Comments count. They can even save lives.

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This post is my contribution to the UN Foundation’s Shot @ Life Blog Relay for #blogust.  EVERY SINGLE COMMENT HERE raises $20 to help save the lives of children in need. I know you’re all awesome at commenting, so I hope you’ll read on!

UPDATE 8/8: now EVERY COMMENT ALL MONTH LONG will count towards $20. Even second comments, provided they’re fresh and new. Amazing!


Anyone who knows me knows I love blog comments. Above all, (and yeah, I’m biased) I love comments on this blog. More than Twitter conversations. More than Facebook threads, all of which will disappear somewhere forever one day.

But here, I adore our discussions with a fiery passion and I return to read them often. I mean, how many places on the internet can you find a breastfeeding/formula feeding discussion that never once gets nasty? (Pat yourselves on the back!)

Seeing the same names pop up over and over gives me as much of a thrill as those who admit to delurking for one reason or another. It makes me feel like we truly have a community here and I’m not just some crazy person shouting on a soapbox in the middle of Picadilly.

But I have to admit, there are few commenters I have extra special heart for. In fact, some of them have been here from the very beginning–for six (eep) plus years, offering support and guidance and dissent and tough love and of course, friendship. One of those women is Asha Dornfest.

asha dornfest

I started following her popular site Parenthacks almost as soon as I found the online parenting community. We met at our first Blogher Conference in 2006 (sniff, it’s our anniversary right now) and meeting her for the first time was like reuniting with an old friend.

A few months ago, I gave a presentation at Mom 2.0 called “All Hail the Commenters.” It was a 7 minute quickie on any topic I wanted, and I discussed how important commenting remains on blogs, especially in an age of fleeting social media. I’m remiss in how late I am posting the presentation here–I’ll do that soon–but in it, I described the archetypes of awesome commenters, from the Crazy but Harmless, to the Thoughtful Dissenter, to the Class Clown, to the Authentic Cheerleader.

Asha fell into that latter category.

Any time I see a comment from her appear here, my heart sings. I see her beautiful face in my head. I imagine her sitting at her computer, reading a post–maybe twice–and formulating her thoughts.

To be clear, I so appreciate any person who takes time away from kids and work and writing and Bravo marathons and other essential responsibilities to leave a comment on a blog and create discussion and meaning for the community. But knowing Asha personally, her husband and children and the details of her own busy life, just knowing that she’s been here, reading, thinking, and throwing a thought into the pool, brings me a special joy.

Most of all, because she herself has built an entire community that couldn’t thrive without comments–click over and you’ll find an entire database of tricks and tips culled from the wisdom of parents that write to her.

Comments and participation quite literally create her community. She has no blog without them.

It’s no surprise that this is her blog model. She’s one of the most giving, generous, open people you’ll ever meet. She’s among the first bloggers that I joined forces with years ago in an informal advisory board structure. We got on the phone once a month or so to offer advice, resources tips on opportunities, and general support. We all put one another’s ads on our blogs, too. Just because it seemed like a good thing to do. And at the time, her blog was the biggest and most popular of all.

That never seemed to matter to her. Asha is always there for those who need it. I channel her more days than she’ll ever know when I make decisions in my own life, and think about how to engage with people.

Read her column The Accidental Expert and you’ll see this is a woman who lives to give back. To me, that attitude is exactly what keeps this entire blogosphere thriving.

I feel fortunate to be among her many recipients.


Now here’s something really cool:

As it turns out, my Mom 2.0 presentation in some way inspired the thinking behind this Shot @ Life Relay–and that kind of blows me away. So I feel an extra obligation to make this effort successful.

a shot @ life

Please leave a comment: tell me about one person online who inspires you, or one commenter who always makes you happy–on your blog or elsewhere.  Because every person who comments means a $20 donation, which will immunize a child in need with 4 life-saving vaccines. Also, every person you acknowledge will feel super-special and happy and man, don’t we need more of that in the world these days?

You can leave a comment on the other posts as well. Check out yesterday’s wonderful post by  C.C. Chapman, whose portrait of Clarence Smith Jr. is fascinating. And tomorrow, I’m passing the baton to Amy Graff of Babycenter. Stop by. Leave a $20 comment. You can do it all month long. You will literally give a kid a shot at life.

Edited to add: thank you so so SO much for each and every comment here. For the ones that raised more than $4000 (!!!) yesterday, but even for the ones that don’t. Today you can head to Babycenter and leave a comment on Amy’s post for it to count towards fundraising; and you’re always welcome back here just to say hi or honor someone who inspires you.


415 thoughts on “Comments count. They can even save lives.”

  1. Cannot believe I am the first commenter 🙂

    My inspirational person of the day is 13 year old G, whose first wish, after extremely painful surgery and treatment for an acute complication, was “let’s get those nurses some pizza”. What a lovely, unselfish young man, who does his mama proud! (and no, he is not mine 😉 )

  2. It was Asha who introduced me to blogs too, and eventually inspired me to begin adding to my own, tiny corner of the blogosphere.

  3. I am always inspired by Karen Walrond + Kyran Pittman + so many others- often you my love! xoxox

  4. Thanks for participating in and having a hand in creating idea for Shot@Life. Sorry not a mother or parent. Richard Bryne -Free Technology for Teachers- is a person who inspires me with his sharing about tools for teachers.

    1. You don’t need to be a mother or a parent Bruce – just a human. It seems you qualify in spades. Thanks so much for participating.

  5. I have a constant commenter, beta reader, and Facebook friend named Kathy Epling who always brightens my day. We’ve never met in real life but bonded over BPAL perfumes back in 2004 or so. In addition to always offering support and encouragement, Kathy runs her own bookstore, Tiger Lily Books in Garberville, CA, where she provides outreach and free books to the local homeless community. It’s amazing, the people you meet online who always make you smile.

  6. I feel like a mother trying to decide between her children, picking just one commenter, but I have to say that Megan from Doing It Wrong has been inspiring me for years, and I always feel happy when I see she’s left me a comment. She’s one of those authentic cheerleaders like Asha, and her words have held me up more than once.

  7. I love comments as well, but I think that having a humour blog that is not nearly as funny as the Bloggess, means that I don’t get as many as I’d like. I’m getting around 10 spam per real comment, and I respond to every one. I think that Youngman Brown ( is my favourite commenter, only because I know that he doesn’t comment unless he means it, and he never sugar coats. If he doesn’t agree with my opinion, he makes sure that I know it. I guess it’s because he’s a stand up guy, and speaks out about how he feels, and what he believes in. I understand that my style of humour is crass, vile, and sometimes even rude(Notice I didn’t put “funny” in there?), and that some people don’t want to associate themselves with it, but he doesn’t mind, even though it’s not the style in which he writes. I guess I just admire the guy. Oh yeah, I ramble a lot.

  8. Well hello there,

    As I sit and read your post, so many faces came swimming through my brain. I write mostly about business and contribute to a variety of different business blogs, so my community, collectively, is different than yours, but still very much a part of my daily life, Liz. And, as you’ve experienced, a huge reason for my success. But as a result, I write about much less personal things than you or others tackle.

    Which led me to my conclusion: you, my friend, inspire me. From the moment we were lucky enough to both be speakers at Mom2.0, to getting to know you, discovering our mutual love of food and laughing about the life of a woman in advertising, especially when she’s managing to raise young children at the same time, how fun it’s been. I’ve enjoyed you offline and on, and reading your blog and the topics you tackle has been such a pleasure. So, there you have it. Your answer. Today, my friend, it’s you!

    And thank you, for all the inspiring moments. I’m sure there will be many more.


  9. B, from ‘stfu, parents’. Because sometimes we need perspective and laughs!

  10. Sadly no one ever comments on my blog..,I probably needed to attend blogher this week to figure out how to change that! However I do have lively conversations on Facebook, but agree that they get lost in the vortex of “timeline.” thanks for helping bring attention to the power of public (polite) discourse and for supporting Shot@Life. Comments do count! And in this case they have the power to save a life! That’s pretty cool, it’s Friday and we just changed the world!

  11. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help save a child’s life. Today, that makes you my blog-hero of the day.

  12. You Liz…but I’ll branch out too….

    Emilie at From her efforts towards running or triathlon goals to her great food and pictures of her gorgeous part of Maine. Being a girl from the coast, they inspire on so many levels. Thanks Emilie! She’s got a great collaborative project at Sparrow Mag too!

  13. Liz, I loved your 7 minutes about comments at Mom 2.0 and it left me ready to go home do it more. To be sure, I still read more than I comment, but I try to comment more often. I hope that you’re having a fab weekend at BlogHer!

  14. I’m new to blogher stuff, but love it already. So far I love mochamomma.

  15. Thank you for writing a blog and for recognizing and inspiring others! 🙂

  16. I don’t live in the world of blogs and can’t say I have one particular commenter that inspires me. What I can say is that I love the idea of the Shot @ Life Relay. And I will make a general comment about my daily visits to facebook: everyday there is some fact or news article from which I learn something; and everyday I am brought a bit of humor and entertainment; and today’s visit allowed me to help provide shots to kids. Pretty cool, I think!

      1. I am with Janet. Not a blogger or follower. I do follow your blog Liz out of ancient loyalty, and luckily great amusement. But any way I can help kids in need and not put on pants is aces with me! Go gettem bloggers!

  17. Anytime anyone makes a comment on my blog, I feel special. I especially liked when a friend or acquaintance can somehow relate to me on a new level because of something I shared or something I wrote…which is often much easier in the blogosphere. Here’s to saving lives!

  18. Liz Gumbinner a.k.a Mom101 was one of the first blogs I read , and had such an honest and inspiring voice( Integrity). Not a coincidence that I read this great post on the blog today :+)

  19. I respect my son, Ryan, and my husband, Alan, for giving me the strength and supporting me when I began my mission several years ago to educate about bacterial meningitis, after my older son died from a vaccine-preventable disease. The fruit of that support is the National Meningitis Association,

  20. My inspiration is a bloggermom named Christy Shake, who blogs at She has a son, named Calvin, who has severe epilepsy. She writes about her life raising Calvin with her husband Michael. She writes to raise awareness and money for epilepsy, a disease that kills over 150,000 people a year. Her writing gives me a new perspective, even if for a few moments. I return to her writing often – at least daily as she posts daily- and I am always taken aback by how her writing affects me. Powerful stuff.

    1. dear christina,
      i am truly flattered by your kind sentiments and i had no idea that my blog could affect someone i’d never met, so profoundly. you have made my day a better day, which is something i always hope for. i look forward to meeting you.
      much love,
      calvin’s mom

  21. What a marvelous bonus to have my comment do financial good for a cause!

    One commenter moment that pops to mind is when I wrote a post back on my original Babble blog about one of my kids being sick with something the doctor couldn’t figure out. I got lots of useful responses, but also a phone call from a reader in Ohio who started to type a comment and it got long, so she looked up the number of my violin store and just called me there to chat about how similar my daughter’s symptoms were to something her son had had.

    She wrote me afterward that it didn’t occur to her until later that from my point of view the phone call might have seemed stalker-ish. But in her mind it had seemed natural since she’d been reading my blog for years and felt she knew me. She forgot I didn’t know her. But that’s the beauty of a blog and comments. We do get to know each other. And I love that she felt like she could reach out when I needed help.

