Booty (Re)Call: This is Becoming PSA Central

I am walking to the pantry right now to throw out our Veggie Booty. It’s been recalled. All of it. 51 people have come down with salmonella after eating it, mostly kids under 3.

The scary thing is the last two times we gave it to Thalia she told us her tummy hurt, so we figured we’d put it away for a while. I can only hope it’s a coincidence.


16 thoughts on “Booty (Re)Call: This is Becoming PSA Central”

  1. Yikes! I’m glad I read your post. Just threw the stuff out. My two-year-old loves it. I’m starting to wonder if we can trust any of the food we buy any more. Scary.

  2. Oh, for crissakes. It will be the friggin’ veggies that kill us after all… Luckily, we are all out. Hope the Tings are OK, because to the little man, they are crack.

  3. That’s fucking great, first the spinach thing a few months ago, now they take away the one trick that got our kids to eat at least a smidgen of vegetables. I knew I should have planted that garden in the backyard.

  4. Oooh, good PSA, we are out too luckly, and I am the only person I knew that had that stuff. My friends would always look at it and ask, “WTF IS that?”

  5. Oh good God. With all this news about China’s food, the spinach scare a while back and now this??? What the hell is safe to eat anymore?!?!If they recall Tings, I’m going to kick some ass.

  6. Oh, I love that stuff. Don’t have any at the moment, but glad you posted this.

  7. Maybe it’s because I have a baby under 12 months … but I have no idea what pirate veggie booty is. Do carrots have butts now? 😉

  8. No kidding – this is scary. My 18 month old girl is obsessed with booty and has been eating a lot of it over the past few days. She also had a fever yesterday and a little one this morning. Her Dad is freaking out.

  9. Wow, you are PSA Momma, aren’t you? I should be checking in on your site before I do any shopping, n’est pas?Food seems to be getting a scarier and scarier thing, doesn’t it? I can only imagine it will keep getting worse. But I’ll be okay. As long as the asshats don’t jack up the beer supply, I’ll be fine.

  10. Veggie Booty does exist in Canada. At least in Toronto. Thanks to your PSA I just threw out an unopened bag. Now, I’m off to check our toothpaste.

  11. A kid here in Nashville has gotten sick from it. Sucks, doesn’t it? Hope Thalia’s okay.

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