14 thoughts on “Internet Trolls of the World, We Salute You”

      1. Yes, except despite my last name, I can’t sing. I can juggle a soccer ball, but that doesn’t quite get the point across.

  1. Oh my God. This was definitely needed tonight and I laughed my butt off. Gotta share it too, now!

  2. That was fantastic. And I think I recognized the last guy in the videos from other people from Doctor Who?

  3. I’ll tell you what I learned the most from this fantabulous video–I really need to start using the word Twat more. (Hard “a”) It’s hilarious!

  4. My take away…cheery tune + retro 50’s costumes + British accent and I will love you. I almost didn’t care what they were singing about. WHAT they were singing about just made me love it more.

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