    (Also, while trying to avoid sounding like a sycophant, when you left comments on my new blog after I left Babble it gave me hope that my words might still reach people, and that I could survive out here without the massive platform I was used to. Thank you for that.)

  22. Hi Liz, I’m de-lurking to let you know YOU inspire me with your honesty and humour. When I first landed on your blog, I knew by your tagline (*I don’t know what I’m doing either*) that you were my kind of people 🙂 And I was right.

    I also admire The Bloggess – Jenny Lawson – not just for her gut-bursting hilariousness, but her bravery and honesty when discussing depression is beautiful. It allows other sufferers to feel they’re not alone – and to those who *don’t* suffer depression, she gives a much better understanding of it. She is all kinds of goodness.

  23. There are so many great blogs and though I don’t host my own, I found a kinship here that I desperately needed when my daughter was born. Amalah inspires me to try my damnest for my kid, but to still laugh when I am a complete nutball and to forgive myself when I mess up.

    1. We have a foundation that caters for people with special needs such as hearing impaired,mentally retarded, and physically challenged. The name this school is iseyin school for the special needs,oremoje iseyin,oyo state Nigeria west africa. We have sixty two disabled students in both primary and secondry,we needs your support to build our beffiting school structure with special facilities needed for these special students. We count most on your support to actualize this dream. May God help you.

  24. I don’t want to call out any one person but as a whole I find my Twitter community to be very supportive and inspiring.

  25. My heart sings every time I hear from @morningsidemom (Caroline) and @corinafiore (Corina). I know they always have my back.

  26. My grandfather is a huge inspiration to me. He showed me that as long as you’re passionate and work hard, any goal is attainable. When he died we got thousands of letters from former students, coworkers, loads of folks, telling us what a difference he made in their lives. I hope to leave a legacy he has!!

  27. I am happy to see my former BU students thriving online and in life.

  28. Oh, that’s too hard! I have some really great commenters on my blog! I love them all, even when they are disagreeing with something I’ve written. Maybe especially then, because that means I’m probably going to learn something, and learning about other ways of living and parenting maybe my favorite thing about being online. I feel like blogging and reading other people’s blogs has expanded my horizons and made me a more understanding, less judgmental person.

    Anyway- one person who inspired me… I guess I’ll go with Magda of AskMoxie, because her blog was the first one that made me feel like I wasn’t a complete failure as a mom just because I had this intense little baby who seemed to despise the idea of sleep. She built such a wonderful, supportive community- again, so much of the value is the comments!

      1. De-lurking for this post. I hope this reply to a comment counts. I wanted to put it here as Cloud is my blog inspiration, who I came across through Ask Moxie when up in the night with my first baby. I still have both blogs on my reader and have also added Mom101, Amalah and The Blogess as favourites. Having blogs to read has helped me alot in the first years as a parent and given me insights I probably wouldn’t have come across with out you all. So thank you.

  29. The comments I get from Amy Z. always make me laugh just when I need it. But I love all my commenters, of course!

  30. I love comments, and I try hard to comment often, because I know how important it is to me. And I love the. Things you do, Liz – your astute posts here are terrific and the useful Cool Mom sites you’ve set up are great.

  31. Honestly, you do. But to recognize someone else too- I find Ali Edwards’ art and stories such an I spiraling to create and to tell my story too.

  32. What an amazing opportunity, Liz. Thank you for allowing all of us to help!
    There are so many amazing folks out there, writing, sharing their lives, but right now I think that @mommywantsvodka (Becky Harks) wins at most inspirational in my world. Right now she is up to her eyeballs in stress & transition & she is still writing & supporting the community she built at @bandbacktogether . I am amazed by her efforts each & every day.

  33. One of my favorite bloggers is Arlene Goldbard. She is a friend in ‘real life’, and she is every bit as wonderful as her blog would indicate.

    the subtitle of her blog is “Here to get your hopes up”. Arlene is one of the smartest people I know, and one of the most creative in how she looks at the world.

  34. Those people who inspire us are so important. Where would we be without them? I scrolled through the calendar and that gave me a lot of other blogs to check out.

  35. I don’t have a blog but the blogs I read who inspire me most are @Mir from WouldaShoulda and Kim from Miss Zoot (@Zoot).

    Both are great mums who are doing the best for their kids while working hard to be better people and encouraging us all to do the same.

  36. The opportunity to help provide immunizations to children is reason enough to finally bring me out of lurkerdom, where I’ve been hiding on your blog for years, Liz. I love the community you’ve built here and I love reading your words that bring about such thought provoking conversations. You inspire me to be a more thoughtful thinker and a better parent.

    My little used blog doesn’t get many comments, but someone who I can count on as a cheerleader in other areas online is my friend Erika. We met on a message board about fashion & beauty about 10 years ago. She always has a sunny outlook, kind words and sage advice, whether on that same message board turned close knit group of friends, or Facebook, or Twitter. It has been an inspiration to follow her recent life changes at her blog- . And thanks to you, Liz, for reminding me that it’s important to show my support to my friend by leaving comments on her posts.

  37. what an awesome opportunity here 🙂 i find that the discussions in the comments of this very blog are the ones that most often cause me to *ahem* lose track of time and procrastinate on other responsibilities. kudos to you for creating such a wonderful community. i’ve also always been a huge fan of allie brosh of hyperbole and a half. i’ve been missing her updates lately (although she has plenty of good reasons for taking a break currently), but that doesn’t stop me from re-reading old favorites of hers and laughing until i cry.

  38. Myrdin Thompson, one of the original 2012 Shot@Life champions, never fails to make me happy with her status updates and incredible passion for advocating for kids that comes out in her blog. And her pictures of hats and cats. And Benedict Cumberbatch. But mostly saving kids lives. I wonder if she’ll read this. Did I beat her to the relay this AM?

    Hey, thank you Mom-101 for inspiring the Blogust idea. I’d never heard of a blog relay and definitely not one that saves so many chidren’s lives!!

  39. I’m more of a blog stalker than a commenter, but I love reading all different types of blogs – from “mom” blogs (even though I don’t have kids yet!), to entertainment blogs, to decorating blogs, etc. I appreciate the perspectives from all different walks of life and I know I learn so much more from all of you than I would if I didn’t take the time to branch out. Thank you for your wise, witty words!

  40. I took my family to work in an AIDS program in S Africa 5 years ago. We became great friends with one of the guys who ran the program. Shortly after we returned he died of chicken pox. Chicken pox! A disease for which there has been am immunization for years. You are doing a great thing.

    1. What a sad, and perfect example of why this is important. I’m sorry to hear about your friend.

  41. I love your blog for your thoughtful, balanced, beautifully written posts, and I never miss Rebecca Wolfe’s gorgeous photos and honest, touching posts at Girl’s Gone Child. Also a shout out to Mastin Kipp at The Daily Love for his wisdom and inspiration.

    1. What Stephanie said.

      Love your blog, feel like you hung the blog-moon, seriously, love Rebecca’s blog too.

      Also, is it weird that I love seeing your mom and dad comment on your blog? Because I do. It’s that whole full circle thing. They’re thoughtful and supportive and insightful, just like you.

      Folks read my blog, but my mom always comments. And I love that.

      Thanks for the opportunity to do something good today!

    2. What Stephanie said.

      Love your blog, feel like you hung the blog-moon, seriously, love Rebecca’s blog too.

      Also, is it weird that I love seeing your mom and dad comment on your blog? Because I do. It’s that whole full circle thing. They’re thoughtful and supportive and insightful, just like you.

      Folks read my blog, but my mom always comments. And I love that.

      Thanks for the opportunity to do something good today!!

      1. Aw thanks Kelley, I love seeing them too! I so love that you mentioned that. I’d write about them here, but you know. They get enough pen here.

  42. A woman named Kate has been commenting on my site forever. I don’t get that many commenters, which is hard sometimes, and Kate always seemed to pop in at just the right time, just when I was most discouraged. Then, one day, she emailed me a question about her preschool daughter’s snack. When her email came in, I got it: I was actually helping this person, she really sees me as a resource. It was the most amazing thing and snapped me out of seeing commenters as ego reinforcement or a sign of blog growth or something like that. I started the blog to support healthier habits and here I was, really doing it! Kate and I have since gone back and forth about feeding while traveling and a few other things. I think that maybe I make a difference in her life and she makes one in mine, too. It makes it all worthwhile, even when nobody comments. I heart Kate! And also this initiative—very cool.

  43. Elaine Jack is so inspirational!! Thanks for being an inspiration for Shot @ life. Every child deserves a chance to live healthy.

  44. Not a mother here, but one person who inspires me in an online community is Karl N., a husband, father, inventor, tech wizard and cat lover. I’ve met him in real life, and his manner is a bit abrupt and taciturn, but his online postings have let me know the bigness of his heart, always ready to help others whenever he can. He has helped me by providing bits of advice and knowledge and by giving me real assistance when I was at my wits’ end. Every word he writes is worth reading.

    Thank you for participating in this wonderful effort!!

  45. Sometime I still want to see that presentation you did about comments, because apparently I was in it. I am so glad this one is helping someone get immunized!

    My mom grew up during the Depression, and she tells me about living with her nephew who had whooping cough (before an immunization existed). You can tell it was a really tough and heartbreaking time for all of them – listening to a toddler suffer with a horrible endless cough. So yay for healthy kids.

  46. YOU inspire me! You always make me feel like I have a tribe out there and you make me laugh, cry, think, shout, dance, write, share and…..comment! So thank you for all the gems you have handed us!

  47. I am also a “lurker” from way back. All kinds of blogs, though I rarely comment , mostly because of my own self esteem issues, but that’s neither here nor there. I do think this is a TERRIFIC cause and so here I am, commenting. Thanks for supporting this!

  48. I love coming here and reading you Liz along with Karen
    of Chookooloonks. I also enjoy reading Donna Boucher of Quiet Life. When I visit these sites I feel like I’m visiting friends!

  49. Asha is such an amazing person! As for commenters, anyone who takes time out of their busy day to leave a comment is my favorite commenter. Even the simplest of comments means so much!

  50. Love Asha. Love you, Liz. You have inspired me in ways I cannot even begin to list. And I love all of the dialog, conversation, debates and engagement in this community. xo

  51. Thanx for a nice piece for the blogust, and such a nice ‘fun-fact’ that your Mom 2.0 speech was the reason behind it all!

    The most inspirational person I’ve met was sort of a sad but happy story. A little girl on a day-care center in Nepal was unfortunate not to be ‘good enough’ for school. She had what we call a learning disability, and in my part of the world that simply means you might struggle in school, or you might be lucky enough to get extra and adapted tutoring. She was not that fortunate, and she ended up in a facility where her potential outcome was much lower than what could be given under other circumstances.

    This all sounds rather sad, however, the love and the passion within this local society of hers was overwhelming. I have yet to see this another place. Children and teenagers with anything from learning-disabilities, downs syndrome and CP, loving each other, welcoming strangers. This truly sticks with me, and I will remember her and her friends forever. 🙂

  52. a new friend came to me on facebook. her name is elizabeth aquino. she told me that she thinks we are kindred spirits and often leaves thoughtful comments on my blog that bring a smile to my face every time. we share in common children who suffer from intractable epilepsy and its scourge of seizures and anticonvulsant drug side effects. she always validates my feelings whether they are of anger, cynicism, frustration or worry. she also writes a daily blog called ‘a moon worn as if it were a shell’ at
    and i often get lost in her provocative, often funny, musings.
    thank you for the gift of you, elizabeth. much love, christy

  53. My most frequent commenter and inspiration is GoonSquadSarah. I totally stalked her at a conference before finding someone who could introduce us. Anything good that’s happened to me via the internet and blogging can be traced back to meeting Sarah. Thanks for giving me a place to say it out loud, and for the great thing you are doing for shot @ life.

