Not Necessarily a BlogHer Recap

I am trying to collect my thoughts from this weekend’s BlogHer Con, which isn’t easy to do when I’m operating on no sleep. Sage graciously picked last night of all nights to fall off the bed at 3:48 AM and while she went right back to sleep, I stayed up for another hour with the 3AM crazies, convinced that her rapid return to slumber was due to the brain-altering concussion she’d just gotten.

(She’s fine.)

Also, I’m recovering from closing my right nipple in my stroller as I went through security at O’Hare. I suppose I was a little distracted by the guard confiscating my shaving cream at the time since, as we all know, a 39 year-old mother from New York with BlogHer buttons on her diaper bag and a canister of Edge in the toiletry case pretty much screams Al Qaeda to anyone proficient in terrorist profiling.

(My nipple’s mostly fine.)

I will say that to link all the amazing women I met this weekend would take me until Thursday. The Toronto contingent alone would take until Wednesday. But it was a fabulous time.

It seemed less political than last year, I didn’t sense any mommyblogger v nonmommyblogger tension, and aside from some minor drama of little consequence most everyone seemed to enjoy herself. The complaints were mostly channeled into constructive discussions–like the one at Citymama right now regarding PR pitches to mombloggers in general and women of color in particular. Or Joy’s awesome panel on the politics of blogrolls which I missed. Because it was the same time as my own panel. Which was mostly me just standing there and listening to a lot of stuff about tax code while thinking about what a bad hair day I was having.

I’m sure by tomorrow there will be plenty of overanalyzing and and overthinking in order to uncover one not-so-fun aspect of the weekend to write about. After all, don’t most women live by Descartes’ wife’s much underquoted line, I Complain Therefore I Am? I know I do.

Until I figure about what I really want to say about the weekend, I am basking in the thoughts of new friends, old friends, Sage’s new friends, my mother’s new friends, my photo with Elizabeth Edwards, and the 18 cookies that I totally shoved into my tote bag when no one was looking.

PS I’d like to thank the crew of American Airlines flight 390 for being super cool during our 2 hours on the runway yesterday. A smile and free bottled water goes a long way.

PPS I’d like to thank the makers of Spanx for the new semi-crotchless design that allows one to easily pee, even standing at a urinal. Photo courtesy of Rebecca who knows how to wear a hat.

It’s a WOMEN’S conference, see?
So we’re commandeering the men’s room, see?


25 thoughts on “Not Necessarily a BlogHer Recap”

  1. Great meeting you, Liz! Thanks for keeping my breasts from exploding! 😉

  2. Thanks again for letting me fuss all over Sage, who is the prettiest little girl ever! I got a lot out of your panel session, so thanks for doing it. I borrowed a pair of Spanx that I didn’t end up wearing, but I wondered why the hell the crotch was split. Peeing while standing up was not one of the uses I had thought of 🙂

  3. I wish I could have met you Liz. I saw you but was was too shy (and sober) to approach you. By Friday night I had already made an ass out of myself in front of Kristen Chase and Dawn Rousse. So I was even more afraid of going up to other very cool bloggers such as yourself. (And I lost the whole Friday due to having stomach/migraine issues.) You are GEORGOUS by the way. And your little one is so beautiful too. (I saw her when she was with your mom.)

  4. and I thought I was the only one owning the men’s room at that thing. i did have the common decency to use a stool though, you skank.i am sorry to hear about your nipple. i hope it is now healed.LOVED meeting you finally. And am melancholy today with sense of distance. 🙁 (whah)

  5. Hi. I’m that chick who dropped her pantyliners all over the floor in the W lobby. I never got around to introducing myself after that. But yeah, I’m pantyliner girl. 😉

  6. It was sooo great to meet you! I had such fun.I have to say, I moaned at the thought of your poor crushed nipple, but I do admire your technique at the urinal! 🙂

  7. Your poor poor nipple.So great to finally meet you in the flesh. The conversation we had sounded so good in my head – I only wish they sounded the same coming out of my mouth 🙂Your daughter is stunning. Just like her mama.

  8. Ow. My nipple aches in sympathy for yours. I’ve done that, too, so I really feel for you.Sage is just gorgeous, and I’m glad she and Mira got to meet up and see why their crazy mamas are always on the computer.

  9. Hahaha! I’m glad you enjoyed. I was flustered and not nearly drunk enough to introduce myself directly after that. 😉

  10. It was great meeting you, Liz. And your mom. And Sage is adorable. But you already knew that, didn’t you.I wondered how long it would take everyone at the conference to figure out that they could use the men’s room. But the masses never seemed to discover it. It was practically like having a private bathroom!And man, I’m seriously impressed by your peeing skills now.

  11. When you told me you were accident prone after you saw my scrapes from tripping outside, I thought you were just being nice! Sore nipple and nursing do not go well together. Hope you are healing up faster than I am. And I sat in on your session. OK, it was a little boring, no fault of yours, just the subject matter. I loved that your mom was taking pictures of you the whole time! It was great meeting you!

  12. Oh no, even though I am crying from laughing so hard at that photo (thank god for Spanx) – my boobs won’t stop hurting for you (once you’ve experienced pain like that you NEVER forget). Ugh. Carrie

  13. You and the urinal seem to go together uncomfortably well! Why is that? Perhaps it’s the black dress against the the black tile. I dunno… 🙂 A great photo, though! It had me laughing instantly.It was so nice to meet you, albeit briefly!

  14. I wish that I got to talk to you for more than 2.5 seconds and I was sure that we’d run into each other again while there, but I sort of never found you other than brief glimpses through crowds. But I loved our 2.5 seconds as much as I love this fantastic photo.

  15. i’m still trying to figure out why we didn’t talk more. i know i met you and then saw you another night and MEANT to talk more to you but it never happened. what’s up with that, huh?also – i’d like to learn how to pee standing up and not get pee on my leg. thanks.

  16. Hi Liz,It was so great to get to talk to you, even if just for like, 3 minutes. You’re awesome, and the cutest thing EVER (which I mean in the most non-condescending, sincerely jealous kind of way).:)k

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