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Maybe we need to come a longer way, baby.

Yesterday, I was teary reading the Cool Mom Picks post we had up for Father’s Day, rounding up 31 quotes about dads from our readers. There were such diverse, heartfelt loving tributes to their own dads, their own stepfathers, their sons who became fathers, their husbands who became stepfathers or foster parents, and of course, the fathers of a lot of newborns. It was really touching.

And really enlightening.

Why we love the dads in our lives: Cool Mom Picks

The more I thought about it, the more I went back to the original posts that contained the comments in the first place, the more I could see that the things we (you know, “we”) admire and appreciate and love our partners for, are a lot of the things that I think are taken for granted in us. Continue reading