(With apologies to putstuffonyourcat.com)

Thanks to Her Royal Badnessfor allowing us to take her dignity right along with her consciousness.


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  1. I am so totally looking forward to going next year…I wanna be unconscious, surrounded by condom lollipops, cigarettes, and wild women. Wait, sounds like college; I HAVE done this. I think I’m game again though.

  2. Catherine is either a VERY heavy sleeper or there were mucho Yahootinis involved in the hours preceding this montage.I think I’m placing my money on the Yahootinis.

  3. Catherine was comatoze. We could seriously have violated her SO MUCH MORE. but we refrained, because we respect her dignity too much…

  4. I can’t even see what all you did to her, you guys…I’m just stunned someone can SLEEP THROUGH THAT!I want the trick. Bottle it and sell it. 🙂

  5. Duuuude.How many points do you get for a picture of a passed out (and awesome) blogger about to be violated with Kristen’s manual breast pump?Should be like 10 BAH-zillion.

  6. Mean. At least she still has both eyebrows. And I love how she sleeps with her hands in dead-person-open-casket position.

  7. The wink appears a little wonky.I don’t know how you even got through all that without giggling her awake.

  8. Sheeesh!I don’t see the casket reference- but I do see someone who is regal being mocked. This is all in good fun? Am I missing something?

  9. I was bummed I wasn’t going to BlogHer…NOW I AM PISSED! Did you guys do the shaving-cream-on-finger-then-tickle-nose thing?

  10. Now making me a little less sad that I wasn’t able to come…oh, the photographic evidence!

  11. like my 7th grade slumber party victim i still feel guilty about, but now feel it wasn’t so mean

  12. this is beyond hilarious and i cannot believe i missed it. the noise from your room permeated, girlfriend. simply awesome.

  13. Oh, dude.Catherine is such a good sport!Totally loved meeting you, Liz. You were right – I loved your mother. But not more than you. You’re both fantastic!

  14. I MISSED YOU GUYS!Totally. You rock.We didn’t do this to ANYONE over in the Second Life BlogHer. 🙁

  15. Good golly. Catherine, you see they’ve laid down the gauntlet for next year, now you have to come back with something better. 🙂

  16. That she let you live to post the pictures says so much about her patience and restraint. LOL Looks like a great time, I hope I get to go next year.

  17. Looks like a great time was had by all! HBM is a wonderful sport and also very stunning, even with all that stuff on her!

  18. I don’t know which photo cracked me up more-the one with Julie making that face, the one with the two weird stick ball things that were in the bowl on the dresser, or the manual breast pump. Or maybe the one with Joy holding that slice of pizza-how did she not smell that? Next year, I wanna party with you guys!

  19. Awesome. All the breastfeeding moms taking advantage of their three drink maximum to get the non lactating mom while she’s passed out. You all took it to a new level this year. Sorry I missed it.

  20. I’m a year late, I know – but Catherine just linked me this and I had to comment, even though it’s just to say: Ahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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