11 thoughts on “This is what a family-friendly workplace looks like.”

    1. I know that hearing little kids running through the halls at work makes everyone smile a moment before going back to what they were doing. I’d imagine Congress could use a bit of that too.

    1. She is my representative – which also makes me all kinds of happy.

      I love seeing all the photos of the Congresspeople with their young kids. (Someone just pointed me towards Chris Dodd.) But I admit I have a special place in my heart for women, especially those with young kids, not being shut out…and more so, knowing that they don’t have to deny their parenting side to be taken seriously at their job. Progress!!

  1. Now, see – I don’t love this. I think Kristen Gillibrand is fantastic (and I usually agree with everything you write too) but I don’t love the image or idea of this photo. I think being sworn in as a Senator is a big, formal deal, and I like the idea of the process being treated with some respect. Bring the kids along so they can watch and give you a kiss afterwards, and teach them that there are places (like the halls of Congress) that you should keep your shoes on. I don’t think she did herself, women, or her kids any favors here. Family-friendly workplaces don’t actually mean that kids belong there at any time doing whatever they please.

    1. Kristen, every single Senator showed up with their families for the mock swearing-in. Not just her. Husbands, wives, kids…lots of photos of them all, including Senators Chris Murphy and Ted Cruz with their own children. It’s designed specifically to allow their families in on the process and to take pictures.


      The real ceremony is on the Senate Floor with all the formality you talk about.

      1. Ah, see, I was thinking the same thing as Kristen. Thanks for the clarification, and how awesome is it that they do a separate ceremony that celebrates their families! We forget that our politicians’ families have often sacrificed quite a bit so their husbands/wives/moms/dads can serve our country.

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