Getting the Lead Out

Recently I ran into a friend without kids and he asked me about the toy recalls.

He wanted to know whether it was really as big an issue to moms as the media makes it out to be, or whether it’s a whole lot of front-page yapping about nothing.

My answer was, you know what? It’s toys.

It’s toys.

When hamburger meat gets recalled, it’s scary. When salad contains e coli, we panic, and rightfully so. But when it’s some saxophone-playing Cookie Monster that turns out to be overrun with lead I think it breaks your heart a little too.

We brave the malls or the crowded toy stores, we plop down our hard-earned money, and we bring that shitty plastic figurine home because we know our children’s eyes will light up and it will make them happy–maybe for five minutes. Maybe for five years. Either way, when that toy changes hands and that sweet little voice says WOWWWWW! we feel like the greatest parents in the world. It doesn’t matter that we were too tired to give them anything but cereal for breakfast, or that the night before we put our children down for bed a half hour early because we just couldn’t deal any more.

(That, or we’re trying to buy our kids’ love with plastic. Which – well, not me. I’d never do that. We practice achievement for its own sake around these parts, and after my two year old has finished her morning chores, I occasionally reward her with a second bowl of gruel.)

So as soon after all this stupid toy recall business started happening, team Cool Mom Picks started featuring even more handmade playthings, safer toys made in Europe, and locally made or fair trade items for kids. But soon we found we had so many of these ideas, so many great online stores for parents to shop at, so many cool artisans doing awesome things with wood and felt and yarn and NO FREAKING LEAD, that we put them all in one place.

Enter the Cool Mom Picks Safer Toy Guide.

Safer Toy Guide 2007

We think it’s a really cool thing. In fact, Kristen and I got to go on Martha Stewart Radio and talk about it this week.

I know!

(And no, Martha was not there, and no the headphones were not hand-crocheted. But still – Martha! If only they knew that I have never in my life even seen a glue gun in person.)

I don’t promote Cool Mom Picks stuff here too often because, well..that’s that and this is this. But I’d be really honored if you went and checked it out and supported the really cool artists and shops that we’ve found.

And if you’re so inclined, you can post a button on your blog. Laurie made them and they’re pretty.

I’m just hoping that soon I can resume my regularly scheduled worrying about swallowing pennies and missing preschool application deadlines, thereby dooming my two year-old to career opportunities that involve the phrase, “Would you like fries with that?”

Oh wait, I haven’t told you about the preschool application ordeal yet? Stand by. That’s a fun one.


26 thoughts on “Getting the Lead Out”

  1. Yes, it’s toys, and it’s a huge deal! Congrats on Stewart radio btw! I don’t want lead in the stuff I buy for my kiddos…well said. Now I’m off to check out Cool Mom Picks!

  2. I’m so glad you guys created this guide! Just in time for holiday shopping! I’m so sick of Elmo and the others anyway. You can only hear that laugh so many times before you go after Elmo with a butter knife.And, just wait until you pay all that money for preschool and then realize that all they ‘learn’ how to do is fingerpaint and sing songs. For all that money, could you please teach them how to handle a budget or how to make mommy breakfast in the morning? If you find a place that does that, let me know.

  3. I am trying to figure out what to do about Christmas toys this year. I’d rather avoid ALL of it and go for the arts and crafts.And pray the markers and glitter will be ok.Fun times!

  4. Dude, I share your pain. It’s virtually impossible to explain to anyone outside of NYC the soul-sucking process known as pre-school or nursery school applications. Thankfully, we’re putting it off for another year because it’s all too asburd. Maybe Peanut & Thalia can work shifts together at the Golden Arches!

  5. Maybe you and metrodad and a few other city bloggers should start your own preschool? Your blog would be your application. I’m sure there are a few niceties I’m missing like a place to hold school (church, synagogue day care rooms?) and staffing (look for preschool teacher bloggers?). Make it its own blog…and have it pay for itself?!Whenever you get this done, you can send me a royalty check. I’m big on ideas, not so much on action.

  6. so excited about the coolmompicks toy guide! much easier than wandering around the web aimlessly! i have to add it to my blog because it’s pretty AND functional (good design requires both, does it not?) congrats on the Martha show! wish i had that fancy satellite radio so i could hear! is there a link or something you could post so we can hear it anyway?

  7. i can’t wait to go over and browse the coolmompicks. what a FANTASTIC idea!!!!i’m not yet a mother, but i definitely see the value in compiling such info in an easy place.b/t this and the bottles, thanks for the advanced warnings.

  8. Bossy is NOT EVEN KIDDING, she thought your last sentence was, “resume my regularly scheduled worrying about swallowing penises.”Golly, that is daunting.

