It’s just…you’re always so busy, he said.

I am busy, she said. It’s who I am. I’ve always been and I always will be. I like being busy. I thrive on being busy. I don’t know how else to be.

No, he said. You thrive on being too busy.


29 thoughts on “Truth”

  1. Yes. I prickle with guilt and recognition at this little interchange. I can just hear that accusatory (and probably justified) tone…

  2. Wow. I just wandered over here and I thought I was reading my own blog for a minute. This is me.

  3. That’s one conversation I’ll never have with my husband. (or anybody.) Try to take it easy, mama!

  4. That is called getting at the essence of it.You two won’t ever need couples therapy — you are your own therapists!

  5. Switch “You thrive on” with “You’re killing yourself” and that’s the conversation Aaron and I had a few weeks ago.

  6. Both Hot Daddy and I are busy bodies-always doing something-new projects, new ideas, more work, less play. We’ve got to slow down because I’ve noticed it really getting to me lately.

  7. But one person’s “too busy” is another person’s “just right”… isn’t that difference what makes the world so interesting?I think your energy and verve is totally impressive.🙂Rachael

  8. Don’t hate me for being envious. I’m extraordinarily bored with my life right now. Wanna trade? Do an Extreme Wife Swap kinda thing? A savvy, sophisticated career woman from New York trades places with a suburban housewife in the South. Oh wait…they did that already with the gargoyle lady didn’t they?

  9. I would be the opposite of that. 🙂 I hate being busy. I deliberately underschedule my week so that I can have time to just sit. Literally, just sit on the couch without TV, or a book, and just daydream. Um, I believe some people call this lazy? I prefer the term “restful.”

  10. How apropos — the first two letters of the word I have to type into the verification box are OY!I agree that we all have different thresholds for activity level just like we have different thresholds for pain.That being said, women far exceed men in both these arenas.

  11. Sounds familiar.But it’s getting a little old for me. I think I need to learn to relax a little bit more.

  12. I was never this person until I had kids. And a job. And a business. And a couple volunteer positions. And a blog. How did I do this to myself?My husband and I could have this conversation if I wasn’t too busy to hear him. Poor guy.

  13. If there is nothing else that my depressions have done for my life – They stop them. Slow them down into inky, thick time. And when I pretend to still be too busy, they add other things – an illness perhaps? Pneumonia?It’s Ok to slow down. Your girls need a healthy mom.

  14. Funny story. I’m a business owner and a busy mom, too. Often, I have no patience waiting for my husband to clean up after himself. As a result, he is convinced that his socks migrate into the hamper by themselves. Seriously! A while back, I said, out loud in the presence of my three-year-old son, “Why doesn’t he clean up after himself?” My son replied, “Because he is waiting for you to do it, Mom!” Don’t forget to take a break and let someone else wait on you once in a while.

  15. Me too, in a nutshell. I’ve actually had this conversation with my friends who don’t have kids… and I’m okay with that.

  16. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t doing ninety things at once. Multi-tasking is in my blood.

  17. As it seems with everyone who’s commented so far on this blog my husband and I also had this same conversation. However, as a result of our conversation, I did slow down and am a little less busy than I was. It was getting to be too consuming to try to keep up with work, baby, the blog and my friends. My husband was taking the back seat to everything, and he was really upset. And that made me upset. It’s hard and it may sound old fashioned, but I know I can’t “do it all” and well, that’s just how it’s going to be.

  18. I can relate; I finally figured out though that the only way to keep from putting everything off until the last minute is to have so much to do that I have to work ahead. It took me years to figure that out – maybe it’s part of your thing too. Your writing never reads as something hurried or careless; whatever you’re doing the visible product is stunning. Can’t be all bad my girl.

  19. Um, were you in my house?When I met a mental health blogger at BlogHer and told her what I was involved in on- and offline, she told me I’m on the fast track to the psyche ward. It kind of threw me for a minute.

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