And Right On Time, According to the Milestone Charts

It’s been a slow climb to this stage. But I can now safely say we have indeed entered the tantrum-throwing, foot-stomping, paint-eating, baby-poking, cookie-demanding, parent-testing, food-hurling, dog-riding, cat-teasing, diaper-removing, mommy-clinging, independence-asserting, random whining, shrieking, and falling down crying years, or so it would seem.

“Well,” Nate said dryly in response to one of the forementioned behaviors. “Now we know why they call it The Fabulous Twos.”

Portrait of the Tantrum-Thrower as a Young Girl.
Barely visible pigeon shirt courtesy
Sweet Juniper

31 thoughts on “And Right On Time, According to the Milestone Charts”

  1. Funny, how all of this has coincided with Sage’s birth. Inexplicable, really. Snort. 😉Poor you.

  2. Oh, what a sweet age. My mom says that when they brought my younger sis home from the hospital (I was 18 mos) I used to hit her on the head and exclaim “Fini, ça!” which was my way of saying “That’s Stephanie!” Or possibly my code way of telling her to get the hell off my turf…

  3. My little brother is 2 1/2 years younger than me. My mother says that one day she had the clever idea to read me a book while she nursed him – two birds quieted at once. All of a sudden, the baby boy let out a holler. Turned out, I’d very calmly bitten his foot.

  4. I really loved age one, but I was surprised that two maybe wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. Now, three, on the other hand … wow. Maybe we’re just running a little behind on that milestone.

  5. That would would explain Cheeky’s remarkable ability to twist backwards in her stroller (despite being strapped in) so she can better scream DIRECTLY INTO OUR FACES.Maybe we can ship them off together for a few months

  6. Maggie: When we took our kid for his evaluation at the preschool (at age 2 yrs. 3 months), they asked about his personality and behavior. “He’s really pretty easy,” my husband said. “You hear about the ‘Terrible Twos’, but we haven’t seen them yet.” The interviewer leaned in and whispered, “I’ve got a secret for you: They’re really the Terrible Threes.”Unless, of course, a younger sibling comes around before the older one turns three, it seems. 🙂

  7. crouton boy: I bet Thalia could master stroller twisting if only we could get her into the stroller (as your wife will attest).

  8. I feel ya, sista, I FEEL ya! At least your have a girl two-ster. I think my man Dummy is STILL going thru his terrible-twos … and he’s almost 40.Sheesh …

  9. Oy. All along I keep thinking that mine must be so much of all of those things because he’s a boy. Do keep us posted.

  10. When I was five months pregnant with my daughter and had a eight-month-old at home my OB gave me a pamphlet and an accompanying lecture on birth control. Reading this entry reminds me to call and make an appointment to be sure IUD is still firmly in place!

  11. I’m 2.5 years older than my brother. According to my mom, when he was fairly new I went around the house and turned on all the water. Unclear whether I plugged the drains or not. And I hate to blow your bubble, but the 3s are even worse….

  12. Age three rides the fence between two and four. What does that mean? It means split-personality. Sometimes they’re throwing fits (like a two-year old) and sometimes they’re curious and want to learn and they’re amazingly conversant (like a kid in Pre-K) Is there a schedule where one can predict which personality shows up on a given day? Sadly, no.

  13. As the twos have gone on, Cordy has only grown more stubborn and tantrum-prone. I’m scared of three at this point.

  14. well with mine it happened at age 3 and then every 3 years after that…..he’s getting ready to turn 16 so he’s on the up slope again (yes tantrums still happen as they grow) maybe at 18…I won’t notice as much since he will be away at college.

  15. Reading your first paragraph, I thought you were going to say that was the stage you or your husband had entered into. I’m relieved it’s Thalia.

  16. I’m riding the tantrum train right along with you. Oh, and I hear 3 is even worse so we have something to look forward to.

  17. I beleive they call that the “new baby in the house” syndrome. And when you put that together with the Twos, you’re screwed.

  18. You’ve described my 17 month old! I just stumbled upon your blog and haven’t found the age of your older one yet but I have a one month old as well!

  19. When did they change the phrase from terrible to fabulous? I am a proud mom too, he is all grown up and saving the world with the rest of the Navy kids. Hold them, hug them, love them, they grow up too damn fast:)

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