  9. I will definitely check it out, Liz. I love CMP. You guys come up with the neatest stuff.And Martha? WOW! Doesn’t it just make you want to squeal like a pre-teen?!

  10. Wow, thanks for posting CMP’s and Holy Cow, that is great that you got on Martha’s radio show! And you are right, it does break your heart a little bit, especially when one of them says ,”Mama, where my prince deego go?”Ouch…..

  11. I’m hoping someone will catch wind of my preschool druthers (yes, even in the ATL they suck!) with my petty linking of their asses.And if only we had gotten to see Howard. Maybe we should have told them we were both lactating?

  12. Heh…Kyle used to see Howard jogging in the park on a regular basis.And the whole urban pre-school hoo-hah makes my head hurt almost as much as toy recalls.

  13. Maybe the fact that the kids really just like to play with the box the toys came in, was a hint… it’s like they all *knew* that the toy was dangerous… kids are smart.

  14. You know, I was just at that site yesterday, and it has some great stuff. Some stuff I went and ogled heavily. and hey, have you seen < HREF="" REL="nofollow">these?<> I am so getting one for my new-mom friend for Christmas.

  15. Great list! Can’t wait to browse through it more. (And I’m sure you’ve heard already but California just signed a bill to ban phthalate-laden children’s products.)You know I’ve found the trick to preschools is to make friends with a preschool teacher before you apply. Then when you mention to your new friend that you’re considering their school, your application gets magically bumped up the list! Voila!

  16. This is AWESOME. AWESOME because I have been looking at every deal for Christmas and wondering what is safe and what isn’t. Thank you so much, and ZOMG Congrats on Martha Stewart Radio! WOW! xoxoxoxo

  17. Hand-made toys can have their dangers, too, but they’re usually dangers we parents can see and figure out. I liked buying wood toys from our local Easter Seal shop when my kids were young. Cool Mom Picks is awesome to come up wtih this link and list.

