Good News and No News (Which We Can Only Hope is Good News)

I have been overwhelmed this week by your emails and ecards (I know! Ecards!) and supportive comments. And here I am, just another pregnant woman waiting for amnio results. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this (and I’m not fishing for an answer to this either) but Nate and I are just so touched. So thank you a million times over. Your kindness has helped get me through this ass-sucking waiting period even more than the chocolate-covered pretzels from Fairway that I polished off this afternoon, and that’s saying something.

The one downside to it all: I’ve never felt quite so obligated to return here with a big dramatic, crowd-pleasing post.

And yet, I’m afraid I will disappoint.

We found out late this afternoon that the genetic testing results were excellent. This is no small mattter, I know. A woman of my (ahem) advanced maternal age does face scarier odds than our twenty-something counterparts. So in what world would one refrain from doing a happy dance over good amnio results? In the world where the damn toxo results have not been processed by the lab. And for some nutty reason, me calling my doctor’s office more frequently does not in fact speed up the testing process in California. Go figure.

I’ve lived with this for now going on three months. What’s a few more days? A few more chocolate pretzel inhaling days? A few more anxiety-provoking, fingernail biting, crossing fingers and making deals with the universe days?

Once again: ARGGHHHHHHH.

But on the bright side:

Yesterday Nate told me that he’d cancel a long awaited boy trip this weekend if the results hadn’t come in yet. I told him to do no such thing. He insisted. I insisted back.

He leaves tomorrow.

And I’m in love again.


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  1. you are amazing and wonderful and i have so much respect and admiration for you. i have been hoping and wishing and praying for a long time now that things would come back wonderful for you, and i still have faith that they will. i’m glad you’re so in love, too – love makes it all worthwhile. 🙂

  2. Oh, I was soooo hoping that you would have good news before the weekend. I hope Monday gets here quickly.

  3. Wow, how frustrating! Great that the Amino results are great …. Hopefully Monday will bring more good news!

  4. Oh shit Liz, I’m so sorry you don’t know. But the genetic test being good is a positive thing. I guess we’re a bit too laid back in California, huh? On behalf of my state, I apoligize. 😉And Nate rocks. I hope you know soooonnnnnn.

  5. So glad to hear your great news. I think distracting yourself with food for the next few days is a fabulous idea. Maybe I will join you, just for fun. There are countless things I would love to be distracted from. And countless foods I could use for distraction. Having a pregnant friend makes it okay to eat along with her (albeit 50 miles away). Right?Having children is always difficult (and joyful) in ways we can’t imagine.Love to you!

  6. Jesus H. Christ. What is wrong with the universe? Someone get this woman her test results before the entire blogosphere melts down from the incessant refreshing!(seriously though…glad part 1 of the news is good, and am certain part 2 will be too.)

  7. Congrats on the genetic testing. Here’s to listening to your giant exhale of relief when the buggers in the government testing lab in California let you know Thalia’s sister is gonna be a ok…good luck. And feel free to eat as much sugar as you can get your hands on. It’s a pregnant woman’s right…

  8. How awesome and frustrating. Good news! … and yet, good lord can’t they get their act together?Hang in there, my friend.

  9. I have been thinking about you all day today. Glad that the news so far is good… and I know the rest will be too.(((hugs to you)))

  10. Yay! And Gah! Jeebus, the waiting. I’m amazed you’re hanging in there as well as you are.Sending good thoughts you’re way, babe. And virtual chocolate covered pretzels, which admitedly are not as good as the real thing but it’s the thought that counts.

  11. I’m so glad you at least got the amnio back. That is at least half a sigh of relief’s worth. Waiting is torturous. Hang in there.

  12. Amazing patience grasshopper. My mom always says No New is Good News. You’re almost there and yay! on Nate’s getaway. Good call.

  13. I always like to think no news is good news. But I also no that no news is no news. Still thinking good thoughts for you, and hoping all’s well. Somehow, I know it will be just fine.– toyfoto

  14. Liz, I believe I speak on behalf of the majority of the crowd when I say we do not feel you are in any way obligated to please us in this particular situation. We may be checking your site a bit more than usual lately, but that’s because we’re worried about you, as a real person and not as a character in some cliffhanger, because we like you (even though most of us haven’t actually met you, but that is the weirdness of the internet). For heaven’s sake, you have enough to worry about already without worrying about how the internet is going to judge the dramatic quality of your test result posts 😉I will send a psychic broadcast to all lazy lab techs in California that if they do not get all amnio toxoplasmosis results in their queue delivered by Monday, chocolate will be banned in California, and Grey’s Anatomy will be permanently canceled.

