Not the child’s Santa question I was expecting this morning

Sage, who is now 5 AND A HALF as she will correct you, has just walked in and asked us me a very important question about Santa. It is not the one I was expecting.

the santa question

Who is more important? The President, the police, or Santa?

She is extremely serious. So I told her I’d ask the Internets.

What do you think?


28 thoughts on “Not the child’s Santa question I was expecting this morning”

    1. Nate would tell you they are the worst thing to happen to humanity; not so the other two.

      This is not my personal opinion.

  1. 1. Santa, because he can put the President and the police on The Naughty List. (I just watched Elf last night, and let me tell you, you DON’T want to be on the The Naughty List.)
    2. Don’t tell Nate I love The Police.

  2. One helps locally. Another rules nationally. The third brings us closer, with a smile, GLOBALLY. Johnny votes for SANTA.

  3. Much like our three branches of government, there are three levels of equal importance. The President creates the opportunity for Santa to arrive, the police make sure that nobody else comes down the chimneys, and Santa decides who gets presents and who gets coal.

  4. Did you ask her who she thinks it the most important? Could be a nice little conversation! Also ask her who is the most important to children on Christmas morning, who is most important to the neighborhood and city every day; and who is the most important to our our country and the world all year.

  5. The President because he has the power to make the world a better place for her as she grows up, and because he is a Daddy of two girls just like her, he will be doing his very best.

  6. The President serves our nation, works to keep us safe and deserves our respect. The police choose careers whereby they pledge to protect and serve the communities in which they work, and are always there when we need them, even on the very worst days. Santa brings magic into our lives, makes us believers at any age and brings happiness and love wherever he goes. Even better? Santa’s love and magic doesn’t only happen once a year, but all year long, as we wait in anticipation of those moments yet again. Santa personifies good behavior, earning the gifts you might receive and teaches about the gift of giving. Santa is about sharing love, laughter and kindness with your family as well as doing things for others who aren’t as fortunate as you might be. It’s not possible for Santa not to trump everyone else. He’s so much to so many. And I love Sage’s question!!!

  7. I would tell her some things can’t be ranked. It’s like saying which of your kids you love more, or who is more important in the family, mom or dad? Different things and people are more important at different times in different ways. (And how sweet are your girls? I love reading about the charming things they say.)

    1. I agree…some things can’t be compared. They are all important for different things. I also tend to think of things in reverse…I could live without Santa (although sad) and the president is important but he doesn’t impact her life directly, however if all the police were gone, things would probably get ugly. So I might go with the police.

      1. I’m fascinated by the thinking that the President doesn’t impact every person’s life directly.

  8. Santa, The Tooth Fairy, and the Hobbits, because they each require abiding faith. They only live because we let them. And we let them, because we have faith in children.

  9. OK, I’m going to sound like a real grinch after Dorf’s Daughter’s lovely comment…but I’d say not Santa, because when she finds out that he’s not real, where does that leave the two very important, and very real positions?

    I was raised without Santa, as my mother said she didn’t believe in lying to us. My husband was raised with Santa, and was truly, TRULY devastated when he found out that Santa wasn’t real. So I’d say, even if you do Santa in your house, the people who make a difference every day of the year, not just one, have to get more credit.

    1. Aw, that’s so sad. The brief answer to your question though (which is its own post) is that when they find out, they will be so excited to be let into the “big kid club” where they now get to protect and keep the secret and preserve the magic for the next group of younger kids. It should feel like a rite of passage, not a lie.

      Also Dorf’s Daughter is my mom so you can confirm that with her, J.

  10. I will go with one of those stupid excuses: depends who you ask.
    To children all over: Santa is (should) be THE most important.

    To us adults… heh, each to its own…
    For me, Santa is the most important, as it makes sure EACH kid gets something to be joyous about, regardless of sex, religion or color. The most powerfull equalizer if ever heard one.

  11. Well, Santa. I like The Police, but I can’t get behind putting them before Santa. Maybe the Beastie Boys, but not The Police.
    M, who is the same age as Sage, thinks Nana beats out Santa this year because Mama put her “absolutely have to have” gift on Nana’s list.

  12. Along the same lines as Avitable and Johnny:

    The police help keep the peace in our local community.
    The president helps keep the peace within our nation, and across borders.
    Santa, he brings joy and peace into our household.

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