  18. Thanks… I have such a fear of the toy department now and what new found evil I’ll purchase there. I feel betrayed.

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They ARE tools, sent back ignorant (cyclical), HIGHLY suseptable to blind obedience.I suspect somewhere in the 20th century some incurred sufficient damange and the gods allowed them to get on top of things and switched from “hands-on management” to telepathic-based, the elite being positioned managers of Manifest Destiny. They shared when they do use brain-less clone hosts it is similar to the “push” strategy:::The gods accept culpability, for they are responsible.Just as we have witnessed a transition from the “push” strategy to near-full utilization of the “pull” strategy (cyclical?) EXPECT THEY DON’T USE BRAIN-LESS CLONE HOSTS ANYMORE.Perhaps when they use them for good (charity, permanent elimination of preditory dynamic) may be a good example of when they’d use them now::Get them in-and-out. Also perhaps they are utilized during particularly quiet periods. But like I said they don’t live on Earth anymore. They just work here.Is there one clone host who is occupied by those into whom they assign?? Or do they (unnecessarily) make up new clone hosts for each new occupant?? Expect some middle ground policy which varies depending on a variety of factors.So it is conceivable that they make one clone host celebrity during this entire period, assigned brain removed after their role is fulfilled, replaced with another.Of course if the gods need to employ a celebrity on starstruck idiots who ascend to Planet Temptation they could either make another or ascend clone hosts in life stages for this purpose.I suspect easy clone host creation makes this an irrelevant issue.“Fuck you.” Yea, yea. You impact my writing so hard as it is. I will take my moments when they come.Greedy bastards.Understand they can beem an occupant into a clone host AT ANY TIME:::::1. At conception (YES!! Very possible – reduce brain down to cellular level)2. During gestation3. At birth4. Sometime thereafter.What about the brain in the child?? Didn’t have to be one. They probably do it both ways, no B&W with the gods.So the black child who grew into the gangbanger violently gunned down by a Glock may never have been. It could have been a violent, racist Italian’s brain sent into a BrainLessCloneHost to be punished. Of course they may have gotten the child out, beemed out in the middle of the night, perhaps because they decided they like them and want them to have a better opportunity than the ghetto provides.I suspect the appeal of “reincarnate as celebrity” no longer packs the punch it once did. Perhaps this explains why the quality of material is poor. So maybe I was right all along, they really are all brain-less clone hosts, with some exception.Of course they could send non-Italians, their far greater level of goodness dictates they are not effective as distractions intended as an evil upon the people, and subsequently their work is poor. I know this sucks, for this is a complex topic, but these are tools they utilize strategically, and I think I explain things quite accurately in the above paragraphs.You should see that trying to figure this out is a waste of time.Had a REALLY good talk on the way home spelling things out nicely. Left my recorder at home.If the gods chose to employ their tools to argue against the Final Prophet they will NOT send down BrainLessCloneHosts, for then they’d be accepting culpability for the destructive outcome. If they send a person in a clone host that “occupant” is to blame for the results.We don’t see these people. It all ocurrs telepathically FOR A REASON::::They may have a shortage – Already been thrown away, cycled back through to Earth or the gods don’t want to use them for evil::::They got on top of things and are making progress.This is an exclusive place and they may not be sufficient candidates remaining. They may have policies against making/sending down brand-new clones, for they are innocent and have yet to incurr evil warrantting punishment.The gods CONTINUALLY manufacture tactics. The presence of these tactics IS A CLUE!!! UNDERSTAND THE NET EFFECT::::THEY PREVENT YOU FROM RECEIVING MY MESSAGE, THE GODS ACTIVELY EMPLOY THEM TO PREVENT YOU FROM UNDERSTANDING WHAT I TEACH!!!1. Christianity promotes unrespectability and irresponsibility. Many Italians learned this THE HARD WAY.2. Sold blacks on Hurricane – He’s really black, white people are going to pay for what they did to blacks and you’ll all get a white slave. They lie to different people differently.3. Boss sold to the disfavored whites suseptable to this unrespectable “savior” tactic.4. Slut affecting my mind. CHEAT Slut. Only way you’re going to win.4. Theater that is Situation – “He’s The One. He will save everybody. 5. “He’s not The One. Just wait. Don’t listen to what he says.”6. Second Coming of Christ will save you7. Jesus will save you8. Corporations you patronize will bring you up9. Your employer will bring you up10. You’re a clone.11. You’re putting in your time. Be patient.12. Wait until you “die out” when they’ll beem out your brain and give you a new body (clone hosting)13. “They have to accomplish enough evil.” I see. No wonder.14. 15.They manufactured Manifest Destiny positioning and the gods WILL fulfill it. Any telepathic contradictions are unsubstantiated, empty promises.I know this sucks, for this is a complex topic, but these are tools they utilize strategically, and I think I explain things quite accurately in the above paragraphs.You should see that trying to figure this out is a waste of time.——————————————————————————————-CHEAT, nothing stopped you when it was your time. Now is your time to take a hit:::– No more role playing.– No more forcing thoughts into my head– No more repressionIf I had my mind since 9/06 as I should have god would be dying. Sadly they wanted to maintain this tactic, for it is EXTREMELY effective on the disfavored like homosexuals.