We interrupt this work week with a howling dog.

In the spirit of laughter being some pretty decent medicine, and not requiring pre-approval from your insurance provider or a referral from a Primary Care Physican who can see you in about 9 months, I bring you my kids’ very favorite America’s Funniest Home Video finalist. I like to think of it as the Sam Kinison memorial dog.


It also reminds me, once again, that if you don’t like AVF you have no soul. Although I still don’t get Big Bang Theory.


19 thoughts on “We interrupt this work week with a howling dog.”

  1. You’re right, sounds just like Sam! Now we know for sure that reincarnation can happen. Hahahha!

  2. I hope AVF never goes away. It’s one of the few things my entire family loves to watch together. That, and Wipeout. Perhaps we have questionable tastes.

  3. Oh my, that is hysterically funny! I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

  4. OHmy. It took me a second to figure out it’s actually the DOG making that sound.
    Thanks for posting this! I, too, am now howling.

  5. Whoa. Can you even imagine how much this would freak out the neighbors?

  6. I think Cody may need a dog-orcist. I’ll grab the holy water.

    Ever since I saw your Tweet about not getting The Big Bang Theory I’ve been wracking my brains trying to think of a compelling reason why you should love it as much as I do…but I got nuttin. As much as I love it, I too don’t get Two and a Half Men, so I guess you either love it or you don’t. How’s that for brilliant logic?

    1. I get it, I get it!

      I don’t tend to like broad comedies so it may just be a genre thing for me. Hey, I’m in the minority with Arrested Development. If it were a HUGE HIT it would be in its 10th season or something.

  7. Sheesh, I just realized that last bit made absolutely no sense *note to self: proof read before you click post*. What I meant to say was, I love BBT but totally don’t get Two and a Half Men, even though they are written by the same dude, thus a) just because you love one Chuck Lorre comedy doesn’t mean you love them all and b) sometimes, just because everyone seems to love Chuck Lorre comedies, doesn’t mean that everyone loves Chuck Lorre comedies. I will fade into obscurity now…

  8. My kids love that video. We love AVF, you can’t go wrong with it really. I remember watching it as a kid with my mom and brother. Maybe even as young as Morgan is now. GAH! That’s scary. Either way, it’s a favorite in my house.

    I love Big Bang Theory. I do. It’s my funny go-to show. Well that and HIMYM. But all those real Housewives of Hogwarts, Bachelor or Biggest Looser? Do. Not. Get. It.

  9. Great video…I wasn’t aware that the sound came from the dog…LOL…

  10. That is MESSED. And awesome at the same time.
    Also, everyone keeps writing “AVF”–is it not “AFV”? 🙂

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