When parents are idiots

Dear some parents,

You are idiots.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 9.58.58 AM

And yes, I am judging you. Judgy judgy judge judge judge. Judging with a capital J. Big huge major JUDGING. Without caveats or apology. This is not a mistake on your part; this is a character flaw.

Also, whatever company made those shirts? You are idiots too.

Love, Mom-101.


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  1. Holy sweet jesus, that’s just… I don’t even know. I am speechless. Only not really. Because I’m writing this comment and I have nothing to say other than holy wow.

    Darwin needs to step up and stop this bloodline. I may get blasted for suggesting people die, but I see problems here in the future. Big problems.

    Holy wow. It’s ALMOST funny. And then not. Because it’s real. OK, it’s a little funny still. Because if I don’t laugh, I will just cry and eat the rest of my son’s cupcakes.

    1. Sadly, the man (father? hope not…) in the background is throwing up The Shocker. This is not a gang sign, but a sexual hand…um…arrangement. Not sure whether that makes is better or worse.

      Either way, you can’t un-see any of this. Unfortunately.

  2. I’m just gonna throw this out there, but I’d be willing to bet his pee pee isn’t bigger than most. What? If you’re gonna wear that shirt you’re kinda asking for it, no? WTF is the matter with parents they have years before they get to pray their kids WON’T be porn stars or strippers, duh?

  3. Completely disgusted. Glad you’re sharing this on your site. I’ve seen some stupid crap on t-shirts (I think we all have), ads, etc – but not only are these so offensive (and the fact that a company makes money selling them) but that a parent felt the need to share the picture with the world. That shows poor parenting ^2. One to get the shirts – another to think it’s “cool” to share the picture of your kids wearing it to the world as if you’re proud of the decision.

    1. Thanks for the tip Craig. I always thought “future pimp” was the worst but I stand corrected now.

  4. Oh, LORD.
    This is ridiculous. And then you have the guy in the back making the hand symbol to complete this photo.
    Sad to see someone would make these and actually think OK to purchase.

  5. “Love, Mom-101” — seriously? *Love*? 😉

    I hope to God those kids don’t go to the same school as my kid! I feel sorry for them… But at the end of the day, its like a bad case of flu, you feel bad for the kid who has it, but you just want to protect your kid from catching it. *sigh*

  6. I think you’re making a big assumption here. Who’s to say that the parents have enough reading ability to understand what the shirts say? Because I think there’s a good chance that they make Honey Boo Boo’s mom look like a Rhodes Scholar.

  7. What stores are these people shopping in? Sheesh. I mean yes, I have to filter through the slutty girl clothes to find acceptable ones, but those shirts are just insanity.

    1. I’m sure people have seen apple cinnamon Cheerios in my cart in Brooklyn and given me the stinkeye. So yes. Yes, it is. (And yes, you’re a good mom!)

  8. This is what we get when it is “normal” to have every.single.costume for Halloween teens as something that is interpreted as “sexy”. Or when there are padded bras for 8-year olds. Or when watching MTV becomes exercise in trying to hide all the sexual & demeaning moves. I’m not excusing the parents here (not in least), but on other hand, I’m not totally surprised. Public shaming and goofing reached new levels, levels we are not ready for, we are immature for.

    My 9-year old informed me that”dance moves” in infamous Gangnam style video are called “tea bagging”. It sounded suspicious, I had to look it up. Go ahead, look it up, wikipedia has it. And come back and explain to me why our society makes sure that 9-year olds know this word.

    1. Geez, I hope that there’s a HUGE leap between padded bathing suits for 8 year olds and calling your 4 year old a pornographic actress who has sex on camera for money. Is it a slippery slope? Connected? Not sure.

      I just think there is some bad freaking judgement out there.

      As for tea bagging, that’s why I always laugh at the political “tea baggers.” Hopefully your kid thinks it has to do with tea. I remember all kinds of words and phrases in 4th grade that I used but didn’t understand.

  9. There was a little girl in the mall with a t-shirt that read “Hit this” on the front and “From here” on the back. That’s not an error you accidentally made this one time when you were drunk. Yup. I got my judgy eyes on and gave them right to her mama.

  10. All the years we spend guiding our kids AWAY from that… and they put it on a T-shirt. Proudly. And then put it on the Internet. For the world to see.

    My heart hurts.

  11. ….and I thought honey-boo-boo was bad.

    this is such a sad statement of society – to me, this screams ‘parents trying to get negative attention and hence a reality TV deal.’

    when you have a parent tell you that their 11 year old boy has to play a certain position in basketball b/c he is their ticket, you know that people will DO anything these days.

    1. “‘parents trying to get negative attention and hence a reality TV deal.’”

      Oh, I think you might be giving these folks a bit too much credit. This won’t make you feel any better, but I think this is about pride. I actually think they find this funny and are proud of it.

      I hate to admit to this, but I KNOW people like this. I won’t go into details (on the Internet) as to how I know people like this, but I do. This was likely something they did and knowing their buddies would find it hilarious.

  12. Sorry. I can’t get past this one. I also hate shirts for little boys/girls that say something to the effect of “ladies/guys watch out!”. Like, why do we have to sexualize a 6-month old? Argh. Just. Argh.

  13. My eyes…I want to scrub them clean and go back to 10 seconds ago when I hadn’t seen this yet. Seriously FUCKED UP!!!

  14. I keep telling myself that somebody has to be at the far left end of the IQ bell curve. Now I know who.

  15. I just had a disturbing thought. What if it wasn’t the parents who dressed them? What if they were taken by a pedo?
    I don’t even want to think about it. This hurts my heart: (

  16. sadly I know of two people in my circle who would LOVE shirts like that for their kids…and it makes me weep.

  17. Simply appalling! Not the least bit amusing. Borderline child abuse??? No, spot on abuse. These children will never know how to behave in an appropriate manner, nor will they have a healthy sexualility. I fear that the shirts are just the tip of the iceberg of horrible parental decisions made by these parents.

  18. I say $&@* those parents who bought the shirts and screw the company too. I am just going to say that is sick and those poor kids deserve love. So sad that some people will do that.

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