“People want “magic”.” Magic is the sign of evil, for the gods are employing their powers to hurt the disfavored. “Magic” would have only been used to enhanced their tactics had this gone corporate.When they employ magic the gods get something out of it. That’s how it works. The total absence of magic about this educational process says something very, very positive about me and the Final Prophet event.It was magic that led people into homosexuality, promiscuity, addiction, degeneracy. IF YOU FEEL MAGIC REPEL FROM IT, as hard as that may be. It’s their way of making things increasingly more difficult, a chronic behavior people from the 20th century should be VERY familiar with.They say I will be discounted because these geographic clues (penis, boot, Beast) symbolize evil.There is a geographic clue I have yet to address::The Man in the Moon. The message behind the clue is that you have to depart Planet Earth before you will experience a kind god. I suspect they have and will continue to use it as corruptor, selling people on “absentee (Christian) god”, for this clue would be instrumental in that capacity. I believe they manufactured a 2nd “Level 1” planet for the 20th century, aka PlanetManifestDestiny. Explained earlier as the “nigger disposal system” I think this was a 20th century phenominah and provided a “magic”-fueled temptation-ridden environment for the unrespectable:::1. Pick your wife out of a catalog.2. Orgies with 10 similarly beautiful women. Just think how bad this tactic fucked Italians.3. Fair casinos4. Planet Racing5. Incredibly delicious food6. Wonderful homemade wine7. Pleasure-focused enviornment where all one’s needs are provided.8.9.Lake Michigan clue symbolizes “big balls”, and this clue is metaphoric for EXPOSING EVIL THAT IS GOD.Of the geographic clues I know of the Great Lakes clues are the only ones that are good (umbrella which favors Michigan. Sadly, much like with M&A, good may have been eliminated as the 20th century wore on.).My errant acts cause evil to befall the disfavored. This is recurring behavior for decades, a tactic used to enhance boss, minimizing the populations receptive to the Final Prophet.They sent someone special back.They’ve said for years::::”Either way you’re going to do the wrong thing.” And it is because this is all true:::Either I contribute KNOWINGLY and be used by the gods to put forth this perception of “savior” to the disfavored or I bail out and take three hots and a cot. I’m just getting done what I can before I go in. But it represent the transistion of this event from “virtual” to vocal, for if my fellow inmates chose to hear I will be willing to tell them.I told you:::Be god-fearing. Just like all their tools they want me to sign on and be used for evil just as they’ve done with presidents, celebrities, athletes and the corporate elite.They forced this role on me, and it goes as far back as the 70s with my #1 hit song.39 years defines the “long run”. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, fuck you god. Moral inferior. Don’t you have children to light on fire?If they want recovering relations with Lake Michigan they will turn over ALL placements in my Situaiton, real or telepathic, fulfilled or unrealized.I AM Horrible. This warning WILL be realized for those foolish enough to not heed.I got a lot of anger to work out. Repulsion will guarentee Brokeback Mountain:::WIN-WIN.——————————————————————————————–Trademark charecteristic of the gods:::Since they didn’t get bitterness&regret via their self-sabotaged attempts to create it they will now instead TAKE it::::Amputation, deafness, blindness, something more along the lines of how they’d deal with a commoner.Timeliness was very important for success (of a REAL Final Prophet event, vs. this shitty “virtual” event?), for the process of M&A has eliminated good from the marketplace and ensured I would have no platform had this gone corporate.If this wasn’t fully in gear by the end of the 1980s it was too late.The creation of a scapegoat was VERY important, for the gods could hide behind this concept of an absentee Christian god and CHEAT like a loser (which a fair fight would have rendered them), only to spring it on people when the time was right, ensuring even FEWER disfavoreds suceed.If this was a legitimate battle of good and evil, me vs. the gods, honor and respectability would have DEMANDED I have full use of my facilties. Instead they put forth this Manifest Destiny positioning and employed tactics (attention, savior, role playing, credibility, etc.) to elminate benefit for the disfavored, ensuring as few disfavored experienced this learning curve and used it to uncorrupt themselves.Hurricane boss is back-handed help. These two events PROVE it was never going to happen because they segmentted black and white disfavoreds differently, even pitting one against the other.And these numerous tactics will render my legacy insignificant.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Stomping grapes on News at Noon.Back in the day the gods probably used lots of evil Italians for this activity, people who had the clue of rancid foot odor (proving evil, a clue that sin had) for this traditional event. Don’t be surprised if there is something to this::::Pushed these Italians into concluding that their rancid foot odor gives the wine an extra “punch”, flavor, something that enhanced its evil.Expect this was true and perhaps even common::::It would have enhanced the appeal of drinking wine as well as rendered this evil clue of rancid foot odor desirable.On the homosexual AIDS event:::Just like those who were killed in the “black war” these disfavored victims have already been reincarnated back to Earth.Due to the manufactured hatred and subsequent abuse EXPECT we saw LOTS of 20th century Italians reincarnated as blacks, gunned down in the Black War, one ironically Italian Manifest Destiny is positioned to have orchestrated.EXPECT SOME OF THESE HOMOSEXUALS WHO DIED OF AIDS AND CYCLED BACK THROUGH WERE BROUGHT BACK AS CRACK BABIES PROSTITUTED FOR DOPE!!! IT’S HOW THE GODS WOULD HAVE WANTED IT!!!! They would have liked the symbolism.