You make a difference. Believe it.

Last night the ONE moms crew got a lovely email from Barrett Ward, the founder of FashionABLE.

We have had a HUGE month because of y’all.  I know that the numbers were so high that it creates the space for us to hire 3 more women.

It took my breath away.

fashionABLE scarves

The scarves you bought allowed three more women, previously exploited by the sex trade and with few opportunities in life, to have an excellent chance at making a new life for herself and her family, along with education, medical treatment, daycare, and perhaps most importantly, pride in herself.

You did that.

Never fail to believe that you can make a big difference through seemingly small actions.

fashionABLE scarves


By the way, I have been entirely remiss in linking to all the other amazing women I had the privilege of meeting (and bonding with, big time) on this trip. I hope you’ll visit their blogs and follow their beautiful stories as well. We all have very different backgrounds, lifestyles and and perspectives; proof once again that there’s more that unites mothers than divides us.

Here are my favorite trip posts of each of theirs so far:

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Also…my post at Cool Mom Tech / 10 Can’t-Miss Photos: The Remarkable, Transcendent Power of Digital Photography

ONE moms in Ethiopia

Pretty amazing bunch, right there.


26 thoughts on “You make a difference. Believe it.”

  1. That is amazing!! How powerful! To hear about three women getting a new chance in life because of a group of woman had the opportunity to tell their story… truly inspiring!

  2. Your happy birthday post and now this…I’m a puddle.

    Well done, you! Well done, blogging community! Well done, awesome mamas! Can’t wait until I can sit down and read all of these posts.
    Thanks, Liz.

  3. I am giddy with joy that the Cute_cat_theory_of_digital_activism is finally bearing the fruits that we can all recognise: changing peoples lives for better.
    Although I still look at cat pictures, I’m definitely seeing a trend that moves internet away from cute cats and trolls into powerful tool for all of us to make a positive difference. We have the power, and now we can use it! Liz, thank you for providing channel.

  4. Thanks for yet again proving that there is no such thing as a small act of kindness, because even the smallest one can make a huge difference

  5. What a beautiful post! I have really truly enjoyed following you all during your journey in Ethiopia. I also am loving my fashionABLE scarf and wear it with pride knowing what it means to change the world and help others. 🙂

  6. I am ordering my scarves tonight. It’s funny, I sat down to order three a few weeks ago before your trip and didn’t have my credit card with me so put it off. I’m so in awe of what you and these ladies have done for the women you met. Amazing.

  7. Wow Liz, thank you for this list of outstanding resources. The depth and breadth of your reach is awe-inspiring. I am in a mental tailspin digesting the good you did in Ethiopia and definitely thinking of hiring you and your resurgent comedy-writing husband for our next party- which will be attended by mostly clumsy cat parents who are experts on other peoples cats.

  8. I think *this* is what the saying, “A rising tide lifts all boats” actually means. Makes me all cheery and mushy inside.

  9. Thanks for the reminder! I got distracted by my first world “problems”, but I just placed my order. Can’t wait to try out all the different ways of tying them.

  10. THIS has uplifted me all day. ALL. DAY. I am totally undone about the power we all have.

    Now, I have to go order more scarves.

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