Wii are Family

Last night, the boobs and Nate and I made a happy foursome as we headed out for our first sans kids night on the town. And by town I mean a way cool little party at Isabel‘s, for which the folks from Nintendo brought over six Wii systems, plied us with alcohol, and hoped that we didn’t fling the joysticks through the flat screens.

It was the perfect date night–Nate headed right for the baseball and I hovered around the crabcakes. And then Alice and her husband showed up so I hovered around them instead. And then Laura Bennett–that Laura Bennett–showed up so we hovered around her. And then a transvestite sort of a fellow who lived upstairs showed up, along with a Jocelyn Wildenstein type of a woman but we didn’t so much hover around them as quietly gawk from a safe distance.

I know this is all too much to try and picture so fortunately I brought my camera.


But then I was having such a nice time feeling tan next to Alice that I didn’t take it out once.


So I present you with the virtual photo album: The photos I would have taken had I not have hit the wine quite so quickly.

The charming, funny, and proudly pale Alice Bradley.

We try desperately to make Nate and Scott BFF but, ugh. Men. You know.

Playing Wii on the hottest night of the year: Sweat is the new black.

Isabel shows off her shapely Alpha-calves. And wait…where is her child? Not attached to her at all times? Wait ’til the media gets a hold of this!

I can’t decide between the wine, the beer, and the mango mojitos.
Which is why God gave us two hands.

Laura arrives in sequins. How she has this figure after five kids, I will never know.

Laura and Alice who are now going steady I am told. (By Alice.)

Nate taking his Wii tennis victory a liiiiiittle too seriously.

I am almost not quite sucking at Wii bowling but the boobs are a bit of a hindrance.

Hahaha! Can you believe THIS happened?

Laura crushes us in bowling, even in 90 1/2-inch heels.
Damn competitive reality TV stars.

23 thoughts on “Wii are Family”

  1. How fun! Slackermommy just had a Wii party hosted by Nintendo too. Sounds like a lot of fun!Great photos! And more importantly, did you get any inside scoops about Project Runway?

  2. wow, that second to last picture? amazing. that happened to a friend of mine once at a high school formal. (which, seriously, can you imagine being 16 and out with a group of your FRIENDS when that happens? the humiliation!) fortunately, it turns out that it was mostly pretty easy to clear up, except for that one area (you know the one!).man, i wish i’d gotten a picture of that night…

  3. Fun! Our Wii could use a little extra playing time, if you feel the urge to round the corner…And did Nate really have to punch that guy? I mean, it IS only tennis

  4. That is so fricking funny, but perhaps Bossy can suggest to you a little thing she likes to call Photoshop? The thing can do anything, she’s told.

  5. Number one.You’ve lost an amazing amount of weight, and I’m not just saying that.Number 2 – Where are all these cool fucking get togethers in Montreal?All I got is crabby, smoking, Quebecois.

  6. Alice and Laura are going steady! Way cool.Welcome to the Wii World – it’s addictive and dangerous (especially if you live in a teeny tiny apartment – invest in drywall).

  7. I had my first play with a Wii at the weekend, or the Wiikend, if you will. I was almost annoyed to discover that it was enormous fun; I’d been hoping to be able to simply disparage it. But, I swear your rack gets in the way when you come to play golf.

  8. Fuck! You met THE Laura Bennett? But that was MY obsession! I was the one who took up for her week after week as my stepdaughters poo-pooed her fabulous designs!Oh well. I’ll have to content myself with being Amy Sedaris’s personal (if unofficial) valet at BlogHer. Sounds like a great party!

  9. Sounds like a good time! For some reason your photos were blank on my browser. I had a Wii party hosted by Nintendo a few weeks ago. It was a blast. They made us feel like celebrities.

  10. Wow, how does one go about getting a Wii party hosted by Nintendo?Santa is thinking of bringing the girls a Wii for Christmas.

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