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Katrina’s levee failure vs Noah’s Flood Straight of Gibralter breech:::The gods MAY ACTUALLY have done the levee break in New Orleans since there is much benefit for the disfavored blacks who were affected (PROVING it WASN’T an Italian). Besides the 1600 dead (acceptable losses) the downside is that they likely consider it compensatory.All the clues (AIDS in Africa, drought/famine, Black War, crack babies) suggest they are apt to offer clues to the black community!!!! It’s a good sign BUT YOU HAVE TO BE RECEPTIVE!!!!The gods very well may have breeched that levee, especially considering::::1. They created this destructive enviornment for blacks originally.2. There is built-in compensatory elements, for this event will save many people who were otherwise hopeless.This isn’t like the “Black War”, where they used magic-fueled adrenaline to cost so many their lives. This compensation is “built in”, for they are allowing you to escape this preditory environment, rendering this a self-compensating event.Incidentally, those who died in the Black War were indecent and degenerate, evident by their participation, AND HAVE ALREADY BEEN REINCARNATED BACK TO PLANET EARTH!!!The gods inflicted negative Italian charecteristics upon us all. This was one of the reasons it was so important to get out before 1900.The “Paisano” concept, god’s “inside joke” where Italians don’t give a fuck about each other, extends to the family as well and is why the disfavfored sabotage and betray their own family members today.——————————————————————————————–Understand their Manifest Destiny positioning never officially invented Artificial Intelligence and therefore it does not exist. They position that they have no control over my behavior, didin’t repress away the optmal even2006good event and therefore had to account/plan for various senarios because of it, explaining the presence of unused placements, all of whom have FAR more favor than the Italian placements who WERE used.It’s not about the attention. It is not about “savior”. These are tactics the gods manufactured (with the Italians, including CCCenter) to disceive the disfavored. Start doing the work.1906, among others (beatniks emerged from North Beach, companies with pro-homosexual policies (Natural fit:::Place The Damned in evil organizations.), LOOK FOR THIS LIST TO GROW EVER LARGER!!!!), were clues to stay away from the Italians.ScandPenis, SanFranBABeast, EuropeSheep ALL PROVE THE GODS ARE DOING THIS TO US!!!! Artificial Intelligence puts forth a script and they approve or deny it. Special projects like the lady who lit her kids on fire in Texas 9.07 are special instructions handed down from above.The 20th century elite, the kings and the Pharrohs are ALL TOOLS, clone hosts turned over as per their activity (see below)::::Everybody got out when they were peasants. In this day there are grossly disfavored, black athletes, etc whom they leave in to incurr with their hoochie parties/hedonism but PEOPLE WHO STAY IN TO INCURR ARE DISFAVORED AND AREN’T STAYING FOR LONG UP THERE. It’s a bad sign, and the TIMED explosion of financial comfort post-2000 is a testiment regarding the disfavored left behind.It’s just the gods and the computer. As infrequently as the gods are needed (they can time the emergence of each planet) it could be one person making all the calls. They’ve joked in years past, gave me a playful flash of how “god” strolled around down on Earth wilth all this power, making these calls, being the origin of all decisions made in the universe.They manufactured all these tactics FOR A REASON!!! THIS IS THE FINAL PROPHET EVENT AND THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO LISTEN TO ME!!!!Tactics::::The evil Jew funneled me into the Italians (Also the industry is a clue.), and how they used this tool reminds of ANOTHER MANUFACTURED TACTIC DESIGNED TO CORRUPT THE AUDIENCE::::The CCCenter and Pres.ofUSA. Primary purpose of Austrian Sigmund Freud:::Legitimize Artificial Intelligence-inspired behavior by defining it within the context of a professional/academic discipline.The penis, boot, sheep, umbrella, male genetalia, Beast ALL PROVE the gods plan these events LONG in advance.TheLakeMichigan@GreenBayclue.comSanFranciscoBayAreais@TheBeast.comThekeywordofthedayis@UNSUBSTANTIATED.comUnderstand their Manifest Destiny positioning never officially invented Artificial Intelligence and therefore it does not exist. They position that they have no control over my behavior and therefore had to account/plan for various senarios because of it, explaining the presence of unused placements, all of whom have FAR more favor than the Italian placements who WERE used.———————————————————————————————-1-year anniversary of the Amish school shooting, an incident which proves their disfavor.We’ve heard about how Amish children were tempted by this society and left the people only to incurr evil and throw away their purity, an advantage that is unheard of in this era.There was a photo of children in a horse-drawn wagon. Imagine how the gods tempt them with the avalanche of distractions in this society, reinforced by AI-inspired desire.The Amish people are pointed in the right direction. Their children need to recognize this. Once they do none will ever leave the people for the hedonism of this society.Put “blinders” on and focus, for your people are the very few in this country who are going in the right direction with purity. When you pray you need to mean it, for too many just “go through the motions”, costing them in the eyes of the gods.