Giving thanks for undiscovered bloggers

From time to time, I do my best here to try and highlight bloggers that you might not have heard of. I wish I did it more. Then again, I wish I posted about anything more but you know…life.

One of my favorite posts to this day is The Top 50 Mommybloggers That Didn’t Make the Babble Top 50 Mommybloggers List and are Probably More Fun Anyway. (With all due respect to Dooce who I happen to know is pretty fun.)It was a totally democratic exercise in, “hey, who wants to be on a list?” Literally. I mean, see #5.

You asked to be on the list, and voila…you were! But really, the best part for me, was that it made me read all sorts of blogs I had never seen before, and get to know them at least well enough to be able to describe them.

You know what? There are some damn fine undiscovered writers out there. And I think I love them even more, knowing that they write not for an audience of thousands, but the need to write.

So I was really pleased when recently, Babble asked me to share my favorite undiscovered blogger.

My pick for blogger who deserves a bigger audience:.  Siobhan Connolly of Itty Bits and Pieces.


ittybits and pieces blog by siobhan connolly

She is one of those writers who has been reading my blog so long, and I hers, that it’s nearly impossible to fathom that we haven’t actually met yet. For years, I’ve loved seeing her name (often “Toyfoto”) pop up in comments. Plus it’s a reminder for me to check in over there and see what her gorgeous family is up to.

I don’t always agree with her, but she always makes me think–a combination I adore. She’s crafty but not in a “ooh, look what I can do and you NEVER CAN” sort of way. And holy photography skills…she’s a pro (really, like, for money) who makes me want to step far far away from the iPhone camera. I mean, how did this post not go viral from the picture alone? Hello?

cat/dog photo by sioban connolly

genius photo: sioban connolly

I know this coming Tuesday is giving Tuesday. (See also: #givingtuesday.) It doesn’t have to be about money.

Is there an undiscovered blogger you think people should know about? Please leave it in the comments, because I want to create another list. Only rule: You can’t say yourself.


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  1. Oh, goodness. That’s a tall task! One thing I’ve noticed is that there are sometimes people I think of as “big bloggers”, but it turns out they don’t have the large readership I assumed they did. Then there are others that I think are small and it turns out I was wrong about that too.

    In any case, there are many, many blogs people should be reading, but let me introduce you all to a couple of amazing Canadians.

    Natasha from Natural Urban Mamas — Lots of passion and sass. Love her!

    Bolaji at I Think You Should — I love her words and would love it she wrote more often. Maybe we can encourage her to. 🙂

  2. My friend Amanda has a fantastic blog called Realistically Domestic. The beauty of it is, it’s for all of us gals who don’t quite know what we are doing in the domestic realm.

  3. I wish I had someone to add to the list–but I have been reading the same small hand full of blogs since basically 2006. So, I am totally looking forward to this comments here to find some great new reading.

    What a great idea!

    1. She has a fan club here it seems. Or…she asked you all to support her? Which says a lot for her community. (Although maybe she’s not quite so undiscovered?) Look forward to checking it out.

  4. Hmmm… I think I mostly read “undiscovered blogs”! Other than yours, I don’t think I regularly hang out on too many blogs with big audiences. So it is hard to pick one! My entire blog roll is full of mostly “undiscovered” great blogs.

    But if I have to pick just one to highlight- I’m going to go with Parisienne Mais Presque, which is a blog written by an American who married a Frenchman, moved to Paris and had two kids. I love her writing style.

  5. I still have your original list of 50 blogs bookmarked. You led me to some really wonderful writing! Can’t wait to find out what else you find.

    I don’t know how much exposure this blogger actually wants, but I find her blog deeply compelling. She writes about the pain of losing her sister and brother in law in an accident and the challenges involved in taking two of their children into her home. Her life is often a complicated struggle, but she talks about it honestly and I find her writing moving and often inspiring.

  6. Barbara Bradley Hoyer writes a refreshingly honest blog called A Life in Balance. A lot of her posts focus on food, frugality, and family but all have a very down to earth feel to them. She is definitely a diamond in the rough!

  7. Oh, I LOVE Toyfoto/Siobhan! She’s someone I’ve read forever and ever too—her photos are incredible.

    I adore Tracey’s Culinary Adventures for gorgeous, lick-my-monitor food photos and recipes:
    Plus, she’s somehow related to a friend of mine, so I think that someday I may stumble upon a function where she’s cooked all the food. I can dream, right?

