The Whining Resumes

Now that my OB has declared, “everything looks just fine” and the sonogram technician has given me an imperfect weight guestimate of 5 pounds, 4 healthy ounces–I can go back tobitching about frivolous things like maternity bras the size of a minivan, my slightly troublesome new compulsion to eat a daily Reeses, and of course, the ongoing saga of what to name (or rather, what not to name) the baby.

Because she’s coming in 4 weeks or so. And she’s looking good, so say the experts.

(Here I squeal, just a little, but don’t tell anyone. I have a reputation to uphold.)

All of your supportive comments and emails definitely talked me off a low ledge this week, and in fact, I now feel a wee bit embarrassed for an anxiety attack that seems disproportionate to the actual chance of any fears coming to pass.

Of course that’s easy for me to say now, after hearing the words “everything looks fine.” From an expert. In a white coat. With framed diplomas on the wall. Which is just who you want to hear those words from.


Speaking of what to name or not name the baby:

(And I can assure you that Pear Fart is now officially off the list, despite Thalia’s most recent suggestion.)

March ROFL Award

Huge thanks to Sandra who nominated She Who Shall Remain Nameless for a ROFL award. I’m in some pretty outstanding company, and duly flattered.

Although the closer I get to that 40 week mark, the less funny that post is starting to sound.


31 thoughts on “The Whining Resumes”

  1. Squeal away. So good everything is just fine! And congrats again on the award … i sent a few of my pregnant non-blog reading friends over to see it and they are now hooked on your blog!

  2. I hear you. I have about 6 more weeks left and my husband won’t really engage in the name debate because he’s convinced himself that I name the child anyway, regardless of what he wants. Which is true, but I could use some help coming up with more names to say “no” to.Also, I’m glad things are good with your baby.And (sorry, long initiation response) when my second daughter was born she wasn’t named until an hour before we left the hospital- but the name did come!

  3. Oh GOOD! I had’t read your angst ridden e mail until just now, and am relieved FOR you. Yay for healthy baby girls! Whatever their names are!

  4. hmm… how about Calliope Reese… for the muse and the above posters suggest on the ever so deliciously craved peanut butter cups? now there ya go… :O)

  5. Yea for the as of yet unnamed child.And yea for you and your rofl award. Much deserved.And girl, be happy you don’t have a nine year old boy who insist on naming his new sibling Spiro. Or Georgia Peach if it’s a girl. (I think he may have been hanging around the strip joints while I wasn’t looking.)

  6. Glad that things are looking good! It’s a relief! Now, let’s get down to names…. 🙂How about Eugenia? My mother tried to name me that. Thank the Lord she changed her mind.

  7. Yea, I am so happy for you. Go ahead and squeal, we won’t tell.Pear Fart..snort, oh I love toddlers. How about Athena? For some reason I just love that name.

  8. Whew – glad everything looks fine!We had our ultrasound today, and everything is fine for us, except that she’s breech. But there may still be time to turn her.

  9. Glad to hear the good report! And the whole business about not knowing what to name the baby–it does have the effect of building some good blog suspense. Keeps me wondering, while at the same time I’m supremely confident you’ll come up with something that will make Thalia proud 🙂

  10. Pear Fart. Thalia, you rock!Very glad all is hunky-dory with Nameless.How about Isabel?(Oh shut up, slouching mom. She doesn’t need any more names.)

  11. Four weeks, huh? In four weeks Bossy hopes to have her new porch painted. Not nearly the accomplishment of new life, but she’s just saying…

  12. I’m so glad your baby is doing fine! Four weeks is coming quick! I can’t wait to see pictures of Thalia with her new sibling. 🙂 Take care.

  13. That’s great news from the white coats.I am kind of jelaous of her estimated weight. With four weeks to go how much can she possibly weigh? What a kind, thoughtful little girl.

  14. I am SO glad to hear the good news. And, what, only one Reese’s a day?As for names, I’m partial to Rachel (aka PunditGirl!) 😉

  15. I think you should name her after a potent potable. After all, after months of deprivation, what could you crave more?Some suggestions:ChardonnayPinot GrigioChiantiSangriaAmarettoSkyyBella SeraChateauneuf du PapeTawny PortVendangeCarolanRiuniteCellaKahluaNight TrainOnly the best in this house !

  16. Wow!Seriously, though, in keeping with the Greek theme, what about Athena? Athena Pear Fart _______? That’s mellifluous, and not commonly used…I’ve always had a weird attraction to strong-chick Greek names that aren’t heard much. Athena fits that bill. Then there’s Gaia, Greek Earth-Mother…Emma Thompson has one.In any case, I think both names ending in the -a sound would go nicely together.Bella Sera, Kahlua, Sangria…

  17. My sister just named her newly adopted daughter, Athena. It is a lovely name. In keeping with the Greek names, you could also choose Agape or Arianna.

  18. Hooray for good news! So happy to hear…and so amazed that 40 weeks has suddenly shrunk to 4. Yowzah. How can it be? (Cruel of me to talk about time flying while you’re so pregnant and likely counting the minutes till delivery. Forgive my insensitivity.)And screw those highfalutin wine names. Go for Moonshine. or Ripple.xo

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