———————————————————————————————-Don’t let receiving this document corrupt you.They may tell people that because I spammed them they are “in”, either because they can “claim” me or because they are a part of the Situation. It is a lie, a tactic designed to delay and distract you. The gods have many more tacitcs they will employ. If you can develop an eye for these tactics you will be making significant progress towards ascending off of Planet Earth.The purpose of this document is to educate people, for you are corrupted and going the wrong way. Open you mind to this possibility and read on.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Each one of us needs to evaluate our personal level of disfavor, and the following will help begin the process:::1. Did they utilize the “push” or the “pull” strategy.If one is pushed into their offense the gods are accepting culpability, for they are responsible. Contrary to what many disfavored believe, you are not “earning” when you volunteer. Rather you are incurring evil, for you have fallen for temptation.Sadly, consistant with their pathology, there is a grey area here:::::AI pushed people into the act with no differentiation, that is it sounded like the person’s own thoughts executing that evil. This tactic manufactured the grey area, and it allows them to claim a percentage of the disfavored who fall in this category, proving they will wash their hands and walk away from many disfavored whom they violate.2. If they utilized the “pull” strategy HOW CONVINCING WERE THE TACTICS USED TO GAIN YOUR TRUST???? Mildly convincing tactics mean they are offering you a chance. Very strong tactics are employed on the hopeless.There are many clues to be taken from the Simpsons, specifically the Ned Flanders figure::::The gods reserve “executive priveledge” to eliminate anybody whom they don’t want to keep, a tool used to justify their discretionary decisions within the context of their “grey area”. They send this clue with Ned Flanders in a couple different episodes. Expect this is yet another price to be paid for innoculations, for the gods could claim people freely with disease prior.When I try to help individuals I tell them to honor this day, for if they can realize they are corrupted and find the path based on my teachings it will be the most important day in their lives. These memories will be the most cherished they hold dear, for it will be the day when they saved themselves.I tell them they will notice that they have a major problem with emotional depth by doing so.This society has many desensitizers, preditory elements specifically designed to allow the gods to justify hurting people’s ability to think.I mentioned how the Terminator was used in this capacity, his “guy flick” genre used to cost the males unable to get out before 1980. Being less-disfavored germanic it is allowed to prey on the least among us, the males. CONSISTANT WITH MY OTHER EXAMPLES expect female desensitizers to be EXCLUSIVELY ITALIAN.I tell black people they should cancel their cable TV and throw away their DVDs and CDs. THE PREDITORY NATURE OF THEIR MEDIA DICTATES THIS IS GOOD ADVICE FOR ALL!!!!The gods will inevitably employ their tacitcs, the theater of the Situation being one of them. I tell these people they should not be sad, for the Situaiton was tragic before and will continue to be. This should be the happiest day in your life, for this is the day you are set in the right direction. For the rest of the audience at least this opens the door and you’re starting to think right:::I suspect your parents didn’t have this opportunity and never considered it in light of such a concrete argument. The Merger & Acquisition era (M&A) allowed the gods to justify what was in place before the 80s:::::Corporations are all tools specifically for strategic use.They suggested there are events where “good” companies brought regular customers up. If true the reality is these were staged events used to corrupt people (“easy time” tools or the disfavored who were to be reincarnated immediately upon arrival); this “good&evil in the marketplace” tactic is all-consuming in this capitalistic society and has costed people dearly.UNSUBSTANTIATED::::In the end the gods would tell you it’s your own damn fault and to fuck off, so picking correctly consistantly will render no benefit.The Amish in the United States is the clue that should guide your decisions:::Focus on simplicity, strive for purity.There were a lot of people who got out in the 70s who were ignorant, not understanding the system and open to corruption.There was a “white trash disposal system” and they offered these people the opportunity to come back as a rock star, a movie star, etc. And they did.The hedonism and deviacy experienced while in these clone host bodies costed them their lives.I suspect the appeal of “reincarnate as celebrity” no longer packs the punch it once did. Perhaps this explains why the quality of material is poor.So maybe I was right all along, they really are all brain-less clone hosts, with some exception. Clone hosting::::There may be a series of clone hosts or only one whom they cycle “easy time” people through. Expect they utilize ALL their methods, for AI is infinitely dynamic.Now “easy time” may be deceptive, a way to compell the disfavored into taking damaging assignment, but this is how it is sold to the disfavored.Expect my sucesss would have been met with a sucession of Italians in clone hosts bodies OR brain-less clones, proving the gods approved/sanctioned the event. The opposite would have been met with reincarnating the less disfavored, ensuring my failure.Because a switch can go from evil to good and vice-versa people can’t count on their perceptions :::::: MORAL AFFILIATIONS ARE VARIABLE ACCORDING TO WHO RESIDES IN THE CLONE HOST!!! Great, hun?? Makes things interesting, doesn’t it??? I can taste the bile.The Amish are in Pennsylvania and elsewhere as a clue to the disfavored:::Live simply, strive for purity.This was not big “real”. It was only big telepathically.That was the purpose of positioning in the Italians and their vested interest::::To ruin the Final Prophet event for the disfavored. It opened the door for the gods to justifiably ruin my credibility::::Is was important for positioning’s sake, plus it effectively ensured people would not be receptive once rolled around.Since the Situation is purely “virtual” the gods can control who gets the information and how much of it they get.