    1. I saw her daughter mention it already, but my friend Jenny has an amazing blog. She’s the most honest and open writer I have ever read. She doesn’t have a lot of posts but if you know an addict, you have to read her. Don’t be put off by the name of her blog, and if you only read a couple of her posts, read the two on addiction. Her last post is great but the two on addiction leave me at a loss for words.

  8. Well, there’s me…We met a long time ago at BlogHer, before I got back to teaching & my children turned into teens. I’m still trying to say smart pithy things and occasionally succeed but when I don’t, I resort to posting pics of cute men.

    Thanks for the ask 🙂

  9. Great idea to bring exposure to some worthy bloggers. I couldn’t decide on just one, so here are three great ones…

    1) – “Dad” plus “adrenaline” gives you dadrenaline. Chris is a great writer on a journey of self-improvement, one challenge at a time.
    2) – Scott writes about personal development and has a great ebook called The 45-Minute MBA.
    3) – Mike writes all about personal finance and beyond. He and his family drastically reduced their financial debt in amazing time.

    All three are great family men who share their passion through their blogs. They set out to help others by sharing their experience and great content. I recommend everyone check them out. Thanks.

  10. Hi, I love Defeating The Squirrels and Other Life Lessons! Yes, I admit, my mom writes it (Oh god, sometimes she writes about me! so embarassing!) But it’s not just about squirrels that steal from your birdfeeder–and it’s a big hit w/the seniors where I volunteer, they think it’s funny. But it’s also thought provoking and fun. The stuff I learn about my mom and how she sees the world. Mothers and daughters, so alike but so different. I hope this posts, I don’t have a website so I wasn’t sure.

  11. My friend Norah has an awesome blog. She has a great sense of humor and writes about not only her really cute daughter,but how she parents, design (she’s so creative and vintage and awesome it kills me) but also budgeting and stuff. She’s engaging and funny and so relatable.

  12. hi Liz! i blog about motherhood, parenting, Latino issues, toddlers, my fears and worries, women’s issues, healthy food, NYC. i hope you will check me out sometime: i’d be honored if you stopped by and said hello!!

  13. Pamela is an incredible writer with a very small audience, but she deserves to be widely read. Her work is not only lyrical, it is sharp, universal, heartfelt and wise. Her themes will touch everyone, even though the essays are intensely personal. I am truly blessed to have come to know this person and this author. Go read her now, hurry!

  14. Hello! I am the Amanda from RD mentioned above. I have a very small, but loyal, following of the sweetest women ever! 😉

    I am really looking forward to following the blogs mentioned! I could use some new material in my Google Reader. Thanks so much for doing this.

    I also would love to add a couple of my smaller favorites. An honest and sweet blog with lots of mom stuff and crafts. Great foodie blog.

  15. By far my favorite blog is Sarah is an amazing writer who writes a lot about the balance between being an amazing teacher and an amazing mother. I also enjoy her 6 word Wednesdays, which keep me thinking about my life in 6 words all week 🙂

  16. I have been trying to think of one blog to recommend, which is really difficult! I really only wanted to recommend one, but I’m first narrowing it down to NJ – as an act of solidarity. And then I’m going to have to break it down to two lovely ladies, Michelle at and Stacie at Michelle for her ability to tell a story with raw, but not bleeding, intensity. And Stacie for the incredible growth and joy I’ve seen her show in her writing over the past several months.

    I found them both through and its weekly writing challenge.

    I guess this makes it three?

    1. So excited to find my blog here, thank you!

      Two of my favorite blogs are and – and I’m looking forward to check out the other blogs listed here!

  17. I have 2 favorites – – it truly was karma when after reading Jenny Feldon for a LONG time, we discovered we had mutual friends….love her. – something benevolent in every post…always makes me want to be a much better person.

    Thanks for being a champion of the little bloggers.

  18. I don’t really know what qualifies undiscovered, but consistently writes posts that make me think, hurt, hope and rejoice that there is a voice like hers. She once invited me to Spain, still kicking myself for not going. Damnit.

