In memory, with a lollipop

It’s one of the many contacts, numbers, events I can’t force myself to delete: Momsie’s birthday on May 5. Just like last year. Just like every year.

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 9.55.09 AM

Only today I woke up to something marvelous as well: A photo posted by my mom of Sage’s art project in kindergarten. She was charged with creating a life-size construction paper version of someone she admired, and she chose the great-grandmother whom she hardly knew, and on whose birthday she could have been born had Sage been on time and not tortured me for an additional 6 days.

Here’s Momsie eating a lollipop, with flowing blond hair and flared magenta disco pants in honor of her 95th birthday.

momsie with a lollipop

I love when kids have the ability to see things we never would. They’re often right.

Happy birthday Momsie. Hope you’re doing the hustle somewhere right now, and that the lollipops are tasty.


8 thoughts on “In memory, with a lollipop”

  1. That is all kinds of awesome–from the pants to the lollipop to all of it.

    My oldest daughter recently did a display for school about her great-great-grandmother, whom I didn’t even know, but we made her famous homemade donuts that you shake in a bag of sugar before eating. Those donuts were the hit of the fair and I’m sure it would have made our ancestors proud. I love it when generations carry on memories!

  2. It seems like your Momsie lived a beautiful full life! No wonder your daughter admired her, and no wonder you cannot remove the birthday alert. Eating cake and tossing brochures is definitely a must after 80 (heck, at any age you should indulge once in awhile, especially on your birthday). I can’t remove the birthdays of people who have passed in either. I couldn’t bring myself to remove a voicemail from my grandfather after he passed. I wanted to hear his voice.

  3. This absolutely warmed my heart. Leave it to our children to always make us feel better and find a way to make us smile even when sadness creeps in. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Aw, that’s sweet. If someone drew me with a lollipop, I would consider it one of the highest honors. 🙂

  5. I’m constantly astounded my children’s innate ability to find ways to warm our hearts without even realizing it or knowing how incredibly needed it was at the time. It as if somehow they simply sense it.

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