  54. I love reading Cool Mom Picks posts that not only give me great ideas for my own life and kids, but make me realize that someone else is facing the same situations that I am in life. They make my life easier and I enjoy my family more with her tips that come with a dose of happy laughs.

  55. Who am Inspired by? I’m pretty big fan of Andy’s and Amy at because they are fun, real, but also care about important stuff in addition to wonderful YA books! And I’m so down w/her providing vacancies!

  56. What an honor to be able to participate in this campaign just by commenting! I am inspired by so many people every day, it is impossible to narrow it down to just one!

  57. The person who inspires me most on the internet (right now) is Design Mom. The pictures are always gorgeous and who doesn’t love the idea of picking up and moving the whole family to France for two years?

  58. The Yarn Harlot ( inspires me. A Canadian knitter with great insights on parenting & she is currently doing the Friends for Life Bike Rally, which raises money for people with AIDS.

    Thanks & good luck 🙂

  59. My biggest cheerleaders are my sister, my mother in law and my friend E. I can go to them with little things, with big things, with sometimes nothing and I get support, advice, cheerleading, shoulders to cry on, and when I need it, help. They are awesome.

  60. You are, without a doubt, my blog inspiration. You touch on so many topics in a comical, thoughtful, and non-invasive way. You clearly have an opinion but find a way to let your readers know that it’s YOUR opinion and not the way everyone else should think too.
    As a new, adoptive, working mom, the world of parenthood is wonderful but equally overwhelming. It is so important to me to raise a happy kid, while also making sure my little girl grows up to be a good human being who is kind and generous and sweeter than her overly sarcastic mother. 😉
    Every day I am thoughtful about my words and actions now that I am a role model for the little person I have the honor of raising. Your blog certainly helps me think about things I wouldn’t normally consider and the levity you deliver with your comments is most appreciated.
    Thank you!

  61. I am trying to comment more, rather than just reading and leaving. One blogger, one mother, one awesome woman that I always read, and who always inspires me is the amazing Kim Holmes at Miss Zoot. She has a way of so thoughtfully tackling controversial issues, from the Chick-Fil-A madness to Being Nice On The Internet. She blogs almost every day! And she does this while raising three gorgeous children and occasionally jumping off of buildings AND training for a 50 MILE ULTRAMARATHON. She always swears she’s nothing special. But she is.

  62. I do love Asha. I remember sitting with her (and you, and a half dozen others) at BlogHer06 and feeling so happy that I’d connected with such amazing women. Asha in particular has been so consistently thoughtful and inspiring over the years. It’s been too long since I’ve seen her!

    And I love this initiative and the way it’s being executed. Warm hearts, healthy kids, win for all!

  63. Amalah always brightens my day–her combination of humor and caring is a perfect match for me. But really, these three are my favorite parenting sites: Mom 101, Parent Hacks and Amalah–a great combination. 🙂

  64. My roommates constantly inspire me to be a better person – their joy, giving personalities and positive attitudes just shine every day! I thank them for their enthusiasm for life, and how it impacts me daily 🙂

  65. Great post!
    Thanks to for letting people know about a great cause. Easiest way to help ever !

  66. Who inspires me? Amber Naslund of Brass Tack Thinking. She wrote a blog post 2+ years ago about how it’s easy to feel overlooked today, but you never know who you might be inspiring, even if no comments appear. I dashed off an email to her about how that was PRECISELY how I was feeling that day and told her why. Her thoughtful reply fired me back up. Now I try to never miss a single of her posts and love having her reading and commenting on mine.

    Lovely cause, Liz. And I was one of the fortunate ones to hear your Comments talk at Mom 2.0. Truly inspired.

  67. The children, whom these comments are helping, are an inspiration to me!

  68. As you probably know, Liz, I’ve never been speechless in the comments before. But this time I am. “Honored” is the wrong word for how I feel, because this isn’t some award being bestowed. This is so very much more. I can’t properly explain how grateful I am for our friendship. For that 10-minute bus-ride to and from somewhere at BlogHer 2006 when it dawned on me that you are a soulmate. And for all the writings and comments back and forth over the years. We’ve even “talked” in other peoples’ comment sections! Thank you, thank you. For this post, for this blog, for everything you do to lift and enrich this community, for your shining intelligence and humor, for everything.

    I have three commenters who have been with me since the beginning: Jill, Sara, and Adrienne. (Jill left a comment on this post!) We have been talking about parenting for the last six years. I met Sara at SXSW in 2007, but have never met Jill and Adrienne, but it doesn’t matter at all. Their willingness to be a part of this ongoing dialogue…to offer their time and wisdom and warmth…it just sums up everything I love about blogging as opposed to straight writing. My husband, Rael, is flying to a conf in Indiana in a couple of weeks, and he’ll get to meet Adrienne and her husband there…turns out THEY have plenty in common, too. Isn’t that amazing?

    I know a lot gets said about Internet “meanness,” but the majority of my experience has been the opposite. Blogging confirms my faith in people’s essential generosity and desire to help and connect. Sure, there are some duds, but they are blips on the curve that are more aberration than pattern. They can safely be ignored.

    You’ve changed my life, Liz. It’s not too much to say that.

  69. What a way to make a difference. I feel really good about myself now! My absolute favourite blogger out there has to be Katy Jones, over at Her posts always make me smile.

  70. What a great profile of an amazing woman.

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting her in Washington, DC as she is working with the #ONEMoms initiative. She is indeed a special person.

    I’m proud that I get to take part in such a great initiative beside so many smart and awesome people like yourself.

    Way to carry the relay forward. I love the good we are doing in the world.

  71. Beautiful post. Thank you for supporting Shot@Life. This is an amazing program <3

  72. I’d say that I return regularly to and Mir’s writing. Her honesty and perspective, plus the incredible support and thoughtful comments.

  73. I am a family child care provider and I am inspired everyday by the children I care for. They bring an amazingly pure love for fun into my life everyday. It is my job to help them find fun in everyday tasks such as cleaning and learning about the world around them. These children inspire me to create games, songs, and experiences that will in turn inspire them to learn about something new. Blogust has inspired me to be more of a commenter, as I usually only read and take it or leave it, only commenting if I feel very strongly about something. I feel very strongly about getting these kids the shots they need and I am hoping all of these comments will get me to a point where I feel more comfortable and confident commenting on all the wonderful mommy and teacher blogs I follow. Thank you!

  74. Your blog posts are always fun, funny, witty, meaningful, poignant, useful or all of the above, Liz! Thank you!!

  75. It would have to be my daughters. Each of them blog at various points in their lives and those blogs have provided me with insight into their experiences that is somewhat different than our conversations about the same experiences.

  76. What an inspirational idea. Can I cheat and say that all of you brave “mommy bloggers” inspire me? Being a Mom is a messy, exhausting, beautiful job and I am so amazed at your ability to put into words what all of us so often experience, and to do so in such a humorous, thoughtful, and passionate way. Technology so often gives us a barrier to hide behind, but your blog, and so many others, gives us the opportunity to connect and realize that, no matter how different we are, we are all sharing a similar journey. Thank you for the opportunity to connect and make a difference!

  77. It is so appropriate that your 7 minutes at mom 2 inspired this…

    I am always inspired by Samantha Ettus and her gentle and kind way of encouraging moms/women to shoot for the stars.

  78. If I say you, will you just think I’m being a suck up? It is true. It’s why I’m still here reading six years later. You are one of the most real, honest, influential people in this crazy blog world. You do it all with integrity. Something which I think is lacking in a lot of places. I always know when I click over here that if you say something, you mean it. You aren’t doing it for drama or clicks.

    Another is Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things. She makes me want to be more creative and live more in the moment each time she posts. I’ll be honest and say that reading her each morning helps me remember that small things count. My kids don’t need a circus act to have a good time.

  79. I was totally at Mom 2.0 this year and I think about your presentation ALL the time! I just remember sitting there saying “Amen!” in my head the whole time. Great job!

  80. One of my best friends, Laura (who goes by as Lorelei – my nickname for her) can always be counted on to read my blog and add encouraging comments. She supported me in starting a blog to begin with. I always know that my words are heard because of her.

    Oh, and Twitter won’t disappear into oblivion. The Library of Congress is archiving EVERYTHING that gets tweeted, by everyone:

  81. Finally delurking to comment…I have been reading for over 4 years, since I discovered Cool Mom Picks when I was first pregnant.

    My sister inspires me the most out of anyone I have ever met. She died in 2007 and was the most selfless person I know.

    Side note–the conversation in comments on your breast feeding post are incredible. What an amazing group. I just had baby #3 and I have a lot of thoughts about it all but can’t articulate it very well right now. I thoroughly enjoyed reading though.

  82. What an incredible project to be involved in. If I had to choose one person that inspires me, it would be my mom. We haven’t always had the easiest time getting along, but after a health scare last year that really shook up our family, her and I’s relationship has really become something great. Its still not always easy and sometimes I have to remind myself to take a breath and let it pass (as, I’m sure, does she), but coming face-to-face with the realization that I could lose her really put things into perspective. Life can change in an instant, and I don’t want to be faced with regrets if and when that happens. This is my first Blogust post, and I think its pretty great that I got to write it for my mom.

  83. Sometimes you need something that simply entertains and helps you escape for a few minutes every day. But you want something smarter than “Everybody Loves Raymond.” (Actually, does anybody even like Raymond?) I go to author Kathy Hepinstall’s blog. She began it by making fun of her mom, telling people her digitally ignorant mom hadn’t found the blog yet. (She eventually did.)

    It’s probably the smartest, most funny writing you will read every day she posts. Funny though (but not ha-ha funny), all of her brilliant novels are dark and sad.

  84. I don’t have a blog so no commenters but the person whose posts I always find inspiring (even though I could never live her life and we have very little in common other than being female and human) is Soulemama. He posts always make me stop and appreciate the little details in life which is a wonderful perspective to have. And of course one that I seem to neglect on daily basis.

  85. I have two dear friends whom I can always count on for encouraging kind comments, but the time when comments meant the most to me was just after the loss of an unborn son. Through the grief and devastation their words were like a beacon of light pulling me through that dark time. Sometimes though I am a little intimidated about commenting on big blogs because mine consists of simple personal posts of my life and only has a handful of followers. But I think I will start doing it more often 🙂

    Thank you for doing this for Shot@life!

  86. 10 months into motherhood, I think I’d be lost without my online community of mom friends — especially Erin at, Sarah at, and Jen at Love those gals!

  87. Coni Rich, the Spinster Stitcher, inspires me with her talent and humor!

  88. I am a blogging newbie but can attest that comments do wonders. Lady Estrogen was the first person to comment on my blog on a post about gyro meat, of all things, and it was just what I needed that day. It also encouraged me to comment more on other posts and share the love. Hooray for the shot at life campaign – love it.

