The women at CES worth talking about

Yesterday I spent a little time on Facebook in a chat with Kelly Wickham among others, talking about booth babes and my post about sexism at CES. In the thread, Deb Rox pointed us to an article (I use that term loosely) in Business Insider featuring a dozen or so photos to “introduce” us to the hot ladies of CES, as if that were actual news. Which…wait, people say that bloggers aren’t real journalists?

The best part was the line The so-called booth babes are well-versed in the products they’re representing.

I’ll just leave you with that and your own sense of logic for a moment.
Kelly wrote, wisely, it would beyond cool for their PR to offer real live geek girls. And not some tramped up version of what they think that is, either.

And I responded, There were quite a few women behind the booths! Smart and cool and professional and helpful. It’s just if they’re not “hawt” they don’t get an article in Business Insider where we get to “meet” them.

So then I thought…hey. Let’s meet them. The women of CES. Nearly 50 of them, at Cool Mom Tech today.


women of CES 2013 on Cool Mom Tech

I assure you they are indeed “well-versed in the products they’re representing.” And deserve far more of our attention for their presence at CES than some of the women the web has been buzzing about this week.

I rarely ask anyone to share a post but if you’re inclined, that would be a good one.


3 thoughts on “The women at CES worth talking about”

  1. Very cool to see this round up of accomplished and inspiring women. Thank you for posting it!

  2. This is so wonderful! Thank you for putting together that post. As a woman in tech (and, perhaps sadly, not because I have great boobs) I would have happily shared that post even without you asking. Thank you again for showing these inspiring women.

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