So when they say “amnio results at the end of the week,” does that mean Thursday could be the end of the week, like today, or does it mean THE end of the week, as in Friday, because if you talk about meeting someone at the beginning of the week, that could mean Tuesday too so if you look at it that way, then really Thursday could constitute the end of the week and I can only imagine it doesn’t mean Saturday or Sunday – I think it’s clear that “end of the week” really means “end of the work week” – but really it would be nice to know if today was possibly the day or really it’s tomorrow, so I could at least put it out of my mind today instead of jumping every time the phone rings and if it’s really tomorrow then can I call first thing, or is it the end of the day of the end of the week because I really want to know or at least know when I can know since, as maybe you can sort of tell, I’m prettymuchgoingoutofmymind and would really REALLY like to know because let alone what a big deal this is I’m just not much of a patient person in general…


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  1. Are we related?I can only imagine how you feel, since the most I was ever waiting on was the AFP test results. Hugs to you –

  2. My mom always told me all good things come to those who wait…Did I mention my mom is a nut job and we’re not close?Hang in there, you know the first time you have to go to the bathroom and forget to bring the phone with you, the damn thing will ring and there you will be, struggling to get the thing, with your pants around your ankles…Good luck, Liz. Hang in there. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter…

  3. It means either Thursday or Friday, but not past 3 p.m. on Friday which is about when my waiting heads starts to slowly dissolve.Crossed fingers for GOOD and QUICK.

  4. I hear you. Call and hound them starting today until they get the results to you. I’ve often found if I patiently wait, they never call and then when I finally get fed up and call them they’ll say, oh here are the results, we meant to call you…Medical professionals rarely care about what is waiting on the other end of the test results they carelessly leave sitting around. Hang in there.

  5. You’re still sounding more patient than I would be. I get like that about my mother calling; who knows what I would be like waiting for amnio results, especially such important ones.Hang in there. Best wishes for fantastic (sorry but “good” didn’t cut it) results for you and your family. And of course, best wishes for an ensuing alcohol-less celebration. I really do hope everything turns out well.

  6. awww, bless your heart. i hereby grant you permission to eat nothing but doughnuts between now and when the call comes in. since you’re holding your breath, at least you should be able to put something happy in your mouth.

  7. I’m with tb – call and hound them.That said I hear the bad news travels faster.Seriously myself and a friend were both told this when we called to hound the doctors office about our amnio results.It does make sense even if it doesn’t realllly reassure you.fingers crossed.

  8. Like everyone else said – just call. If there’s ever a time to not worry about being “polite” or “not bothering people” it’s now. You need to know.

  9. I would call…though I called once and the doc didn’t have time to go over the results thoroughly and gave me the wrong info (told me my baby might have Downs), and then said, Wait, that’s wrong. I gotta tell you, I almost crapped my pants right then and there. But still, call. We’re dying out here. Here’s to everything being perfect. Have 1/2 a glass of wine tonight if you want. Don’t tell anyone I said that. 😉

  10. You are a stronger woman than I am. If it were me, I would have called them like three times already to ask if the results were in. And then they would put me on the list of “Annoying Patients Who Call Too Damn Much,” and then, when they finally actually got the results in at 4:55 on Friday, because I was on that list, they would not call me until Monday.*HUGS*I hope they call with good news soon.(P.S. My word verification is dnycpmp. The NYC Pimp? I think that’s totally a sign in your favor.)

  11. Um yeah. I think technically the end of the week means Tomorrow, but you might want to call then and ask. WHat can it hurt anyway? Or you could print this out and fax it to them with your name and phone number and see what happens. 🙂

  12. It depends. If I’m working on a job and I promise them layouts by the end of the week, that means Friday night at 11:59pm. But if someone else tells me to expect something by the end of the week, that time period starts at 12:01am on Thursday morning.

  13. Call them. You never know, they might have the results right there, but haven’t “gotten around” to calling you yet. Call.

  14. *blinks*9 times out of 10 (oh, who am i kidding? more like 11 times out of 10) i feel like stressful problems such as these can be solved with booze.that THAT isn’t even an option makes me the least useful would-be friend ever.homemade chocolate truffles?

  15. I think you should call first thing tomorrow morning. The squeaky wheel gets the oil or, uh, the pushy pregnant woman gets the results right now DAMMIT.O.k. I’ve taken a deep breath now…

  16. Doctors are so annoying. I had blood tests done a few months back, just routine stuff, and they said they would call in a week. A week is 7 days or 5, considering therer is no one in the office on the weekends. After 10 days I thought, Good God, I must be at death’s door. So I call them and was told that I’d have to speak to the doctor and he was not in the office. I was so terrified that I said, “Am I dying or something?” And the receptionist said “No, everything’s fine, but he wants to discuss it with you.” Translation: You are SO dying. Dr. One On One called the next day and all the results were excellent. He said the reason he waited was because the results were so good that he wanted to tell me in person. Meanwhile I was up half the night writing my will.Sheesh.

  17. I feel ya’. Funny how the the doctor’s office never seems to get the urgency of these kinds of things. Hang in there.

  18. GAWD, Liz, I swear, I’m thinking about you every day and I totally can’t imagine what you’re going through, and I hope you get the results back really, really soon and that everything is okay, I just really hope you do.

  19. Waiting is the worst. The. worst. I hope you get the call soon so at least you’ll know. My thoughts are with you.

  20. I’m so friggin inpatient, I would just call!Fingers crossed hard for you. I’m hoping Santa brings you an early Christmas present ASAP!(I tried to post earlier but my friggin work has turned off our ability to post on blogger – can you believe it? grrrrr!)

  21. I keep coming back here to check for good news. Because I know it’s going to be good news and you will write something so simply poignant that those of us who aren’t already will quick try to get pregnant too.

  22. Why is my computer having such a difficult time leaving comments? Sorry about the multiple comments with the use of the word whore. Very classy indeed!

  23. My amnio results came in early, so if you didn’t hear today I think you can definitely call first thing in the morning.Keeping you in my thoughts.

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