  89. I have a 76 yr old fb friend who I have only met in person one time. We came to be friends due to a shared love of a country singer. She has been thru some truly hard times in her life but everyday she thanks God for giving her another day. Her always cheerful outlook on life makes me count my blessings and stop my whining. She is truly an inspiration every day.

  90. I am new to the blogging community, but have found myself so inspired by the writers of Grown and Flown They write about the joys and tribulations of raising older children and have such insight into the “after baby” years. My oldest is 17 years old, and my youngest is 1, and everything these amazing ladies write about, inspires to be a better mother to all my children. This is an amazing blog that is a must read to every mom, no matter how old your kids are!

  91. I just discovered this opportunity to support Shot@Life over at Uppercase Woman by Cecily Kellogg, who I’ve followed over the past 5 years. What a wonderful idea! I also follow among others Time Goes By by Ronni Bennett, an excellent website for those of us who are elders!

  92. My favorite and most inspiring commentor is my mom. She is my most devoted follower and I love having a conversation with her through my blog as well as in person and on the phone.

  93. I’m always inspired by the community that exists within my Twitter feed. I don’t participate in it daily, but the support and help that is there when needed is amazing. All from a group of virtual “strangers”!

    Oh, and the community that sprung up around Matt Logelin… so inspiring.

  94. I am definitely more of a blog lurker, not commenter, but coming out of the woodwork is important to raise money for Shot@Life, which is an amazing cause! We take it for granted that vaccines are easy to access in the States… when they can literally mean life or death in a developing country.

    Also, I am inspired by two bloggers, Joanna at Cup of Jo and Gaby at DesignMom — both who speak candidly and thoughtfully about life as a woman and a mom. Awesome!

  95. A great reminder that comment threads can be about more than trolling. Thank you. 🙂

  96. Great way to get the word out about the need for immunizations in developing countries. I don’t get a lot of comments on my blog – yet – but when I do I appreciate the dialogue that the comments prompt and the ideas that the comments give me.

  97. One of the most inspirational blogs I have ever read is that of Avery Canahuati’s parents. For anyone who doesn’t know, she is the little baby who recently lost the battle with SMA. Her parents and family maintained a blog written as if from Avery’s perspective until the day she died, and now they continue to reach people to raise awareness about this disease. It is inspiring to think that, even as they were/are dealing with such a heart-wrenching time in their lives, they refuse to give up on other families who may be dealing with this disease.

  98. I found this blogathon on Twitter and think it’s a fantastic idea! I shall tweet a link every day for no child should be without.
    Blogging has helped me immensely through my recent personal struggles and continues to do so on a daily basis. To pick out one would be like a parent picking a favourite child. There is nothing like reading a comment that means you have touched another. I had some heart felt comments through Pippa@storyofmum last night that will stay with me…
    Hope you have a hundred more comments!!

  99. I love reading Emily Freeman’s site, Chatting at the Sky. Its a breath of fresh air. I also love this cause. Brilliant.

  100. Tracey Gaughran-Perez at !!!! Everything she writes resonates, even moreso now that our lives have taken similar trajectories (divorce, single parenting, new amazing boyfriend, etc.). Now I’m feeling guilty that I don’t comment over there as often as I should **coughevercough**. I’m gonna go tell her about this! Awww!
    Also…you! Since we were 12 🙂 xo

  101. Love Parent Hacks, Asha Dornfest is amazing!! I think the person that inspires me most is my sister, she may not leave me tons of comments but our 10 calls (minimum) per day keep me inspired, motivated, challenged, humbled and above all loved!

  102. I most admire a friend who lost a child to SIDS, was open with the pain and recovery, and just had her fourth (!) child. She lost the second one, so to have two more after that takes faith and optimism that I can’t even fathom.

  103. One commenter who inspires me is Ugochi – she is so inspirational and uplifting – I am so glad we found each other’s blogs!!

  104. Suzanne from was my first internet friend, and I’m always still happy to see her name appear in my comments.

  105. This is such a great initiative. Thank you for giving us all this opportunity.

    The commenting community on my own blog is quite small, but I’m hopeful it will grow. I get a lot more reaction on Facebook. I know this might sound trite, but I sincerely appreciate each time someone makes a pont of offering feedback.

    I look to your blog and @herbadmother as particularly great examples of the community I hope to build.

    In real life, no one’s opinion matters more to me than that of my sisters’. One sister doesn’t comment on my blog, but she’ll call to let me know what she thinks – and to tell me when I’m too preachy! If they didn’t believe in what I was doing I would have given up a long time ago.

  106. I have a “friend” on a listserv for other pediatricians who is also a FB friend who is a solo pediatrician in Tx..she’s the town kids doc, her husband is the town surgeon…i live vicariously through her (i’m a suburban pediatrician doc with 10 partners) and love her smart comments…we’ve never met, but I can’t wait to meet her someday! As a pediatrician, thank you for helping other kids!! Now, I’m off to read your friend’s blog…

  107. Great initiative. Ted Rubin is definitely inspires me. Got me to stop in my tracks on an uber-busy day and check this out, comment, and share with my friends. And so happy that I did, think it’s marvelous.

    – and wow and Shelly Kramer’s comment was so touching as well!


    Paul Farkas, Co-Founder/CEO, Shoe Fashion Week

  108. Emily McKhann and Cooper Munroe never cease to amaze and inspire me. I first “met” them through a comment I left on their blog “Been There,” which led Cooper to comment on my blog (which I don’t update nearly enough). In the years since then, they’ve opened my eyes to the ways mothers can make a better world for their children, and for everyone else’s. I’ll be forever in their debt.

  109. Patience Salgado has kindness seeping out of her pores. Her creative ideas on how to engage communities (including children) in random acts of kindness are simply brilliant. Every time I read her blog or Facebook page, I wonder what would happen if everyone in the world practiced what she calls “Guerrilla Goodness.”
    If you like that, you must check out her magic wand project.
    Patience is truly bringing joy to the world.

  110. Being able to read the opinions of experts on their blogs (a la Krugman) makes the internet amazing, IMHO.

  111. I’m inspired by so many people online – it’s difficult to choose just one! But since he inspired me to check out this blog and to comment, I must say @TedRubin.

  112. Thank you for all that you do. I read a lot of websites and blogs for work, and yours is one I come back to regularly for personal reasons. You make our world a better place.

  113. Well, I could never understand why anyone would waste her time writing something on her computer that might never be read. I spend a great deal of time writing on my computer–time that might better be spent on my law school studies–but that’s emailing real people I know, not the specter of persons unknown. It’s like my son’s posting on Facebook where he’s eating dinner; who cares?

    As for inspiration, I’ve been blessed and humbled to have been told by so many people since my first cancer diagnosis (November of 1996) what an inspiration I am to them by my positive attitude. As I’ve commented in that context, how could I have any other attitude in light of how incredibly gracious God has been to me through it all–first my two actual cancer adventures and this summer through one (thus far) of two pre-emptive surgeries; I learned in June that I have a gene mutation that can cause certain kinds of cancers, so I elected to part with the at-risk body parts. I was thrilled to be able to schedule both surgeries between summer school and my fall semester and get it all out of the way right away–before cancer had a third stab at taking me, as it took my mother, of blessed memory, pursuant to her third cancer. If anyone reads this, and if you are Jewish, Icelandic, Dutch, or Norwegian, and if there has been any breast or ovarian cancer in your family–especially before age 45–PLEASE Google “BRCA” and learn about the mutation so that, if you are a good candidate for the blood test, you may get it and act on any positive result before it is too late.

    1. Well, I think writers write because they can’t not write. At least that’s how I feel. I think it’s perfectly human to want to connect, to hope that someone hears them–even if we’re not connecting in person face to face. There is a great joy in knowing that someone–even one person–is reading, and maybe touched or moved herself.

      I wish you the best of luck with your health Melanie. Thanks for sharing information about BRCA with us, and stay well.

  114. I’m going to have to say Gail Barnes … social media director for Moonalice, VP of Technology and Packaging at the Innovation Center for the US Dairy, CEO of Personify, and more … this multilingual connector extraordinaire has a big heart and enough energy to power a large city!!! All this in a tiny package dominated by an amazing smile!

  115. I am like you and any commenter is welcome however… one bloggy friend always makes my day!! Tammy from Tammy’s Two Cents is awesome. She is a great mentor and friend!!

  116. As a Dad to a wonderfully inspiring 10 yr old girl, who teaches me something new everday, I’m glad to help out children in need via Shot@Life by the simple act of commenting.

    Good luck and Happy Blogust!

  117. I love how you advocate for comments! Your 7 minutes at Mom 2.0 stuck with me. As I have started my blog, I have had the beautiful Amy Graff as my chearleader. She lifts me up and encourages me to keep moving forward on a regular basis. I recieved the same advise from Asha as well, after only our first time together. And that Karen Walrond keeps me motivated! Positive comments lift people up–and I love that this comment will also give a child a Shot@being a compassionate voice for the world. Let’s keep the comments rolling……….

  118. I love comments too, but I am new to blogging and don’t get many! I love to be able to help though, and it will be great to see so many blogs I have never seen before!

  119. I love it when I stumble upon Korinthia Klein in the comments. She is a blogger I love and a woman with good sense. She also always takes time to read my little ol blog, and she adores my children who she has never met. (And I adore hers as well!)

  120. Our youngest son (Peter) always inspires me with his ability to put others first. He has contributed his time to volunteer in church and charitable events. Still remember when he was eight, and we sent him with a friend to a football game . He took the money we gave him for a hot dog/ chips and gave it to a homeless man playing music outside the stadium. Our friends were touched by this generous impulse and made good on his missing lunch!

  121. How cool that you guys have been friends for so long and that you both inspire people to be thoughtful. I can’t wait to hear more about comments as currency! I am really starting to like comments from outside the US, commenters who share subtle differences/similarities. My kids will probably never understand how much help I had being their mom!

  122. So many bloggers inspire me for different reasons. Liz, you are definitely one with your honest and respectful commentary on parenting/mommy wars/hot button topic of the moment. I also love GGC for her absolutely beautiful portrayal of family life.


  123. My husband inspires me every single day. I’m thrilled to be married to him.

    And Martha Beck.

  124. Although I’ve been in the social media and blogging world for several years, it has always been from a small business and corporate perspective. The only time I had to read I’d use it to read online magazines written by a variety of bloggers. It hasn’t been until recently, maybe a couple of months, that I’ve been able to really read and engage with bloggers. At the moment, I can’t point my finger to just one blogger… I’m getting a much needed inspiration from several new findings. Many of them have been stopping by my blog to share their insights and experiences and for this, I’m grateful.

  125. Ashley Judd= complete inspiration. I am in awe of her ability to get out important messages, accurate facts, and take the punches thrown her way by replying with evidence based facts! She displays such grace under fire and does not back down on causes or issues she believes in.

  126. Thanks for belonging to the “Shot@Life” team!

    There are many folks who inspire me, I’m pleased to say. Today, I’d like to mention my brilliant friend Allison H. (She introduced me to the Blogust idea.)

    The quality I most admire about this friend is her ability to be both caring and outspoken. She is fierce in her well-reasoned opinions, and unafraid to confront inaccuracy. But she’s also a trusted confidante with an enormous heart. She’s a scientist and a deeply spiritual woman.

