Why five year-olds are awesome. 1 in a series of 20 million.

Sage has been interested in the Titanic lately, having heard a little bit about it. While we tried to explain in the least scary terms possible what happened, and how it’s very unlikely to happen again, she was still curious. And so she asked my mom in her words what the problem was exactly.

“Well,” Grandma said, “back then, the Captains on ships didn’t have any instruments.”

“That’s not true,” said Sage. “I saw. He had a piano.”


12 thoughts on “Why five year-olds are awesome. 1 in a series of 20 million.”

  1. I just plain love it! Apparently the piano must have been out of tune or something because it completely missed warning anyone about that iceberg

  2. Sage=Genius.

    This is the kind of story I’d tell overandoverandover again. Because it’s perfect.

    1. And I write it so I can read it overandoveragain.
      Sometimes it’s nice to blog for your own memory’s sake.

  3. Man, if only someone had thought of throwing the piano at the iceberg, all those lives could have been saved! Hindsight is 20/20, I suppose.

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