Empowerment: It Isn’t Just for Women

I have been fairly outspoken on these pages about feminism and my wholehearted support of it as a movement. I’ve got no qualms defining myself a feminist, and I’ve taken issue with those who thinks it’s an outdated concept–you know, because women have like, jobs and all so we don’t really need it any more, right? I wish I could credit the person who wrote that the day journalists stop discussing Hillary’s hair is the day there will be no need for feminism
But I also feel like I have to call ’em like I see ’em and I don’t think that women are inherently disadvantaged everywhere. And I think blogging is one of those places that women get a pretty fair shot.

So when I’m asked to consider whether blogging empowers women, my answer is sure. But not just women.

I think this medium empowers anyone with a strong voice that might not otherwise be heard, particularly by the mainstream media: 16 year olds and 97 year olds. Blacks, Asians, and half-Latinas with a wicked sense of humor. Short people. Bald people. Lawng Islandahs. Conspiracy theorists. Cancer survivors. People with acne. People with buck teeth. College dropouts. Housewives–and not the desperate, ready-for-prime time, size 0 kind either.

It doesn’t matter what your bust size is, how white your teeth are, or what kind of car you drive, and it certainly doesn’t matter whether you’ve got those double-X chromosomes if you want to journal online. Anyone with access to an internet connection can have a soapbox. And that’s exactly what I love about blogging, even if it does at times lump me in with the crazies and the grammatically deficient.

Here, a woman can write about football. A man can write about crock pot recipes. And a mother can write about her experiences without an editor saying Momlit? Oh, that’s so played. Pass.

The potential is limitless. For women. For anyone.

Gotta love that.

What do you think? Does blogging empower women? If you’ve got an opinion, post it and link back to Motherblogs Toronto for a chance to win a free pass to BlogHerCon 07. You don’t even have to be a woman to enter. You certainly don’t have to be from Toronto. Or if you don’t want the $200 pass (although who wouldn’t?) you can win a prize pack that I know nothing about except includes candy.

I feel empowered enough to tell you that I love candy.


14 thoughts on “Empowerment: It Isn’t Just for Women”

  1. PS Who are the men writing about their crock pot recipes? If I find out, I’ll be all over them like a moth to a flame. Is there anything hotter than a man and his crock pot?

  2. I’ve got one! I’ve got one!A man with a crock pot, that is.But I haven’t gotten him sucked into blogging yet … and I’m certainly not introducing him to Slouching Mom!Mmmmmmmm … tonight was mandrian orange chicken with vegetables … mmmmmmmmmmm ….And yes, I will miss his cooking while I’m at BlogHer.

  3. You said it, lady. I’ve gotten to “meet” so many articulate people of unknown shapes, sizes, ages, and geographies this way.

  4. Ooh Prescott, you beat me to it! I knew there was a line in there somewhere and just couldn’t get to it.

  5. I’ve got a “neat-freak”…and quite happy with him! I’m the one in charge of cooking…and making a mess in the kitchen, he’s the one cleaning up after me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he secretely blogs his cleaning techniques…

  6. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Though blogging is empowering to a degree, I think the real value is in the freedom it affords. It’s a very complex medium this blogging. I’m still figuring it out.

  7. Hey – I’m a born Lawng Islandah, but I have NEVER talked like that. I can’t figure out why this blogging thing is so compelling – as a reader and as a writer.

  8. Right on sister! I can’t even tell you how “empowered” I feel being about to write in a blog… it’s a medium that WORKS for me, it holds me accountable for the things that I think/feel/say/write and I don’t believe that has anything to do with being a woman… it’s never even crossed my mind actually. I just think I feel empowered as a HUMAN with a VOICE and SOMETHING TO SAY! 🙂

  9. I think that you put it perfectly. It allows us all to say what we want, how we want, when we want. And yep, it’s empowering some crazies and some tards but mostly? It’s raising a really, really cool chorus.Now. Where do I find the crock-pot men?

  10. I love it! Totally agree. And speaking of women who can write about football, do you know where that blog is? Because well, I need to contribute to that. Like now. I don’t know if you could label me a feminist, but I did break a big gender barrier in such sport at my alma mater. What can I say? I have a soft spot for the pigskin!

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