    Allison has recently co-authored a book, compiling the best scientific research about vaccinations, and it is available this month. I recommend “Your Baby’s Best Shot” to anyone confused about the right thing to do.

    I’m glad she’s in my life. (And I wish I could see her face if/when she reads my comment here.)


  127. Great post. I would like to highlight someone who inspires me online and offline – whose dreams for girls in leadership are big. I would have to name Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg (@wanjirukr ) founder of Akili Dada – a sisterhood of mentorship, leadership development and scholarship who works every day to inspire the next generation of African women at the decisionmaking table.

  128. A beautiful campaign collective. Pardon my brevity, but this is the easiest $20 I’ve EVER helped raise, for a worthy cause. Thank You for what You are doing!

  129. I don’t have a “favorite” commenter, but there is a special spot in my heart for those who comment regularly because they just enjoy being a part of the conversation.

  130. Thanks for the reminder of how important comments are on blogs. They make the blogging world stay real and authentic. They also can give children a shot @ life. Thanks for letting me be a part of that in a small way.

  131. My inspiration is Lyssa S. Along with being an amazing teacher, she is an avid blogger promoting reading and Shot at Life. Her passion is contagious and she is the reason I found your blog. We heart u Mrs. S.!

  132. Without question, Linda at is the most inspirational blogger – parent or otherwise – who I read.

    She doesn’t have a glamorous life list or a crazily whimsical job. Her vision for her life is very different from mine, but the way she thinks about and acts on her next steps over time is really encouraging to me, just because it’s so real. She has made thoughtful, significant choices and changes that I think many people can relate to: about family, wellness, career, location, and work-life-love balancing.

    She’s also a stellar writer: profanely hilarious in one post, throat-lumpingly reflective in the next. I … should probably actually comment on her blog more than once every couple of years.

  133. My grandma is inspirational to me. She’s hardworking, loving, and generous. She is 86 years old now and still politically active. A true role model for me!

  134. I am stunned by my friend Cheryl’s lovely tribute above, and have tears in my eyes at her kind and undeserved words. Thank you, Cheryl.

    I have SO MANY people who inspire me online that it’s difficult to pick one. Doing so would be a disservice to the hard work, love, compassion, support, and good fights that are going on all over the Internet. If I must pick, I will pick a group – all of the cyberwarriors fighting the vaccine misinformation out there. All the bloggers, all the commenters, all the Facebook pages designed to educate parents with the real science of vaccines – you are all my inspiration. You never give up in the face of constant opposition.

  135. I don’t blog myself, but I like to read some, and I really appreciate that you’re taking part in the relay! Such a good cause and it’s so easy to leave a comment every day.

  136. Marta Darby of My Big Fat Cuban Family is my inspiration. Don’t know how she can be so multi talented, keep her wits and be witty all at the same time but she does. She also mixes Cuban history and Cuban food in her blogs- right there ya know you’ve got a winner!


  137. I have been so inspired by Mir at Woulda Coulda Shoulda. Her journey with her daughter has made me look at what is important in my life. I cheer for her every day!

  138. One of the many online people who inspires me is Magda Pescyne (sp?) of AskMoxie. She developed a wise community of parents who dispense sound advice, are level-headed and respectful of different points of view, and who share their experiences for the benefit of others.

    What I find really inspiring about her is her reinvention over the past few years. She got divorced, went through mediation, settled custody, started a blog with her ex, started a new career, moved to Ann Arbor and is working on her MBA. Amazing, to me.

    No, I’ve never met her.

  139. I just have to second everything you’ve said here about Asha. One of my favorite people to hear from. Anywhere, anytime. So grateful to you for introducing us. 🙂

    1. And grateful to YOU Kyran, for all you do, and for helping to promote this program. I really do love thinking of you and Asha together. If only I were there too.

  140. As a long-term fan of Parent Hacks, I completely agree that Asha is wonderful.

    I’ve met other wonderful folks on Parent Hacks including Jenni & Jeremiah McNichols of Z Recommends ( and Homa Woodrum of Oh Mah Deehness (

    While sometimes the Internet brings aggravation (“Someone is wrong on the Internet!”, it far more often brings me hope, inspiration, and an even larger sense of community.

  141. I love the fashion back and forth I have with @glamamom she makes the world a more fashionable and fabulous place. Shoes, glosses and bags…she’s my go-to gal for chic commentary. Cheers Liz for this great program.

  142. I like just about any comment I get. My favorite, I have to admit though, is when my dad comments. Because he can just call me on the phone and tell ME alone what he thinks about what I wrote, but that he’ll do it in a public place (in front of my 10s of readers!) is pretty cool for me.

    I’m inspired by my local network of social media tweeps and bloggers. Pittsburgh does good social media, and I love interacting with people IRL as well as online.

    1. I feel the same way, Red Pen Mama! It almost makes up for the times our parents embarrassed us in public places (ha)

  143. Finally officially meeting you yesterday after popping in here for so many years was such a highlight! The fact that you chose Asha just seals the deal!!! Thank you, thank you!

  144. Susan Cooper is an inspiration to many people. She was a awesome example to me though- she always commented on my blog and sadly it took me awhile to start paying attention to her. I am glad I did though- ever since it has been so great to say I have and know a friend in the blogging world. Thanks Susan!

  145. Darryle Pollack and GraceD (who just started a new blog 🙂 both inspire me with their warmth, their truly inspirational stories and ability to show they care even when I mostly interact with them online.

  146. Two people: Lisa Belkin at HuffPost, who always makes me think and Jenny of Dinner A Love Story, who always makes me think about family dinner and how to get my kids to eat good food.

  147. I’m inspired by the community (built through comments!) at It’s so inclusive and welcoming and thoughtful, showcasing and celebrating diversity. It gives me warm fuzzies.

    Also, I pink puffy heart Her posts always bring out a chorus of comments crying, “Me too!” and it makes me feel like Teh Interwebs has my back.

  148. From a lurker of 6ish years! All those who have the bravery to contribute to Violence Unsilenced.

  149. I am not a blogger, just a follower and sometimes commenter on several blogs, and I feel it is an enormous privilege to participate in such a wonderful community.
    Emily Rapp ( is a huge inspiration to me. She’s having to deal with every parent’s worst fear and her honest and wonderful words remind me of how being human, in the here and now, is the only way to live life.

  150. Ree Drummond at the pioneer woman has been so very inspirational for me the past few years…Her confessions never fail to brighten my day and my entire family loves to hear me say that I’m trying a new Ree Recipe!

  151. Only one person? There are so many wonderful people doing amazing things. You can find thirty-one of them participating in Blogust!

  152. What a fab post — somehow reading someone’s awesomeness puts a smile on my face — thanks :)!

  153. Lately, the person who I am getting so much strength from is Mir ( who is living any parents’s nightmare (Ok, I have several parental nightmares, but this particular one hits a little too close to home). I know so many people love her and want to help, and she could’ve easily gotten a lot financial donations from her readers to help with mounting healthcare costs. Instead, she’s only asked that her readers help out other children in such a unique and personal way, it chokes me up to think about it.

    As far as commenters, of course, YOU are the one that always makes me smile! Having known you for so many years, I feel like your words are a friendly little hug from many miles away. Plus, I know how damn busy you are and I always appreciate the time you take to leave me your words of wisdom/humor.

  154. I dint really follow this blog till now and it couldnt have been for a better cause.
    Ill make sure to read on and join you all!

  155. So do inane comments like this one count? I liked the post and I know you rock and all that, but all the cool stuff has already been said… 😉

  156. I may not be a dinosaur, but I grew up in the era of network television, Kraft macaroni & cheese for lunch and Nancy Drew. I raised my kids before blogs existed and we didn’t have a “no electronics at the table” rule, because Nintendo game consoles were too big to hide on your lap. I don’t yearn for those days – instead I wonder what the parenting experience would have been like with all this advice and community at my fingertips. Not better or worse probably, just different – and quite amazing.

  157. One of my favorite blogs is also all about the comments and the community built up around the blog – Moxie has built a wonderful place to share parenting concerns or experiences, and the commenters are always supportive and offer constructive feedback and their own data points.

  158. I’m inspired by Dr Wendy Sue Swanson (aka SeattleMommaDoc) online. She’s witty, honest and balanced. She uses few words to clearly post her message — and she’s consistent in addressing her commenters — anti and well as pro. Her use of social media by a mom-pediatrician-woman is stellar. And she promotes on-time vaccination!

  159. Commenting and producing blogs is relatively new to me. I just started vlogging 3 months ago and have been struggling to find my way. I’m really here just to read the thoughtful words of some amazing individuals. Anyone who takes time out to generate a comment is a hero, especially in an endeavor such as this. So thank you for the $20 for Shot @ Life

  160. As I was reading through the comments, the name of one of the many bloggers I read just came forward: Susan Niebur of Toddler Planet. I read her every day, always amazed by her courage and attitude. She inspires me to look at life differently, to see what is important, to find joy in life and to be grateful for what I have.

  161. My inspirational person today is Serena of because she lead me here to read this article and comment. I admire her and every blogger out there for taking a risk and sharing a piece of themselves every time they post. Here’s to the kids we can help by leaving a comment – such a simple thing to do for what it means to each of the kids it helps!

  162. Well, truthfully this Blogust is my first blog experience . I have been a Shot for Life supporter for awhile and as a mom and a teacher i am always looking for ways to support children around the world. Thsnks for getting this going. It’s wonderful idea!

  163. Hands down my inspiration is World Moms Blog founder Jennifer Burden who also as a Shot@Life advocate has worked tirelessly on the cause and has created a unique product, a blog connecting moms from around the world.

  164. I came here from ParentHacks – which I love, so credit to Asha for my $20 comment (which, how cool is that!).

    It’s a hard choice, because I have so many inspirational people in my life. But, I’m going to choose Marlynn Schotland from Urban Bliss (and many, many other efforts). Her life, her blog, and everything about her is hopeful, and honest, positive and fierce. She is a woman who is putting 110% into creating her life to be better every day, and sharing with humility when life fights back. So, when Marlynn shares, comments, and shows up in life and online, I’m inspired and grateful.

  165. Mir at Woulda Shoulda is my inspiration. I started blogging after finding her wonderful, captivating blog. And really, who could not be inspired by Project Tampon Lemonade?

    1. That is seriously one of the greatest pay it forward examples ever. Thanks so much for bringing it up.

  166. I love Parenthacks too. I have a newish blog friend, Eydie of What We Create. We met in person a couple weeks ago. Anyway, she is always so encouraging and complimentary and sweet. I just feel good seeing her name. 🙂

  167. I had no idea how important blog-reader comments were to bloggers! Look at all the stuff I’m learning while trying to support an awesome cause! Keep it up!

  168. I am a world-class lurker, Liz, but I just adore your writing and perspective, so that’s what brings me back here regularly. As for inspiration online, I also regularly read: Sundry, Whoorl, Nothing But Bonfires, Pioneer Woman, and Tomato Nation. I’m sure all of these wonderful writers have names, I just don’t recall them. Oh, and you! So yes, lots of inspiration all around. You even managed to inspire me to declare myself (somewhat) publicly! Yay you!

  169. I love to read your blog, even though we have very different views on most things. That’s exactly why I read it. Who wants to hear only one side of things? Thanks for keeping it real and helping me think through the reasons that I feel the way I do.

