The Majyckyl Chylde

A close family member is not doing fabulously well. Complications from a drug treating a chronic illness that leads to other complications and other drugs with side effects that sometimes become complications and lead to tests that lead to more drugs and complications.

I got a call yesterday that she was heading to the hospital for tests, and while everything seems to be not too bad (I’ll take “not too bad”), still, I worry.

And then there’s Thalia. 15 month old Thalia. Who somehow manages to pick up my cell phone when I’m not looking, open it, dial this relative in need of cheerinig up, hit send, and leave a message on her voice mail.

Hi! Hi! Hi!

The relative’s number was not stored in my ten most recent dialed numbers. Her speed dial is not readily accessible. Her name is not the first in my address book.

And yet somehow…

Thalia conducting her first seance.

54 thoughts on “The Majyckyl Chylde”

  1. man, that’s the coolest story i’ve heard in a while. thanks for sharing. 🙂p.s. can i hire thalia to do a seance at my next party?

  2. This happened to us, too. Almost exactly. … the only difference was she typed a text message (since the phone guesses at the word when you type one letter) Hi, Dog.

  3. OK, for starters I hope your family member got a real kick in the pants laugh over Thalia’s message…But really… I am a little late to this party but hey, CONGRATULATIONS… a baby!!

  4. beautiful. I was pregnant with my daughter while a close family member was ailing…I’ve never been more aware of life’s incredible tenacity and fragility. Wishing your loved one better.

  5. I love this story. Little-E used to call and leave me messages before she could talk. I’d just her mom’s number in my phone and hear weird sucking sounds on the message.Classic.

  6. Cool. She is a magical girl. You’ll have to get her some baby tarot cards or something. Maybe she’ll be able to predict the sex of Thalia II.

  7. Thalia bringing spooky joy.I love it.Here’s to your relative recovering quickly and to Thalia delivering happiness and cheer wherever needed.

  8. I’m telling ya, kids know what’s going on. They know things that we don’t. Spooky.My best to your relative. I hope “not bad” turns into “pretty good” and eventually “very good” real soon.

  9. Wow! God, the Universe, or whatever you believe in must have known what would cheer up your relative. Hope s/he gets better.

  10. Awesome.I have to share that my son picked up my phone and got my sister’s voicemail and left her a meesage telling her about cars and bye-bye and cookie…but just like you the number had not been dialed recently and in the contacts she is about halfway down. (alphabetically). It still freaks me out when I think about it.Hope your loved one got cheered by it all.

  11. She really is an amazing baby. I never wrote to congratulate you on the knocked-up-edness and your maybe move to LA. (Congratulations!) If it happens my husband, baby & I would love to take you guys to dinner–Other Liz Not You

  12. You’ve got a gifted baby on your hands. Either that or a kid who will be asking you for her own cell phone by the time she’s five. Gifted sounds better.

  13. wow – that’s amazing and inspiring.I hope your family member feels better soon. Chronic illness sucks rocks.

  14. How about that?!?! Stories like those really remind me that there’s more out there than meets the eye.

  15. How funny – my kid psychically dials her grandmother to come rescue her from my evil clutches. My mother sees this as less magical, and more of a cry for help.Such good news about the pregnancy! What have you told the tiny T?

  16. Weird… my 18 month old recently called my mom- we figured she hit redial or something. But then she called our cousin, who is just out of rehab and certainly needs cheering up- and I don’t even know if I have his phone number anywhere.

  17. they just know. sometimes they get it sooo brilliantly right, like you describe.sometimes, they wake up from the only nap they’ve taken that week as soon as your coffee is ready.

  18. It’s amazing that they know just who to call! My little monkey called a woman my mother had called (at my house) to settle a car dent incident (that sooo wasn’t my mom’s fault). It was so inappropriate and hilarious that the monkey called her cuz this woman is such a bitch. And, then, yesterday, the monkey called a friend of mine in dire need of cheering up. They know a lot more than we think, I think! 🙂I’m really sorry that your relative isn’t well. Blessings….

  19. You know how so many new phone systems are touting voice recognition, where you can speak the name of a person in your address book and the phone dials? Maybe your phone secretly has “babble recognition” that interprets what babies say, and Thalia is making use of it!

  20. They can weave a strange magic these little ones of ours. I hope it helped the spirits of the person in question…

  21. Leave it to the kids, they constantly amaze me!!!I bet she spread a smile as big as Manhattan over your family’s face!Carrie

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