“Who Does the Baby Look Like?”

At any given moment:




Anyone but Thalia

Grandma as a baby

Susan Powter

Her cousin Brodie

My second cousin Jamie

An old Vaudevillian comedian

My stepmother’s father (see above)

Peter Boyle

Winston Churchill

The one of the 3 Stooges who was bald


Uncle Fester

Her cousin Bea

Bam Bam Bigelow

I don’t care who she looks like…all I know is ever since she came along,
there are a LOT more toys around.

42 thoughts on ““Who Does the Baby Look Like?””

  1. I know what you mean! My daughter is basically my clone, but then she’ll wrinkle her nose or raise her eyebrows and I’ll see my husband’s grandfather in her so clearly that it makes me wonder how I never saw the resemblance before.A former coworker told me during a visit:“Boy, it’s a good thing your daughter looks like you! Don’t get me wrong; your husband is a very handsome man, but wow would he make an ugly woman!” I still laugh about that one.

  2. Do you pronounce Thalia with a silent h? My sister’s name is Talia, and it is rare that I see her name anywhere else.Your girls are beautiful!

  3. They are both so adorable. People always ask that question of any new parents. Seems to me she looks just like herself. Just beautiful chubby little Sage.

  4. ok, i’ll have to agree with doow.she’s going to be bigger than thalia any day now!is she ever pretty. as is thalia.awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  5. Sage is gorgeous! Uncle Fester?!?!?! You know that only the mom (or dad) could say that and get away with it! Thalia is looking too cute too. I love her little wispy curls in back. How is she handling all this ‘new baby’ stuff?

  6. There’s always the obvious anwser: she looks like herself. That was the answer I always gave when people argued about who Cordy looked like.Hope you’re holding up well!

  7. They are both adorable. Your pictures of the two of them together have me rethinking my decision to wait indefinitely for another. Damnit.

  8. Liz – they’re just so precious! Thalia is just the most adorable proud big sister and Sage, well, just look at those biteable cheeks! I just saw your post from 05/23, and you know, EVERYONE..strangers, family, all without us asking, always told us 1. Your first baby was/is a really great baby (now toddler) 2. Don’t expect the second to be the same.Well…not that I’d want them to be the same, right? But I can tell you, our littlest is just as good as the first, they’re both fun, amazing, and yes, feisty in their own cool ways. I love seeing the differences in their personalities blossom and the way they play off of each other, it’s just the neatest thing to watch. Just look at your two little mamas….what a gift, times two. Congratulations to you and Nate, and Thalia and Sage of course, again and again!xoxoJen, Faez, Nadia & Jessenia The Bunny and VBee Fam in SF

  9. AHHHHHHHH! Too cute! We just took the same photo with our little two. ‘Cept P wouldn’t look at the camera like your little Sage. I want to bite her thighs! Delish.

  10. The first pic. OMG OMG OMG. I can *feel* a new baby in my arms (don’t tell).And I love the second one too – the proud big sis is just gorgeous.

  11. we’re still playing that game–with both kids, but especially with the baby who looks nothing like me, for sure.

  12. She’s awful cute, whoever she resembles.My 2nd born looked like Curly, the bald stooge. And my dad. And my grampy. And me. Jesus. What does that say about how I look? Okay -back after i find my self esteem.

  13. Lyndon Johnson … (I am so totally kidding, that’s a Seinfeld reference, and a lame, obscure one at that.) She looks like the happiest baby on the block! (gag)

  14. How divine! Thalia looks so proud and happy… what a great bonus. You are manifesting a great sense of humor for a sleep-deprived (I assume) mother of two. Thinking of you and wishing you well….

  15. Look at those gorgeous girls. They just make the world a brighter one.I can’t wait for Dawson to have a sibling… Someday… Soon I pray…

  16. I really loved it when my Uncle shot my mother down… Ah, the baby looks like himself. whadda ya talkin’ about…But it does make a good post.

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  18. She is so beautiful, and BIG – oh and did I mention beautiful?How do you go about making such cute kids? Is there an old boere remedy that I haven’t found yet?🙂

  19. She looks great. Already putting on weight and a head full of hair. Myles has a certain facial expression that makes him look just like Travis Bickel. Not good.

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