November’s Perfect Post

There are some things that are better to get done earlier than later in life: Filing for your tax refund, for example. Or preordering movie tickets for Christmas day in New York City, since pretty much that’s where you’ll find the city’s entire non-Christian population. Well, there and eating Chinese food.

But writing a fantastic blog post early in the month? Not so good. Because the way I see it, the Perfect Post awards are essentially handed out by a bunch of procrastinators who, the night before the awards are due, quickly scan their brains for something they read in the past few days.

So this month, to compensate for my embarassing lack of participation in all things blog over the last two months, I had made a vow to start early. I would catalog everything wonderful I read all month long, not just in the final week. And boy, there was a lot of wonderful this month.

The Original Perfect Post Awards

But wouldn’t you know it, I settled on one of the very first things I read: Kelly Kelly’s November 1 post, Writing is Like My 401K: I Wish I Had Started Earlier.

Whether you’re a mom, a parent at all, a serious writer, or just a procrastinator (aren’t we all), this clever little piece is going to stick with you like cinnamon apple oatmeal on a snowday.

You can track down the other winners at Petroville and Suburban Turmoil, cyberhomes of the two benevolent bloggers who started this exercise in democratic accolades. In fact, if you want to give an award next month, you’re more than welcome. Just email them for the details.

If you want to win an award next month–well, let’s just say good thing that NaBloPoMo thing is over. Less competition. And, selfishly, less I have nothing to write about today but I have to post something blah blah blah for me to weed through on my bloglines.



And since you have nothing to do besides read blogs and look for holiday goodies at Cool Mom Picks this weekend, here are few other posts that I wish I could have awarded (because besides being a procrastinator, I am hugely indecisive):

*Redneck Mommy’s Trust Me I’m Good, Now Give Me the Baby
*Rocking the Cradle’s Mawiage
*Sweatpants Mom’s Grandma Helen
*Pundit Mom’s ChinaMom


10 thoughts on “November’s Perfect Post”

  1. Golly that’s nice of you. It means so much to hear folks like what you are doing — sometimes cyberspace just echoes. Doesn’t it? Thanks again,Kelly

  2. Mom101, Thanks so much for the mention. It’s a real honor to be mentioned in the company of these other wonderful bloggers!

  3. My question is, how do you nominate someone? DO I have to go someplace and state my case or can I just say this is who I’m picking and why on my own blog?Please, please help a girl out.

  4. Aw, shucks Liz.I’m blushing. Thanks for thinking of me. Now, perhaps I could sic you on my mother-in-law who is supposed to be one of my references (I know, I know, what the hell was I thinking?) and get you to give her a boot in the ass, I mean, gentle nudge and tell her to hurry up.I want my baby and darling mother-in-law is stalling the process..

  5. Hi! Thanks so much for the linkage!Thing’s have been impossible around here, but I hope to be up and posting again this week. And I need to get caught up on my reading. Hopefully tonight…

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