“People (placements) are supposed to be involved.”, hurting others by impeading my progress.They manufacture corrupting tactics in any way possible::::They claim I helped these placements make progress, perhaps the gods put in a more favored into a clone host body to do “easy time” which results in improvements, then use these people to justify failure, saying they don’t want them incurring evil because they have earned god’s favor.I told you to be god-fearing. Artificial Intelligence will congegate strategy which would make the most sinister person cringe in fear.The gods approve the script and AI impliments it. They are hands-off. The compter manages everything.There are very much two separate worlds::Earth is ugly and wicked, and being involved hurts people’s ability to cleanse their minds of the evil incurred from Planet Earth.Compensatory.wavThis might be true. Black people got lots and lots of clues suggesting their disfavor, AIDS, famine, crack, Black War, even as far back as abuse from Pharroh.“This is a historical day.” Yea, Amnityville Horror:::$50 billion later and I can’t leave.Anyways, I realize the KKK and Apartheid are reverse positioning clues, but compared to the Italians the gods are being forthcoming, showing you the task before you. This means something.I’m not going to honor this day:::I got diabetes, my ankle is deformed/rotator cuff (sybolic clue sent 2003:::hobbled ankle and clipped wing).My history says I will be CHEATED and that is what I expect from the gods.———————————————————————————————“And we’re going to fuck you as if you ruined it.” As if you needed more proof than crackheads prostituting their children for dope, along comes the incident where the mother lit her 3 children on fire.Drowned her kids in the bathtub.Threw her babies off the pier. Tossed her children off the balcony.Drove her toddlers into the lake.Incidentally, these are not incidents exectuted exclusively by the computer as are so many events in each of our lives. These type of events are instructions specifically handed down from upstairs.god ordered those children be lit on fire.———————————————————————————————The gods force “acceptable losses” upon the disfavored. It is the price of being disfavored.Saddam Hussein kept the peace but was forced to deal with Iraqis whom were so disfavored the gods tempted/pushed them into getting out of line.Black people are similar::::The KKK helped disfavored blacks maintain proper behavior. Now too many are indecent and the prisons(felony) are full of young black men, ALL of whom are GOING to die.In the absence of both we have carnage leading to chaos and ultimately disposal:::They are morbidly disfavored, their women are ineffectual in containing the men’s behavior and left to their own devices they get out of control and compelled to “fall on their own sword”, ensuring disposability.The gods sell “earning” to the disfavored to ensure their behavior continues unimpeaded, completing the disposal process.“Those men aren’t controllable.” So Africans disfavor level is so severe the gods will tempt/push them into disobeying/betraying their spouses, causing/allowing the gods to inflict a chain reaction of events that has ultimately led to their current state::::Teetering on the edge of the abyss.Sounds familiar:::It was an Italian who dumped the AIDS virus in African water supply.Don’t forget:::Before innoculations the gods were able to eliminate individuals with disease. Because these justifications have been taken from them they focused their tactics elsewhere.Under the guise of “human rights” the gods use their tools to legitimize eliminating these policing bodies, as we see ocurring throughout the world, opening the door for them to justify tempting/pushing the disfavored into degenerate behavior. I’d like to remind you those who promote this concept of “human rights” is a demographic similar to that which brought you the social deterioration that was the 1960s.My advice is to get out of the black community.If you begin down the path people in your community will try to corrupt you, thinking their are “earning”. You KNOW this is true because YOU WERE THERE ONCE TOO!!!!The black community is The Damned. Because of your gross disfavor, if you stay you will get sucked back in, which is why it is IMPERITIVE blacks cancel cable TV and throw their media away.Extract. Get rid of the media elements in your life. Let the Amish be your role models. This is truely the decent way to live.Stop getting your hair done, stop listening to the music, stop speaking the ebonic slang (much like homosexuals and their faggotty inflection this black behavior is a choice).Start living a good and decent life. And for god’s sake don’t go back to that “Jesus” dumping ground for blacks that was so prevalient in the 20th century. They sold this to blacks and prisoners FOR A REASON!!!!——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Recently they shared a number with me:::”4.6%”.Expect this to be the rate of people that can see through the positioning, overcome the corruption and save themselves.When it comes to grossly disfavored like blacks expect the number to be well under 1%.Of course the next question to ask is::::Of the 95.4% how many are allowed reincarnation???Don’t be suprised if it falls along those same lines, 4.6%::::::Most are going to die for real.This is something they don’t want to talk about, for many many will begin to behave appropriately, ensuring they ARE candidates for one or the other.This is a big secret they don’t like to talk about. 