Better than chocolate

valentines day card from thal

Isn’t a child’s love perfect?



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  1. Cute! It’s such a great reminder that *you* don’t have to be perfect, to love or be loved perfectly, right?

  2. My daughter is 10 and they didn’t make Valentine’s Day cards for their parents in class this year…so she made one at home by herself. I could not love it more…ever. <3

    1. You just brought back all these memories of my mother telling me to make her something – but it wasn’t the same as when I had to do it in class, ha. I get it now. (Although I still love the class ones.)

  3. This is the first year my son kind of knows whats going on. He is three. This morning he came up to me and said “mommy, you’re my best friend” It just melted my heart. I would take that over chocolate any day.

  4. Love. A keeper! I have a soft spot for doilies like that.

    My 7 year-old son received a card from a classmate that said “I like you Thomas cause your nice and your not that rild up.” It’s priceless. And true.

    They can’t help but be honest, and that’s what makes cards like yours so special and real.

  5. My daughter came home from kindergarten with a valentine she’d made for her whole family. On the front she’d listed everyone in her family by name, including her little sister, me and my husband, her grandparents, her aunts, and a couple of MY uncles. And on the inside she’d written a bunch of “I love…” statements (in Spanish, because she is at a Spanish immersion school). Her first one was “Yo quiero mi hermana” (“I love my sister”). That card just makes me melt.

    1. I also melt when I see my girls include each other first. I love that when they think of love they think of their sister. It’s like vindication for any decision you’ve made (right or wrong) in how you’re raising them.

      Save that valentine, Cloud!

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