  19. Hmmm, tough to decide if someone is ‘undiscovered’. I think the person who I enjoy reading the most that is still a relatively new blog is Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom (
    Steph has humor, warmth, and isn’t afraid to be goofy. (Her UnGift Guide is a great example-

    While I love her blog she also has an amazing Facebook community as well where she chats with readers all day long.

  20. I love this post, because I’m always looking for new blogs to read and get tired of everyone suggesting the same ones over and over. This is fabulous. Looking forward to your final list!

  21. Love that you’re doing this, Liz. I can’t leave a few names here because I’d surely overlook someone and they’d be hurt. But all the ones listed here, I will click over and read. LOVED ittybits & pieces, just from the once over.

    This is awesome.

  22. My favorite undiscovered mommy blogger is Jenn Meer’s blog My Jenn-eration. Her touching and relatable take on being a parent and being a child (her own mom passed away a few years ago) makes me cry more often than not. She is such a talented, funny and sweet writer and I wish more people knew about her.

  23. I’m giving thanks for Jess at Don’t Mind the Mess ( Not only is she a fantastic writer, but she mixes in product reviews in a way that compliments rather than dictates her life. Please check her out!

  24. My friend Tracy writes a blog called She is witty, crafty and talks a lot about the 80’s. She takes beautiful photos too! Her daughter will always make you smile.

  25. I don’t read many blogs, but I do love reading
    Dawn at

    I might be reading more blogs with the look of list. Excited to branch out to other blogs.

  26. I’m always surprised that Maggie and Sarah aren’t wildly popular beyond all imagination, making millions of dollars and fielding thousands of comments daily. I love them. (Of course, Sarah’s latest post is about not blogging anymore, but we won’t let that happen, now, will we?)

  27. I am not sure what her readership is but I love the blog
    I am not sure if her kids are remarkably funny or just the way she writes about them but either way I am always trying to choke back the uncontrolable laughter at the office! A highlight of my day.

  28. My friend Heidi of The Conscious Perspective is a wonderful person. Not only did she believe in me enough to give me my first gig as a contributor but she has always been encouraging, honest and supportive. She inspires me not just to be a better mother or friend but to be a better member of society reminding all of us that change can start with you and me and that we have the power and ability to change lives. I love pretty things and fashion and sweets (love love sweets) and I tend to blog about my own family (love them too, so much!) but I also LOVE making a difference, making the world better and making me better too 🙂
    A lot of love I have going on I suppose 🙂

  29. This one is always hard for me. I tend to have no clue how ‘popular’ one really is. I have no clue how many people read my blog, much less anyone elses.

    However, since you asked so nicely, I’ll say my friend Zakary should be on this list.

    1. Heh. I was going to say you, Issa, but I wasn’t sure if you wanted the crowds that might come 🙂

  30. is a great new blog! Deb tells the best stories about new motherhood and how she balances it all. its funny, insightful and heartwarming! Love it!

  31. I love… (although she may be “discovered” already)


    Reflect Who I Am wants to remind girls everywhere that they are who they see in the mirror. They reflect the beauty, the courage and the brilliance that is within them. We do not only want to inspire girls, but awaken them to their true self. The blog provides guidance, activities, research and recommendations to help bring out the best in our daughters.

  33. Such a great idea! I love little blogs. Have bookmarked a few I’m going to check out in a little while.

    Can I mention more than one?

    Keely at Lollygag Blog ( is funny, sweet and tells a great story and she’s been blogging for YEARS.

    Sarah of little white whale ( is a fabulous writer and photographer. Her pictures of her kids are beautiful.

  34. D.A. Wolf over at Daily Plate of Crazy ( is a powerful and prolific writer with a penchant for shoes. You never know what topic she’s going to write about next–as her tag line says, “Whatever life dishes out”, but it’s sure to be something to make you smile or get you talking.

    1. Oh my gosh I go offline for a few hours and come back to all this awesomeness. I am so excited. THANK YOU everyone!

  35. I love fitness blog. Wide variety of topics on fitness.

  36. I’d have to say my friend Marisa’s blog:

    I admired her art before I knew of her blog. I read her blog before we became friends. And then we became friends. For a while we blogged together. Now were writing/critique partners. She’s like a long lost friend who I discovered out of the blue and coincidentally lives in the same state as me, only still have yet to meet in person, though we talk all the time. Her blog makes me laugh…a lot…mostly because her life, in so many ways, could be mine.

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