The Debauched Preggo

I have been requested–nay, commanded–by the lovely and talented Her Bad Mother to guest blog for her today while she takes a little r&r. Immediately I agreed, provided I wasn’t in labor yet. Then she told me I was lined up after MotherGooseMouse, Motherhood Uncensored, and GingaJoy. Yeah, not too intimidating.

And then she announced the topic:

Burlesque blogging.

Which, well, if you could see me these days, would make you laugh so hard you’d pee. Or maybe that’s just me. But still, I have done my best to rise to the occasion and keep her place tidy in her absence. You know, water the plants and pick up my pasties before I lock up; that sort of thing.

So click on over for a little peek at Worship the Belly. I’ll show you mine and you don’t even have to show me yours.


8 thoughts on “The Debauched Preggo”

  1. i bet you have the beautifulist belly! do you have the linea negra?it’s like that black line down the back of a silk stocking

  2. I LOVED that post!!Just goes to show you… there is so much beautiful diversity in expressions of sexuality in the world.ORSome people get their rocks off in the strangest of ways.

  3. Mcewen – not firefox, just blogger screwing up the links for a change. It’s fixed. Although the set-up isn’t really worth the pay-off by now.

  4. What, giving a strange man a milk srpay in the eye isn’t a turn on to you too? Thank god for unedited and unrescricted online personals. 🙂

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