  15. Lara and I were just talking about you yesterday, hoping that you get good results back soon. Hang in there!

  16. Good news is good news and for that I’m thrilled for you. But, more waiting? You poor girl. At least you know you’ve got a heck of a lot of gals out here pulling for ya. That’s saying something. We’re all eagerly awaiting more good news. Think good thoughts darlin’. You know we are!

  17. You’re halfway there and the news is good so far! Yay! I am praying that more good news is on its way.

  18. It might be faster to go to a tarot card reader but that would wasted chocolate pretzel money. I sure do hope that she’s doing all right in there!

  19. Congratulations on your second genetically perfect daughter. What’s one without the pair? ARGGHHH for the other thing. You are in my thoughts.

  20. Okay, it is hereby mandatory to eat as many chocolate covered pretzels as you must to get through this weekend, and the wait for the other half of the test results!!! Aaargh is right! I hate to wait too, but hopefully Thalia will help you pass the time by playing the “drop it” game, or something as similarily exhausting! Keep on keepin’ on, as they say!!Carrie

  21. Yikes-a-hooey, the stress! You poor thing. Just keep eating chocolate and everything will be okay.

  22. I wish I lived in Manhattan so I could come and keep you company. I would distract you with food and funny stories about my cats. And maybe we would go to Zabars and Dean and Deluca and drool over all the soft cheeses we can’t eat.

  23. I have been worried about you and thinking about you and not quite sure the right thing to say. But I am so glad to hear about the amnio … and crossing fingers, toes, legs and eyes that the other test comes back with just as wonderful news.Sending you a virtual chocolate covered pretzel…

  24. I wish I knew Nate was going to be gone cuz I’d have insisted you hop a train out this way and I’d have filled you full with little chocolate doodads and munchies. And I’m glad to hear your ‘advanced maternal age’ has produced a great looking baby! Those toxo results better get in fast! I can’t keep checking your site without feeling like a stalker!Happy Hannukah by the way! We’re making latkes tonight! (wow lots of “!” in this comment)

  25. Congrats on the good results. I’m so sorry you still haven’t got your damn tox results. Thinking about you. Julie

  26. This waiting game is torture! Don’t they understand how nervous I am? I mean, how nervous YOU are?Yikes!

  27. AAARRGGHHH! Labs have no sense of decency! I’m assuming the best news for you while we continue to wait.

  28. I remember waiting for the results of the little angel’s amnio. Worst week of my life. I feel for you! Good luck!

  29. Now THAT’s a good hubby. Hang in there … it’s good to have good news, and here’s to hoping for better news in a few days.

  30. I’m so sorry that I missed the last post about the results, especially since I’ve been thinking about when you would be having your amnio since the toximo-blah-ickness problem reared its ugly head. But my head has been up my own ass. In any case, I AM SO GLAD that there has been SOME good news. Good news is good. Good news is good.xo

  31. I’ve been eyeing Mom-101 in my newsreader every day waiting to hear the results. This is only Part I of the good news…Thinking of you and Nate.

  32. I’m glad the amnio results were good (as i fully expected!)waiting on part duex with baited breath!

  33. Good on you for the good news! And for insisting Nate do his Boy Thing.I’m pondering what I just wrote about Boy Thing. Like annother euphemism for masturbation or something. Sorry.But good news! That’s always good!

  34. oh gosh…I have been so out of the loop lately. My own fault.I’m glad the results are looking grand! I know the worry of the advanced maternal age mother. And I know the worry of weird things gone on during a pregnancy.It will all turn out well.Where are you? Let me send you chocolate bars.

  35. I’ve been thinking of you. I’m happy for the amnio results and thinking good thoughts for the other.Take care, really.

  36. I was just reminiscing about my 81 weeks of chocolate covered pretzels. I only ate them while pregnant, but I could eat a bag of Flipz in one sitting.I continue to think of you, day in and day out. You know where to find me.

  37. Congrats on the great results! Crossing fingers for good toxo labs, too!(and I LOVE/ADORE chocolate pretzels!!!)

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