  170. I respect your blogs, and enjoy them. I don’t always agree with you, but you make me look at things from a different perspective, and that is always good. You are actually the only blogger that I read at all, so you are my favorite! And your kids are absolutely adorable! Give them a hug for me. And Nate, of course!

  171. I have a tie. Shelly Ismael and Onica Cupido are the most consistent, encouraging commenters. I mainly write informational type stuff so I don’t expect a lot of comments/ most of my conversations on Facebook, but it’s always nice to see a blog comment!

  172. Personally, inspiration comes to me from just about every member of my family. They’ve all developed their own strengths and talents. They all aspire to leave a positive impact on the world. The same feeling resonates in me, which is what eventually caused me to discover this blogust event.

  173. I love all the super smart commenters over at Science Based Medicine. I always learn so much from them .

  174. I am inspired by you and Kate of sweet

    With my wee readership, I particularly appreciate the cheer leading posts of my buddy “aitchpea”

  175. The first time I decided to go to Saravejo to meet the family I supported after the war I asked many friends to join me. Only Liz Gumbinner, aka Mom 101, gave her word and kept her word to join me. Twice. Each time she made it her mission to learn about the people who were displaced by the war, befriended the young folks we met, and learned enough of the language to communicate-and curse-in Bonsian!

    Liz Gumbinner has never given her word without keeping it.
    She has been my inspiration since she was four years old and refused to allow me to mold her in my image.

  176. You had me at kids in need… I have to admit, I’ve been a bit of a lurker for years, and just now am putting my toe in the water as commenter. So I say, you Liz, you inspire me by the community you’ve created.

  177. I am inspired by so many amazing women. I can not pick just one. I will say they always make me believe bigger.

  178. Great idea – wonderfully helpful cause. Thank you on behalf of all the recipients of vaccinations!

  179. I’ll delurke for a cause like vaccination! Yours is a blog I’m always happy to see a new post from in my reader account and I’ve shared a number of your posts online and with my feminist mothers group. Always gets a good discussion going!

  180. I’ve never been much of a writer or into blogs but so many people I know have one that it’s actually kind of cool to see what’s going on in their world. My friend Jenn Burden created an amazing blogging site & I wish I had more time to concentrate & read it but when I do I feel so connected to so many different moms around the world.

  181. Remembering back to your great presentation at Mom 2.0 and reading your beautiful post today, I’m reminded that what I really love about comments is the how commenters drive the conversation – how the back and forth that gets going between you and commenters and among commenters themselves sparks all sorts of shifts in views and new insights. There’s no way any of us could ever really know how many people you’ve touched and how their viewpoints have changed because they’ve been a part of the conversations you start here, and that is just so very great.

    And, I adore Asha. I love her voice, her blog, her comments, and her as a person. Asha, I hope you are taking in all this love and affection and feeling it deeply!

    1. Thank YOU so much for being one of the initiators of this effort Emily. Standing and applauding you.

  182. I am most inspired by *all* of the amazing comments I read on Mom-101. I learn so much from the different viewpoints, and I appreciate how thoughtful and intelligent the commenters are. I always find I have to come back to your posts a day or two later just so that I can catch the comments. But it also means I need to set aside some time for reading them all- the comments usually take me longer than the original (obviously thought and comment-provoking) post. Thanks, Liz. 🙂

    1. That means so much Christy, thank you. I always come back too!

      And like here, I only wish I could comment on all of them. Thanks so much everyone, for doing so much good.

  183. Thank you for this post. I makes me think about a few people. My cousin and her husband who are working on Challenge21 to bring water to children around the world and Dr. Seth Berkly who works to get this shots to so may. I have followed Cool Mom picks for years and this is the first I learned of your blog. Thank you.

  184. So many people inspire me on-line, so I’ll stick with someone I finally met today at Blogher: Nicole Blades of (@nicoleblades). She’s a fantastic photographer, and an even better writer. Down-to-earth, savvy, and just lovely. I started reading her blog when she still lived in my town (although we never met), and when she moved, I did a virtual move with her.

    Commenting-wise, I’m always tickled when someone who is NOT an on-line regular stops by and says: Hey! That’s my front yard there! or Thanks so much, I had no idea our town had this.

  185. Cecily of Uppercase Woman inspires me. She’s a survivor with a heart of gold. Here’s another 20 for the cause.

  186. I love that you asked us to share who inspires us? The list I could share is so long, but I’ll just highlight one person… and I I hope it’s not ridiculously cliche to say that the person who inspires me the most is @TroyPattee… my husband.

    When I think of the Shot@Life campaign, I think how the feeling of wanting a shot at a happy, healthy life where we can learn and grow, make a meaningful contribution, leave a legacy, and be surrounded by people we love is pretty universal. Troy inspires me not only because of how he works to live that kind of a life himself, but mostly because of what he does to help everyone around him have a shot at living that kind of life. Whether they are close to us… in our own family circle… or across the world as part of our larger global family… he is always looking out and caring for others in a gentle, amazing way. And everyone who spends time with him feels it. Such a gift. Love being inspired by him!

  187. Because each comment counts and this topic rocks, I’m leaving one more. I’ll try and limit myself to just two, but I may need to walk away from the computer. I told you… I could write a very long list. 😉

    I LOVE and am inspired by the team I work with! They are super heroes of the best kind:


    OK… walking away. Love that reading a post makes me think of all the wonderful, inspiring people in my life.

    Thanks, Liz!


  188. I loved your all hail the commenters talk at Mom 2.0. And you are so right, the friendly face that appears and reappears in our comments makes an entire day better. It takes effort to leave a comment, and the fact that some people come back post after post, or even a few posts a week, means so much.

  189. Wonderful Liz. I knew ye when 😉 I’ll never cease to be in awe of your enthusiasm & capacity for about any/everything. What an incredible force in all you do which is most definitely worth noting. Thanks so much for your humorous & conscious voice in fellow-parenthood and in saving precious little lives with Blogust.

    I also can’t help call out Deliece Hofen here. We went to high school together, played the flute in band together. She too lives in Kansas City. Her 7 year old son Braden has relapsing Stage 4 neuroblastoma, a form of cancer with less than a 10% chance for a 5-year survival. Thousands have followed her crusade with Braden through experimental treatments and he is currently experiencing a joyful 2-year long second remission after a 5-year battle. I venture to say, miraculous. As if that’s not enough for a parent to endure, 2.5 years ago Deliece found out she had Stage 2 breast cancer. Of all the things I imagine experiencing together with Attie Blu, chemo isn’t one of them. Deliece & Braden pushed through this together along with her husband, Brian, & oldest son, Zach. Her daughter Miranda would have been 11 years old this week – born at 26 weeks gestation surviving just 15 hours.

    Deliece has been a relentless mama bear in her pursuit for awareness and support to end childhood cancer which is explained in full detail at The thousands of loyal commenters who have followed her story along the way are the cheering section every parent deserves going through something like this and the power in numbers necessary for hope & effect. Thanks for the opportunity to share while doing Good, mom101. Rock on mommies & daddies & commenters of the planet!

    1. So awesome to see you here Terre! And you’re such a pay-it-forward mama yourself. Thanks for introducing me to Deliece and her story. She sounds unbelievable. (Besides, any fellow teenage flute player…)

  190. Lovely post & I’m glad to be introduced to your blog!

    My friend I’ve never met, Lisa Coughlin, has been a wonderful commenter and supporter on both of my blogs. Even though our letters and notes aren’t lengthy, I always think of us as Julia Child & Avis Devoto, and hope to meet her in real life soon.

  191. Liz, you inspire me. Am I such a cheese ball for choosing you? I’m honored to work with you and receive your wisdom daily. I just wish that we could hang out IRL.

  192. Well, since I’m pretty much completely new to the blogging world, and have yet to make any friends, I don’t have ANY commenters yet (well aside from spammers) , let alone a favorite. But things like this whole shot at life thing inspire me and make me happy to be a human being, and a blogger. I think it’s amazing to be able to contribute in such a simple way, and will be making my rounds as the month rolls on. 😀

  193. So I just learned that my friend Cindy Levin (of RESULTS Chicago and a fellow Champion for Shot@Life) did a shout out to me. Cindy is covered in all sorts of awesome sauce too, just wanted you all to know that she’s a blessing and inspirational friend. But if the zombies start chasing us, well she knows the drill…

  194. I literally just installed a comments feature in my blog… So I don’t have any comments yet! BUT I totally know what you mean about comments– I started my blog not so long ago, and when u see twitter responses to my posts I am soo happy. One person that has commented a couple of times is @mommyceo
    Good luck with this project- I hope you receive a lot of comments and raise a lot of money for this good cause. I look forward to reading more on your blog!

  195. I am inspired and amused by Tanis Miller aka The Redneck Mommy everyday. Her fortitude, compassion and sense of humor are amazing. I do not have a blog, but her email to me in response to a comment I left on hers will always be in my inbox. I go back and reread it if I am having a bad day and need a spirit brightener.

  196. Liz Gumbinner.

    You write honestly and you are an inspiration on so many levels. You infuse humor into what often may be a difficult topic. It is always clear that your voice comes from your heart. Your passion to relate critical health and safety issues is always paramount. And, you always take precious time to answer/respond to your commenters in a thoughtful and, may I say, loving way. You arouse animated and thoughtful discussion.

    You are a woman of grace and dignity.

    Good for you, yet once again, showing your extreme generosity.

    You are my hero.

  197. Kim from She is so great about showing passion for her beliefs while welcoming opposing views. Her comment section is always a safe and respecful place with thoughtful conversation.

  198. I love reading Kelle Hamptons blog Enjoying the Small Things at 🙂

  199. It might sound cliched but I really am inspired by my children who are only babies but make me want to be a better human and make this planet we all call home a little bit better, in whatever small way I can.

  200. I love your blog, it’s very inspiring to me– I’m pretty religious & currently living in the South, but I love your posts because they give me different perspectives on important topics… you always talk about such relevant things and with such honesty. Keep up the good writing!

    Wonderful idea! We’re all about preventative health in our household (the hubs is a MD and we’re planning on being medical missionaries.)

  201. YOU introduced me to the first blog I ever read consistently…YOURS! Thanks!

  202. Liz – hoping I’m getting this one in before the buzzer sounds. Despite my choice’s lack of originality, I’m choosing you 🙂 When I started working in the parent/kid tech/publishing space I didn’t know where to turn to start spreading the word about what I thought, as a parent, was a unique and valuable product for children. I found you online and was immediately taken by your candor, expertise, and humor. I’m grateful to have connected with you and look forward to staying in touch and engaged. Thanks!

  203. I’m a blog reader, but not typically a commenter. Thanks, Liz, for making me realize that it’s kind of selfish to take so much enjoyment and inspiration from others without giving anything back. I think I will now become a more active commenter.

    1. Oh Kate, thank you. You just totally made me cry. In a good way. Not that snotty ugly way that no one likes to see. My tears are more like little elf glitter farts. I promise.

  204. always inspired by the shutter sisters, Karen Walrond and Brené Brown

  205. You and asha are daily inspirations to me…evergracious and generous.

  206. Commenters are essential to my blog—they offer book recommendations when I don’t have any, and they have so many smart wise things to say. One of my favorites? Kablooey, who always leaves something funny.

