The Difference Between Men and Women

Me: Hey! I got my new nursing bras in. What do you think? Do I look a little smaller now?

Nate: No, you still look humongous.

Me: That’s not what I was going for.

Nate: It’s fine by me.


23 thoughts on “The Difference Between Men and Women”

  1. Ha! I fear (as do all women with small boobs) that this is how all men feel! BTW I’m sure they do look smaller.

  2. Yeah, i get the wanting to look (and be) smaller now that I’m nursing. I think I’m wearing a G now, a freakin G. AND, I’ll be damned if I can find a bra to support these things well. I’m not sure why my husband’s opinion about it is because I have stated that they are off limits anyway. There is just something about feeding my son with them that makes them decidedly unsexual to me now. Plus I threaten to squirt him daily. 🙂

  3. That’s a great looking nursing bra and not at all industrial looking like the ones I used. I’m sure you look smashing.

  4. I bet you look faboo. Men love boobs no matter what. When I was nursing and my normally small boobs got a teeny tiny bigger, my husband was like a little boy at Christmas. lol

  5. Those are some great looking bras. I said to myself, why didnt I get those. Then I looked at the sizes. So if your husband thinks you are huge in the single letter d’s, then I must have frightened all men and small children while nursing. My husband was upset, because all my nursing bras looked like old lady bras. *sigh* Can’t win.

  6. Perhaps they are not smaller but I’ll bet they are much more shapely. Most men don’t know the difference..

  7. Those are GORGEOUS bras! Much better than the ratty ole Playtex that I wore for what seemed an eternity! My poor jingly-jangly boobies would have loved the luxury of those magnificent mammary-cradles!Hee-hee.

  8. Why do bras have to be padded, I need no padding. And my husband who LOVES way too large breasts, has offered to carry my girls around by hand. It’s so practical, better support and he gets to play all day….If it only worked that way.

  9. you know, i *knew* there was a difference between men and women, but i could never figure out what it was. thanks for clearing that up for me! 😉

  10. Carla, padded bras dim the headlights so to speak. As well as the unsightly nursing pad outline. I’d happily borrow your husband though, if he’s offering…

  11. He probaby thought he was giving you a compliment. Men always think bigger is better, right?It is a nice bra. Too expensive for me, but very, very pretty! They don’t even look like nursing bras.

  12. Hey, I can see why he likes those! very VS, doncha think? In my day nursing bras looked like 50s torpedo bras. Lucky you!

  13. Your husband and mine would get along smashingly. I’d wake up with a boob the size of a football (both my kids were single-side nursers and I could easily pump 16oz of buildup out of that sucker) and Dave would be drooling.

  14. Nice. Does he even have access to them at the moment or are they like mine and being totally hogged by the baby?

  15. Exactly!There was a Simpsons episode when Homer decided to change his name. Then he wanted to change Marge’s name, and all his suggestions sounded like p*rn names. One of them was Chesty LaRue. Sometimes, my husband calls me that in secret!

  16. Thus far, no bra I’ve tried has evened out my feuding, lopsided girls. Left one never really … deflated after nursing, while the right one is the size I’d hoped for. Unfortunately, one’s eye is drawn to the drooping lefty. Sigh.

  17. I was 22 when I had my first baby. I was cute and flat-stomached and satisfactorily mammarily endowed before then, and for the first 6 months of the pregnancy I remained flat-stomached and had enough of a size-change that my husband was discussing his good fortune… with my grandfather. I may just never recover.

  18. I know. Jeff still exclaims “Man, your boobs are HUGE” at least once a day. It just never gets old. Me on the other hand, I keep looking in the mirror hoping they’re shrinking and trying my old tops on in vain thinking they might still fit.

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