Mom101 Reader Appreciation Day

And this is why bloggers are cool:

You talk me down when I’m having a cruel day.
(Post script: I’m sensing that perhaps the freak-out, dire emergency, oh my God you must get home now now NOW call was more a factor of Nate’s anxiety at being left alone with Sage than any real misery on Sage’s part. She is fine. Nate might have to be hurt though.)

You flood me with kind birthday wishes and say way nice things about my Grandma.

You forgive me for not having reciprocated for the past week while I’ve been stuck with no internet connection and no time to read blogs, what with the job and the kid and the travel and the job and the other kid and the job.

You send me emails that make me make me think, make me smile, make me feel I’m not alone, make me laugh–especially the one I got from Jenny from mamadrama (edited to add: also The Bloggess) this week:

The whole time I was at blogher I kept thinking “God, she looks
like some famous movie star but I just can’t place who. Who does she look like?!” Then finally on the flight home it came to me…you look just like Isabella Soprano, the adult film actress… I swear to God this is a compliment. Don’t hate me.

And then she sent me this:

Jenny, I don’t hate you. I love you. I’ve never been so pleased to be called a whore. In fact, I want to perform fellatio on you right now and film it.

Reader appreciation day indeed.


33 thoughts on “Mom101 Reader Appreciation Day”

  1. You are hilarious! A lot of bloggers just say thanks or maybe do some sort of give away. Your rewards are definitely the best I’ve seen around!

  2. wow, you do look like would have appreciated me more if i’d gotten off my bum to send you your birthday present: i hand-made you a special eye-safety protector to put on the unicorn’s horn to prevent injuries during any and all crazy birthday celebrations. but then i was all, “that would be a lot of work,” and then i got distracted by something on TV, and then i was all, “i’m hungry,” and i went and found food. so no unicorn protection for you.but damn – wouldn’t that have been the best present EVER?

  3. You know, I’m not one for porn as a general rule, but THAT is a video I’d like to see. 😉

  4. Oh shit that’s funny. But watch out for that Jenny, she’s got like 90 communicable diseases right now. 🙂I’m glad Sage is all right.

  5. um…did you just imply that Jenny looks like a guy? (www.parentingwithoutalicense–I’m not really a blogwhore, but stupid blogger won’t accept my url. And it’s new! And pretty! You should visit! ahem)

  6. Nate is such a wonderful father. He deserves a pass on recent event. Also, Adiri makes a bottle that looks & feels like a breast.

  7. Also, I have to stop pretending to listen to my kid talk about Harry Potter while secretly mis-spelling not so witty at all comments.

  8. There is an uncanny resemblance! Just once I’d like someone to say “hey, you look like that one porn star” instead of “wow, you remind me of Alice from the Brady Bunch.”

  9. You really do know how to reward, don’t you? LOL!Jenny always makes me smile, but she’s right – you are pretty damn hot!

  10. Jennster – never forgot it, never will. Her bad mother: Nope, different. Do you have a penis? If so, let me know and we’ll schedule a date.

  11. that is <>so<> jenny. i remember when i ran into her at that strip club. she knew <>*everyone.*<>

  12. I wanna know how Jenny knew the exact name of said porn actress (which OMG looks like you) – I mean we’ve all seen porn but to know names of stars makes me stop and think twice.And Happy Belated Birthday (and I raise a glass in praise of younger men – got me a similar one myself). Three cheers!

  13. You have no idea how tense those hours were from the time I sent that email until the time you told me that you didn’t want to punch me.You just never knoe nowadays how people are going to react when you say they look like a (cute) whore.

  14. Wow…that Jenny sure has an eye for detail! She’s so…right (and I can say that without fear, right).Your husband…his reaction was…? Thrilled?That Jenny also has an eye for err impressive filmology knowledge.Glad you got some good warm fuzzies…and way to give back!Julie< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Using My Words<>

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