Inhale Deeply and Behold That New Website Smell

Interesting things happened while you all slept last night. Or, I should say, while the new moms among us napped in short 2 hour spurts between feedings.

Cool Mom Picks looks different. Prettier.


As Seen at Cool Mom Picks

What started early last year as a grassroots way for Kristen and me to promote a lot of the indie mom-run shops and cool handmade kids’ clothes we were finding around the web has grown into (gulp) a business of sorts. And we thought it was time to give it a little kick in the CSS.

(Ha! That’s tech nerd humor for you. I don’t even know what it means so don’t ask me. I’m hoping it has something to do with the colors of the blog.)

Click over and see the stunning beautiousness courtesy of unfairly brilliant designer Laurie Smithwick, who’s also the clever voice of Upside Up and one of the sk*rt ringleaders. The woman does not sleep. I now know this for a fact.

While you’re there, enter one of our daily giveaways. Today it’s a rockin’ handmade tee shirt. Tomorrow it’s some killer jewelry. Tuesday it’s an entire hand knit merino layette that, seriously? I’m almost crying that I can’t keep it myself. Also, if you post a yummy (So yummy, so yummy.) back to school shopping guide button for your website, and we’ll enter you to win a $200 gift certificate to The Silly Wagon. Details are here.

Okay so I’m done gushing. And promoting. And gushing. Now go win something, will ya?


13 thoughts on “Inhale Deeply and Behold That New Website Smell”

  1. I’ve got the new button up on my bloggity blog and it looks very lovely. I don’t want to enter the contest, though, b/c I need to share the winnings with others. I’m so terribly lucky, y/k.

  2. i love it so much. it’s so fucking pretty and hip. i dig it! now that you have the jennster stamp of approval.. carry on. lol

  3. Looks gorgeous. Cool moms…I like it! But then it could be taxi-cab yellow and the great writing would still shine.

  4. i need a cool mom picks button for my sidebar! i thought i had one, oops. i know i had one for mother’s day, but i forgot to switch it, so this is perfect 🙂

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