  207. So many blogs that inspire but here is my short list: Jenny Lawson, Any Mommy, Suburban Matron, Maggie Mason, Vodka Mom and of course, you.
    You each educate, entertain and inspire me. Oh, I forgot Marinka and Finslippy. We are all blessed to have these wonderful blogs in our lives. I read much more than I comment but enjoy the interchange.

  208. There are so many inspiring blogs; the ones I read every single day are Posie Gets Cosy, Harpers Happenings, Dinner: A Love Story, Girls Gone Child, Marta Writes, Cup of Jo and Design Mom. I don’t usually read the comments, or make any comments myself. I am commenting now on this blog, because I love the idea that I can comment and $20.00 will go towards saving the lives of children in need. Vaccines are SO important and thank you for doing this!

  209. Love Mom 101. Thanks for the blogging love you send out to all the moms pecking away at their keyboard hoping that someone will read their piece and GET IT.
    The first blogger I ever read and loved was Yvonne over at – LOVE HER! It’s like I am hanging out with a friend. Then I came across years ago and watched her get married, have two kids, and is now going through a divorce. Some of the drama moms go through – you couldn’t make this stuff up but no one would buy it as a sitcom, it would be too far fetched.

    Happy August, Moms!

  210. ARGH! The one day my comment might have actually been USEFUL is the one day the sky was falling at work and I was totally offline 🙁 Sorry I couldn’t help.

    My bloggy BFF, Marisa ( is my inspiration. She challenges my creativity constantly and has been my muse more times than I can count. That and she makes me laugh.

    My favorite comments are from the people I know. While it’s completely cool to get comments from people who I don’t know, it’s always nice to know that the people I DO know care enough about me and my blog to stop by to read and say hello.

  211. I love it when anyone comments on my blog, but one person who does so occasionally is Sweet Mother from She doesn’t comment on every post, but when she does it’s always something positive that makes me feel like I’m not only hilarious but like my writing genuinely made her day. It’s very validating.

  212. As a working mom of two, I try to factor in a little “me” time to read blogs, but it often happens that I don’t get to them (including yours) for weeks at a time. Sometimes I’ll check in with Mom 101, and there will be several posts and links imbedded to old posts, and I’ll read them all and suddenly it will be 11:30 at night, and I’ll be tired, but engaged, and often charged up, and happy and glad that I spent the time. Keep up the good work, I love it.

    1. That’s the nicest thing you could ever tell a writer. Thanks so much Mindy. I’m glad you’re here.

  213. I’m sorry that I missed this. I will head to Babycenter. I am not even one week into having a blog, but I started reading your website when I discovered it as I was researching the “mom blog” world in preparation to launch my own. You always have something interesting to say. Your humor combined with caring nature make the reader feel welcomed…. thus you get so many comments and have inspired a community. Seeing the support here… now that’s inspiring to a newbie blogger because I waited SO long to launch for fear of what people would say if they didn’t like it!

  214. You really taught me the meaning of comments at your presentation at Mom 2.0 and I now put more thought into my posts than ever before. You are truly an inspiration, Liz, and so is this marvelous campaign.

  215. I am inspired by my 6 year old son every day (even though he’s in a really annoying stage right now ;)–he has recently started dancing ballet and when I asked him how he would feel if the boys in his class make fun of him for dancing he said “I dance because I love it and if they don’t get it then it’s their problem.” Pretty wise for a 6 year old, huh?

  216. About 5 years ago, I was having a rough go and googled something like, “I think I might be going crazy kid mom poop find nice mommy friend, please.” I found you first and loved you instantly. I wrote you to say thank you and you actually wrote me back and led me to Kristen, Catherine and Jenny. For that I shall be forever thankful. I very rarely comment, but yeah, I still love you all. For reals.

  217. Out of all the blogs I read, I’d definitely have to say you, Liz, inspire me. I also genuinely look forward to Dooce and Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things. Thanks for doing what you do!

  218. This is so cool! I have to say Kristen Chase of motherhood uncensored. She was one of the first 2 bloggers I ever read, and I was hooked. (I think I found her first on club mom or cafe mom or whatever that site was.) Towards the beginning, I commented much more frequently, but in recent years I have been more of a lurker (as I am here). She is always inspirational in the quality of her writing and her immense honesty. She has always been one of those people whose writing makes me feel the strength of the internet community…that feeling of “someone else gets it!” I have cried (in a good way) more times than I could ever count reading her posts. And, of course, she’s damn funny :).

    (I also found your blog through her.)

  219. I have a small blog and like all bloggers it seems, the validation and engagement from a comment really makes my day! Even if (or because) that commenter is actually a member of my family! My younger brother and sister have been so supportive of my blog and regularly leave me comments. It really means a lot to me.

  220. I’m inspired by good writing and those who have made something awesome out of their little slices of the internet. I love a good humor writer, especially Amalah, Motherhood in NYC, Erin from I’m Gonna Kill Him, Wendi Aarons,…the list goes on and on. Reading their stuff always makes me want to open up a fresh post and hammer something out.

  221. Once upon a time, I had a major struggle with depression that culminated in a suicide attempt and a stay in the psychiatric ward of my nearby hospital. There were four bloggers who were such HUGE inspirations to me that I reached out to them and asked for support when I posted about it on my blog. Those women still inspire me today: Mocha Momma, Her Bad Mother, Sunshine Scribe (Sandra), and you, Liz.

    Almost 6 years later, I am still so incredibly grateful for that inspiration and support. Love you guys. 🙂

    1. Wow Lara. That’s just…wow.

      I’m beyond happy that you’re in a better place now. And it’s so nice to see your sweet face here again.

  222. I want to send anyone who has ever commented on my blog a pony, except I’m poor. I owe them a huge thank you. For some reason comments from BabySteph at Adventures in Babywearing always make my day. There isn’t a sweeter soul alive, and to know that she’s lurking my blog late at night catching up every once in a while… She’s just a really good soul. I might be crying. Shut up.

  223. The first blog post I ever read was Kristen Chase’s Motherhood Uncensored post about her diva cup experience. I had a blog dedicated to my daughter’s surgery experiences, but that was primarily for friends and family to keep up on us, as making phone call after phone call seemed daunting at the time.

    She was the person who made me think, “huh. I have thoughts in my head and things to say, and I want to do this.”

  224. I’ve been blogging since 2004. There is a woman who has been with me since the beginning. Over the years her comments have come to be quite personal in that she really knows the ways in which I am hard on myself. I think sometimes you can tell when a comment is sincere and when it’s meant to get something for the commenter. BetteJo is always looking to speak to or offer solace to the quieter side of me, the ever-questing never reaching part of me. She blogs at and she lifts me up with every comment.

    I hope we all continue to comment. Twitter, FB and the other things are great, but thinking back to revisiting comments left by Susan. They stayed with us, she stayed with us. Those connections endure because of the time we took to consider what we read, to fill out forms and ultimately to willingly leave a part of ourselves with the author. Forever.

  225. I love the term “blogust,” because it anagrams to “bog lust.” Which sounds super dirty awesome.

  226. I am inspired by The Culture Mom I learned about Holly’s blog over a year ago, and loved how she combined advocacy with her love of culture and being a mom. I met her through LTYM (Listen to Your Mother), when I was cast in the NY Production, and she has become a friend, and a continued inspiration.

  227. Hi,
    Just wanted to contribute to vaccines:) A totally different type of blog that first insipired me to reading blogs: Maria Killam’s decorating blog from years ago. It was fun, pretty and informative and showed me that it’s cool to share yourself no matter what the topic is that you write about.

  228. This community just inspires me more and more. When we write from the heart and we match with with amazing action — oh my heavens — look what’s possible!

  229. My most faithful commenter, I think, is Kizzbeth, who does so many amazing things. Her love of animals inspires me.

    1. I forgot to answer your question. Dave from is a great blogging friend, because he always makes time to meet for dinner when he’s in my home town of Atlanta, and he does the same for me when/if I am in his nearest big city of Seattle. He also gives great travel advice, and he comments on my blog frequently with witty incite.

  230. I am inspired by Gina Corcoran-Crosley – aka The Feminist Breeder. Her unending commitment to childbirth education and breastfeeding is awesome and the way she balances three kids, a million projects, and getting her BA and now her MA just makes me sleepy just thinking about it. (Her commenters are great too.)

    1. Thanks Isabel!

      And I just want to say the quality of the conversation here, of these comments, the thoughtfulness of your acknowledgments, is exactly what this program (and I think blogging) is all about. It’s making me so happy. And everyone here should feel remarkably proud of what you’re giving–to me, to the community, to strangers, and to children who need vaccines.

      You are amazing. All of you.

  231. At the risk of sounding like a total “you know what” kisser, I will confess that you, Liz, remain one of the people who inspires me online. Not only am I often stunned (or stumped) how you find the time to keep all your online balls in the air, but your posts here on Mom 101 are a “must read” for me. Your posts are always thoughtful, humorous and inspire me to “do better” in my own online pursuits. (And reminds me to shut up about how busy or overwhelmed I’m feeling).

    1. We are ALL allowed to feel busy and overwhelmed. It’s relative. And it’s true, we all are.
      But you always do it with a smile Kristin, and a whole lot of humor. I adore you back.

  232. Although I’ve never once met her, I too have a (healthy, platonic) fondness for Asha. She was the first person (and her’s, the first website) to ever publish something of mine. That kind of stuff matters to me — I’m loyal and remembery like that.

    She was super generous with her time and support in working with then-newbie me in creating and publishing my first ParentHack.

    Sometimes the internet makes me smile. When it’s not making me f-ing crazy.

    Thanks to you, Liz, and to Asha. You both have played a role in me being better at what I do. And shit, wait a sec, $20 is going to be donated for this comment?

    Again, the internet turns a frown upside down.

  233. Wait, my connection up in the north woods is bad, and dashing off quick comments here isn’t working well. Dang it. Hope misspelled comment fragments still warrant donations!

    Anyway, I know someone already mentioned that they enjoy it when your parents chime in here. I love that too. My parents tend to email me directly when they like something in my posts, but it makes me happier when they leave a comment directly on my blog because it’s like two worlds intersecting a little bit.

    1. My dad was so cute – he was worried to leave a comment on this one because he thought I was personally donating the $ and didn’t want to tax me.
      Oh that I could…

  234. One commenter that always makes me happy, either by laughing or touching my heart, is @momgosomething.

  235. I’m always most thrilled when I receive comments at Postpartum Progress from people outside the “PPD community,” because they usually don’t read me. That usually means they know I’ve written something very important to me, and even though they don’t have and have never had PPD, they’ve come over just to provide their moral support and input. Those comments always serve to remind me what a great community we have in the world of moms and women who blog.

    1. What a great point. I love that Katherine. I feel the same way when I get comments from “I’m not a mom but…” so I understand.

  236. Liz you inspire me. Mom big job (if you don’t come in on Saturday, don’t come in on Sunday partner blogger speaker biz owner — the list goes on.

  237. Just so you know, I truly enjoy your blog. I’ve been reading it for years and actually commented once or twice. I started reading it before I ever had my first child, and in many ways you ushered me into motherhood with a more open mind than I would have had otherwise. You helped me understand that my anxiety and failures were all normal and not personal flaws. You helped me understand that I could love a second child (yes, this really worried me) and helped me understand that I didn’t have to love every aspect of being a mother to be a good one. Thank you.

