

    Have a great time! Can’t wait for the report…please include the girl’s reviews in their words…I loved their red carpet analysis.

  17. Greatest surprise ever.
    And I was 16 when Disneyworld happened to me.
    Just imagine for a 6 and 4 year old. OMG I’m so excited for them! Have fun!

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