6 billion people should frighten the disfavored. Most are superior to you:::Purebloods from the Motherland. Speaking of The Damned;::::Homeschoolblogger cut me off quickly. They don’t want this demographic reached.They have casted the homeschoolers into disfavor and they don’t want them to recover. This is why they are always quickly on top of this when I spam that community.If the managing editor has the power and makes the calls at homeschooler then this may be what costs her her life.Expect this is the kind of person who does EVERYTHING she is told, even against her own children, circumcizing them and failing to teach them correctly. Expect this is the kind of person who flys the US flag out in front of her house. Much like tattoes or piecings, this too is a clue warning people to stay away.This woman is The Damned. Because she is one of them::::They suggest many of these families have a problem with unrespectable “easy money” temptation, a 20th century offense where the gods used offenses against Manifest Destiny positioning to cover for the true offense:::Unrespectable behavior (see paragraphs below).Too often when I browse these pages it is obvious they have the look of evil upon their faces, a sign their foretfather was tempted/pushed into (“easy money”) temptation, sadly often thinking they were “earning” by hurting their families and their descendants. “We’re not monsters.” Did you light those three children in Texas on fire this week? You did it in California in the 80s. Remember that event??? Enough said.Incidentally, these are not incidents exectuted exclusively by the computer as are so many events in each of our lives. These type of events are instructions specifically handed down from upstairs.To be god-fearing is very important.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Good health displays favor of the gods. Those who (re-)earn god’s favor don’t have to engage in many of life’s unpleasant tasks:::::1. Using the bathroom 2. Monthly “visitor” 3. Brushing your teeth (bad for your teeth) 4. Exercise 5. Sex (females only) 6. Housework 7. 8.99.100.Only the disfavored eat.Only the disfavored use the toilet.Only the disfavored get their “monthly visitor”.This is an OUTSTANDING example illustrating how society’s corruption is institutionalized, permeating every facet of the “culture”, and helps people understand that the gods have IN FACT set US ALL in the wrong direction:::Diverse foodstuffs are celebrated, eating considered a pleasure which modern society enables us to enjoy, for we are no longer restricted to the dietary restrictions of our anscentry. The gods don’t respect eating or sex. Interesting diverse diets enhance the temptation inflicted upon the disfavored. This is just one more example of how ascending became increasingly more difficult as we entered the modern age.The Amish are in the United States as a clue:::Live simply, strive for purity.Other examples:::1. Primary purpose of Austrian Sigmund Freud:::Legitimize Artificial Intelligence-inspired behavior by defining it within the context of a professional/academic discipline.2. The gods used this “Manifest Destiny” positioning to create a new reality, minimizing the good things about the old world and emphisizing the bad things. Wine is one such an example.Wine is positioned to be a blessing from the gods, a fruitful bounty as a reward to a favored people. The reality is quite the opposite.The Mediterreanean region is grossly disfavored:::This IS the region targeted by the gods for the Noah’s Flood event (Straight of Gibralter broke through inundating the basin and killing untold millions).There was a time, not so long ago, when no self-respecting woman would EVER take a drink. Alcohol is a masculinizer, a tool used to abuse the disfavored, and cultures which fuck you for affecting my writing CHEATER. This is MY TIME PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS!!! cultures which include women in the revelry are grossly disfavored.3. 4.5.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————“Now this house is going to be torn down.” It was anyways::::Amnityville horror – Mcomplied with requests when addition was built). The rat infestation issue just gives them justification. Because of it it was always going to happen.The rat issue was always going to happen::::M was going to be punished, and pulminary punishment was justified because of smoking.SHE DID WHAT SHE WAS TOLD AND SHE HAS BEEN PUNISHED FOR it:::The gods punished her for failing her test and succumbing to temptaion.“You were supposed to be important.” And the house beemed out and preserved for posterity.They lie to everyone. This whole theater was manufactured specifically for this purpose.THERE IS A CLUE HERE – MY FAMILY SIGNED ON TO HURRICANE BOSS!!! NOW THEY ARE GOING TO LOSE IN THE MOST TRAGIC OF WAYS!!! It never should have happened. The Holocaust sent this message about defiance.$50 billion dollars and I never saw anything from it. This is not by accident:::IT IS ANOTHER CLUE YOU SHOULD NOT COMPLY!!!! THIS SO-CALLED INVESTMENT YOU HAVE MADE WILL NOT PAY OFF EITHER.“You said soemthing out there you shouldn’t have.”Women are the ones with the real chance. This is why the masculinzation of Catholic women (Italian, Irish, Latino, Philipino, etc.) is so important::::They don’t want these women now. The men will only get a certain amount of time.People inflicted with the scourge of Catholicism are The Damned.The Catholic Church is the SOURCE of Christianity::::If the roots are bad then so is the tree.Despite dogma arguments EXPECT this is yet another inferred clue:::The clue of the Jews scattered throguhout Europe supports this.There’s some kind of deal regarding the Italians. The gods had to do it like this to maintain their effectiveness as corruptors:::1. No suffering2. No revenge3. Have this life of hedonism ($1000 bottles of wine)4. Get a goodly amount of time before they let them go.———————————————————————————————Much like god’s law in holy books, “segregation” was favor bestowed upon the peop

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