  238. Jenny Lawson (The bloggess, of course) has been a big inspiration not just because of her unique and unrelenting humor (and her commenters) but the unabashed discussion of depression, anxiety and women’s esteem issues. She is helping to break down barriers to open and frank discussion and helping thousands seek care, support and relief.

  239. I met Asha at Camp Mighty last year, and you are right, she’s amazing. I also have not forgotten your talk at Mom 2 about commenting and I’ve really been trying to leave a comment when I read a post I enjoy. Thank YOU for the inspiration to contribute to the community of blogging and for all the amazing things that you do. So to answer your question, you and Asha both inspire me. Right now I am getting a lot of inspiration from a small Facebook Group called Creativity Chat, there are just 11 of us in it, and we’ve had some great chats there. It was started by Melanie Biehle of Inward Facing Girl. Love her. And my favorite blog commenter is Sandra Harris of Raincoast Cottage. Amazing ladies.

    1. How cool! Sometimes those small groups are the best, aren’t they? That’s in part how I started interacting with Asha.

      1. thanks so much Leslie! And your lively posts make it easy to comment.

        Seriously, though, one of my big motivations for blogging is friends and community. I love the banter and interaction. And I love being inspired to improve my writing and photography.

  240. I have a frequent commenter on my site, Cheryl Duford. She’s one of those genuinely nice people who never fails to make me smile, simply by stopping by and saying “hi”. Here’s a link to her blog:

    (Keep doing good, Liz. You excel at it.)

  241. I’m a new blogger (7 mos) so any comment I get is thrilling – even if most of them are from my mom. And similarly, I’m so inspired by the many blog voices I’m now reading on a daily basis that I somehow have just discovered. (It’s like I just got a key to a whole new world!)

  242. I love the pro-vaccine community online. From the more well-known, like Orac, to the Moms Who Vax, to the tireless crusaders on Vaccinate Your Baby’s Facebook page… I’ve learned so much and been so inspired, and I’ve gained some strong friendships in the process.

  243. I look forward to your presentation, Liz, because you’ve built a space where comments create fantastic conversation. Thank you for the opportunity to support this worthy effort.

    One commenter who always makes me happy is Laurie White AKA @lauriewrites. She is kind, generous, thoughtful and funny and she always makes my day when she leaves a comment.

  244. I’m a first timer to your post and came here via Cool
    Mom Pick’s. I think what you’re doing is wonderful so here is my comment to help raise as much money as possible for such a worthy cause.

    The person that inspires me is Jun Song, winner of Big Brother #4. You can find her at or on twitter by the same handle. Now I know what you’re thinking, “… seriously a reality star?!?” and in most instances, perhaps you’re right. But, if you take ye time to get to know her she’s really an amazing person that sees the world in a positively realistic view. She has a snarky sense of humour, dispatches hateful comments in a humourous way, is smart and a wonderful new mom (this is the Coles note list 😉 She brightens my day with her banter and emails and for that I’m thankful. Send her a tweet or an email, leave a comment on her blog and you’ll probably end up adoring her too.

  245. I don’t have a lot of blog followers so I rarely get comments, but when I do my day gets so much better. Sometimes people come up to me and say, “I’ve been following your blog and it’s really great.” I feel like saying, “Then why don’t you comment?”, but I don’t. I just take comfort in the fact that someone is reading. Like you said, it gives me hope that I am not shouting to an empty crowd from my soapbox. If I reach one person with each blog post, then it’s worth it!

  246. Liz,
    Who inspires me online. I sadly spend a fraction of the time online that I used to and read only a handful of blogs. When I think about who inspires me, it is all those I read who are so openly authentic and honest.

    I find a great deal of inspiration here, from you, because we share the same issues and struggles (working, travel for work, kids).

    Thank you.

  247. I have a commenter, Lanna, who lives a very different way of life than I do – gardening, farming, homeschooling – and she gives me terrific advice in her comments. When I see her name pop up I know I’m going to get a gentle “pat on the back”, encouragement, and sometimes the nudge in the direction I need to go. I’m truly grateful for her!

  248. Many people inspire me everyday. My family, PTA Moms and Dads, Mom Congress Ladies and the fabulous Shot@Life champions group That I have been privilege to belong from the beginning but my number one inspiration are little children because when you see a child face you see purity, innocence, unconditional love, quickly forgiveness, humility, ready to learn and not agendas, only the desire to please their parents and be love. What an incredible world this will be, if all of us develop this attributes.

  249. So, as cheesy as it sounds, my mom is always commenting and Liking my status updates and blog posts, and totally making my day when I see her visiting my site or Page.

    From nearly 2,000 miles away, she continues to be my biggest fan and that alone inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing and to continue to encourage my own children to continue to do what they love…after all, I don’t think she ever thought I’d be making a living from doing what I love (writing and sharing TMI) but she never once told me I shouldn’t try.

  250. Kelcey at The Mamabird Diaries always makes me laugh and inspires me to keep a healthy outlook on like.

  251. Liz, I read all your posts, but almost never comment, so I am glad to know how important it is so I will do it more often. You always inspire me to speak up, and to consider things from new perspectives. Thanks for your amazing, thought-provoking writing!

  252. I used to be a constant commenter everywhere because men and women who put themselves out there deserve to know what they’re doing matters. I’ve had to back off due to health issues but I’ll gladly put my 20 bucks in for the kids.

    The first 2 people who came to mind were Jo from my paper playhouse and H from Little Sealed Packages. One is from BC and the other is from the UK. We’ve been supporting each other for most of the time each of us has been blogging. That support, reciprocity, and behind the blog email conversations make them 2 of my favorite women I’ve never met.

  253. I may have had, like, 3 limearitas when I read this, but I think it said somewhere that comments still count for this event as long as they’re fresh.

    So here’s one. Not sure how fresh it is, but if it’s worth 20 bones towards something good then I’ll give it a go.

  254. I am so inspired by Chrysula– She’s an amazing woman who has inspired me to push harder, to make more change in the world. Hopefully we can eradicate diseases through this push.

  255. How neat that you in part inspired Shot@Life. It is amazing to see all the good women are doing everywhere just from their own home computers.

  256. Inspiration comes from within and those you surround yourself with; especially when you have a change to help others. Keep up the good work. Shot@Life will be blessing others in need.

  257. My friend Lesa inspires me by the way she is always looking for a person who needs a friend. Thanks for this post and the chance to help a child.

  258. My girlfriend Lorraine makes me smile whenever she comments on my blog. We met online because of comments and now we are very close friends. It helps that we live in the same city!

  259. Yey! This is so exciting! We are all raising money together to help someone! Right now I am pretty much vaccinating a kid to protect them for life! Thanks for being part of this!

  260. What’s so awesome about this program is knowing that even though I am commenter #381 (a position that usually makes me NOT want to comment because who reads comment #381) but I know that every single comment counts. And I love reading your posts anyway!

  261. I’m getting to meet so many great writers through this campaign! The fact that charity is benefitting too, it’s like getting two for the price of one! Cheers!

  262. The person that inspires me online is my mother Tracey. She founded a group blog and has a personal blog where on both blogs she shares her inspiring photographs and words. I always love reading her posts, they have something about them that I just love. Thanks mom. ♥

  263. Thank you for being an advocate of such a great cause as Shot@Life and thank you for your blog.

  264. I LOVE blogs!!!! Blogs make you a part of someones spontaneous thoughts. You get a window to someones brilliance and their life. Whats not to like about blogs…Its like they have opened their heart out and welcomed you in. Whatever you share, whatever you interact, whatever you pass on…can only help someone at some point in their lives.

  265. This is my second comment because I just love this idea so much!
    I just spent a weekend in Ottawa Canada with an organisation that is near and dear to my heart – World University Service of Canada (WUSC) that works to bring students from refugee camps in Africa and Asia to study in Canadian universities and colleges. I told everyone about Blogust and what a great fundraising initiative it is. What I wouldn’t give to find a generous donor to contribute to WUSC’s Student Refugee Program (SRP) in the same way! I am currently fundraising in my own small way for the SRP by challenging myself to run a half marathon in December and blogging about it here:
    Communities, be it online or otherwise, coming together for a cause is just so incredibly inspiring to me!
    Thank you, Liz, for taking part!

    1. Thank you so much Brandy, your visits really mean a lot. I can’t wait to read more about our organisation – wow.

  266. I always feel like a million bucks when anyone comments on my blog (personal or professional), but my favorite are the comments from friends I made in the last city we lived in. I’ve marveled at how those few comments and the subsequent replies have kept alive and even strengthened friendships across the miles.

  267. I have been amazed at the power of social media to create poignant, long-lasting relationships. Not long ago I witnessed the first in-person meeting of two women who had been connected electronically for some time. To say it was touching would be an understatement. Yes, comments do matter!

  268. This is a fantastic initiative, raising awareness, raising funds and making it easy for us mouse-potatoes to get involved and help out.
    It should also encourage us to think – and discuss – the necessary education campaigns that should accompany such immunisation drives. There is still a lot of ignorance to be overcome, even in developed countries such as the USA, and unfortunately, we are now also dealing with the backlash of the covert operations in Pakistan that took place under the guise of vaccination campaigns.
    Lots of work to do, but, as the famous proverb says, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
    Thank you for participating!

  269. Comments are the sweet spot of blogging for sure. And when you see people who simply come to champion your words it is like receiving a gift. This is an excellent post.

  270. I’ve always been inspired by my sister, Kris Horvath, whose devotion to her children makes me realize what’s important in life. She is a real life commentor.

  271. There are so many people online who inspire me! I always enjoy reading posts from Baca Ohana though. She’s funny, real to life, and she comments on my blog too!

  272. The comments I love most are from friends who have moved away. I can put a face to the name and know that they are coming by to see how we’re doing – they make the post turn into a two sided conversation, and we’re back together again.

  273. I’m hoping that additional comments count. I’m making a second round through the calendar since I missed a few the first time.

  274. Liz, I read and starred the post in my Google Reader when it first ran WEEKS AGO. And now it’s August 30. I love nothing more than the thrill of being up against a deadline. 😉

    When I first started reading blogs (way late in 2009) I didn’t know that comments were “a thing”. I didn’t know it could be perceived as rude to read and not comment, and I’d never heard of a lurker. When I figured this out, I felt like I’d been stealing. Still, old habits die hard. I read mostly on my iPhone where it’s hard to get through comment forms without giving up. I also sometimes feel like the dorky new kid among big groups of awesome and connected commenters (totally my own issue).

    There are so many people who inspire me online. You are one of them (and see? you’d never know it because I’ve commented here maybe twice). One person who made my day as a commenter is Amy Wilson (“When Did I Get Like This”), who commented on a post of mine early in my blogging days and encouraged me.

    Thanks for participating in #blogust. Thanks for all you do. 🙂

    1. Oh no! I don’t think it’s rude to not comment – I just had this discussion with a friend. People take in content in their own ways. I don’t comment on every NYT article I read either. But you know? It is pretty awesome when people do comment on posts. And with the amazing nice one you just left, I’m so glad you did on this one.

  275. The Our Gosling family supports and inspires us tremendously, and it’s amazing that online friendships have solidified so much!

  276. I have a blog. I wish more readers would leave comments! It gives me strength to survive my ordeals…..and lets me know I have touched the lives of others – to end domestic violence and prevent so many other tragedies from happening.

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