Placenta Brain: It Affects Those Who Spend Time With Pregnant Women Too

I generally do not snark on weird baby gear that I come across. And boy, are there opportunities out there. But after working on Cool Mom Picks for the past year, I realize that that behind each one of those products, misguided though they may be, is someone–often a mom–who has poured her heart and soul into it. And so I forgo the priceless comedy fodder, even when maybe I could really really use it.

But we just received a solicitation from a company that I have to mention (but not by name).

They make a maternity accessory that’s not a bad idea, really. Helps keep your pants up, that sort of thing. Except that a large fits size 8.

One more time:

Large. Fits. Size. 8.

I want to write a response telling them that they’re alienating a good deal of their potential target. (To say nothing of the the two editors of CMP, neither of whom are a size 8 on a good day, let alone when pregnant.) I want to tell them they’re out of touch with the needs of real pregnant women. I want to tell them that the last thing they want to do is make pregnant women feel like they’re too fat to wear some stupid, overpriced accessory even in their first trimester.

But it wouldn’t matter. Not while they can tell you what celebrities wear their product and how many hot stores carry it.

So I’ll just go back to whining about my aching back and eating cinnamon Pop Tarts, watching my belly grow ever larger over the waistband of my not size 8s.

You can snark for me.


As Seen at Cool Mom Picks

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Which you already know. Because you go there like, every day, right?


26 thoughts on “Placenta Brain: It Affects Those Who Spend Time With Pregnant Women Too”

  1. um yeah cause I LOVE me a good contest!! and size 8I think the last time I wore a size eight I was thirteen and, um I think it was my SHOE size.

  2. ooooh, i’m commenter #2!!!!!!not commenter 157!!!!!i had to comment right away,now i’ll read your post!i have placenta brain from reading your blog 🙂i mean that in a good way

  3. ooh i’m back, i’m commenter #3 if i hurry. i put graphic buttons on my blog as mother’s day shoutouts! of course i put mom101 on right away. i’ll put coolmompicks on too.happy mother’s day (you may be giving birth that day, hmmmmm, that’s my daughter’s birthday!

  4. Just wanted to say that CMP has actually truly come to be my favorite website – seriously. I check it more than once a day now. You guys are doing an awesome job of putting up some great products. Too bad I’m too poor to buy most of it! But I did send the link to one of your mother’s day items to my husband as a “hint”. Talk about smooth… 🙂

  5. I laughed out loud at the top size fitting an eight. Even with the first pregnancy, when I was 19 and coming out of a size five starting gate, there would have been NO WAY IN HELL that I would have been able to get into an eight after, say, Month Seven.Sheesh.

  6. Sounds like “Due Maternity” to me. My pre-pregnancy size was 12-14, extra large, yes, but when I walked into their store in Santa Barbara (during my first trimester!) the sales clerk put her personal phone call on hold just long enough to inform me that they didn’t carry anything that would be big enough to fit me – and I should try shopping for maternity clothes on-line. They didn’t carry anything larger than a size 8 either. Extra low cut jeans in size 2 and bikinis may work for some pregnant women, but I don’t think it’s fair to call it “maternity” clothing. Most women are a size 8 or larger, and even larger than that when pregnant. We have to have some body fat in order to ovulate and get pregnant, after all. The low sizes and high prices of these so-called maternity clothes are enough to make a pregnant women pre-eclamtic – it raises my blood pressure every time.

  7. I really am big-boned. Really, I am. I have never, ever even come close to a size 8. I’m 5’9, with a very large frame, and at my absolute thinnest, not a pound overweight, I wore an 11. Sob. Even with the ridiculous sizing there is these days, an 8 was NEVER large.

  8. Considering a size 10 is plus-sized in the modeling world. I suppose an 8 is large.If you are 5’11 weigh 100 pounds and just had a cigarette for lunch.I’ll go back to squeezing in my 12’s and shoving the donut into my mouth.

  9. I’m getting disappointed that I’m not seeing a “SHE’S HERE!” heading on your recent posts. Sigh. I know it won’t be long, but I’m impatient. But, I am still hoping for a 5-6-07 birthdate too, so I’ll hang in there. And CMP’s Mother’s Day guide rocks.

  10. How is it, in this world of vanity sizing, that the two places they still make women feel awful are wedding dresses and maternity clothes? I swear those are the two areas of women’s fashions where nothing fits as it should, guaranteed. “Buy your pre-pregnancy size” they say, but I have yet to fit comfortably in my pre-pregnancy size in any maternity clothes, and I have only gained 3 pounds this entire pregnancy. Size 8 a Large? Idiots.

  11. I SO wish you would have posted the company’s name so that we could flood them with angry e-mails! I understand that you don’t want to snark on people…but these people deserve some serious snarking…to their face!

  12. I have some advice and assvice for you. Yeah. Like you really need it. I think you’re doing JUST FINE without my help.Umm, except for that pesky naming thing.

  13. I’m right there with you, Margalit…Try being 5’10” and a size 18 BEFORE pregnancy. So maybe I can find “plus-sized” maternity (*shudders*) pants, but you know what? THEY’RE NEVER FREAKING LONG ENOUGH!As much as I hate to admit it, Wal-mart had capris that fit perfectly. Go figure.

  14. Ummmmm… cinnamon Pop Tarts… I can honestly say I don’t think that I know any woman, who while pregnant wore a size 8. Maybe they are marketing to the teenagers with disposable income that are knocked up?

  15. Congrats… popping in from the big shower going on. I hear you about the size 8. I thought a while back the fashion designers were making clothes bigger but putting the smaller size tag on them. Whatever happened to that deal? I’ve got a contest going on as well if you’d like to check out a bunch of < HREF="" REL="nofollow"> Bloggers Without Makeup!<> Steph

  16. I’m snarking for you, fear not. Happy Shower day to you! I don’t know about you, but it seems like the time just flew. (ha ha)I’m heading over to Cool Mom Pick’s now. I love contests! (your post was way smooth, by the way)

  17. I think there is some sort of weird sizing conspiracy going on.I was just buying some shoes the other day, and where I normally wear a size 6-1/2 or 7, these were a size 6, and they were plenty big. The salesman explained to me (in hushed tones) that since there’s a stigma attached to women with big feet (huh?), manufacturers are sizing their shoes smaller. Crazy.

  18. I’d like to point out that bottomsUp ( is an excellent product for keeping your pants up, and it fits all sizes (not just 8 and under). And the fact that my wife is the inventor has absolutely nothing to do with this plug.(this is the point where I get a nasty note from Liz saying I shouldn’t plug things on her blog…sorry!)

  19. Is it possible that they meant an underwear size 8? Because that would be a large in normal people sizes (45-47″ hips).

  20. Anon 3:04 – in no “normal” world should an 8 be a large. If that’s the way underwear is sized then it’s clearly the conspiracy of misogynistic gay fashionistas.

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